Rating: 10/10

Source: WAW Find

Peso Power: P1900 Cord + 400 rosary

Side Story:

I’ve been looking for a personalized cord with affordable price. I first like Dior crystal as I saw Bangs Garcia wedding cord. I inquired immediately and the price was P3000. I was hesitant because it is too expensive for a wedding cord. I understand that this is depending on the stones to be used. Later on as I’m continue browsing several post on waw, I stumble on Diane Lane page and inquired for wedding cord. Of course, my color is blush and gold and I found best seller cord from her sample photo and ordered immediately.

Strong Points:

Price is affordable. I’m not familiar with the kind of stone to be used. All I know is I like the light pink color which seems so feminine and mild. Comparing it with the first supplier I’m eyeing, this cord price is cheaper.

Expectation is also the reality. The cord was same on her photos and on actual. Cord is simply beautiful.

Durable. There has been beaded cord issue I’ve read that it breaks during the ceremony and I don’t like that to happen because it seems not good vision as the cord breaks. When used it during the ceremony, the cord did not break.<3

Delivered on time and no hassle. She is getting orders and have a monthly cut off. I ordered around September and I got the cord on the promised delivery at the end of the month. No issue on delivery.

Opportunity Area:

To offer cheaper option of personalized coin. She is also offering personalized coin but her cheapest is P1500 which is just a plain coins only.

Issues Encountered: No issues encountered.

Overall Feedback: Highly recommended. Cords and rosary has superb output and durable. Committed timeline was achieved with no hassles.


Rosary and Cord: