Rate: 10+++/10

Source: Waw find

Peso Power: P11k Brown Suit Full Set Fabric Zara (Including inner white long sleeves and no vest); P9k Blue Suit and pants; P4k Vest and Pants for BM and SS; P2k Pants for GM (2017 Rate)

Freebies for full suit: necktie, bowtie, cufflinks inner shirt and socks ❤

Side Story:

One of the best decision we’ve ever made!

I was eyeing Paulo Lazaro before and we first visited his shop. Hubby tried one of his suit available there and hubby actually likes it. The starting price during that time was P20k. We checked other options for comparison. I found Ian Manila when I stalked one of wawie bride and tried to inquire from there. It was around Feb 2017 when I first inquired and visited his shop. I love his shop in Marikina. It has good interior and with some free snacks and entertainment while the bride-to-be and other better half are waiting for measurements and fittings. I personally would like to go back there. We’ve chosen Ian Manila because the price was way half than Paulo Lazaro and hubby wants to be practical. We got 2 suits for 20k plus vs. 1 suit of Paulo Lazaro for 20k. I think we got a “sulit deal”.

For reference, here’s the mood boards for my hubby’s suit and entourage.


Strong Points:

  • Organized in fitting schedules. I admire Ian for being organize and professional. I like that he is very detailed and clean cut. He also imposes penalty if you are cancelling the schedule which for me is just fair and square because he really give equal time and effort for his clients. This will also help to build a discipline. I  like the policy that he imposed on his contract. We set time and should commit on the schedule allotted.
  • Personally get measurements. Ian is very keen to measurements and I can really see the effort that he does. I think that designers who personally took the measure themselves will get a perfect fit even just in first fitting. This happened as well with my wedding gown. I admire Ian for taking effort on this. He’s just a one man manning his shop getting the measurements, fittings and schedules. For some member of our entourage who was not able to come for the actual measurements, Ian just provided us a measurement guide so they can provide their own sizes.
  • Good Shop Interiors and Entertainment. I love the Ian Manila interiors because ill never get bored and I’ll never get hungry. I’m okay that hubby will have a suit with Ian at least once a year. Photo reference above 🙂
  • Accommodated additional 2 more suits. After my father in law first fit his suit and got amazed during the first fitting. He had this thought to add 2 more suits for Hubby’s brothers. We actually forgot to include them in the list. Good thing Ian still able to accommodate even last minute. I don’t recommend it though but I appreciate Ian for his patience and understanding.
  • 3 fittings for the groom to make sure it is perfect fit. I think my husband got unlimited kind of fitting to make sure it will perfectly fit on our special day.
  • Finished ahead of time. We got all the entourage and suits ahead of time and we were able to distributed it ahead of time.
  • Good Packaging. Ian being organized, he packed all the pants and vest nicely with complete label and ready to wear. I appreciate how he really organized the packaging that makes us easier to distribute.
  • Value added service on our wedding day. Ian did not commit to come on our wedding day because there was a lot of wedding during our day. Surprisingly he came and check the suits of my husband. He even help our our male entourage to do some adjustments on the pants. My man of honor also told me that Ian also helped him to steam his wardrobe even Ian was not the one who made it. I appreciate his help and appearance on that day.
  • Lend mannequins for free. I saw on his shop that mannequins can be rented for 1k per piece so we opt not to get it. Surprisingly, he lent to us for free!
  • Output are clean and good quality. The suits, vest, pants and all the things that Ian made were all perfect. It fits good to everyone. Sewn with good quality and it really looks good on them all. 


PS: We also got Godfather shoes via Ian Manila. We were surprised Ian Manila and Godfather gave us free box with my hubby’s name which was worth P600. 🙂 Shoes was worth P6000 and belt was P1500 from The Godfather.

Opportunity Area:

None so far. Ian is perfect <3

One good suggestion would be, expand his suit production maybe. Ian is now fully booked for 2018 and I wish he can accommodate more dashing grooms. 🙂

Issues Encountered:

No issues encountered

Overall Feedback:

One of our favorite supplier. My hubby can personally testify how good Ian was and the suits were good quality at an affordable price. We admire his passion and hard work on his piece. He really works professional and he delivers on time with no single stress. My husband likes wearing suits so for sure will come back to Ian from time to time.