Rate: 9/10

Source: WAW Find

Peso Power: P1500 Sandals plus free 1 bag; 300 entourage and mother bag

Side Story: I have no plan of having customize sandal and bags. I just saw on waw that NJN is offering affordable piece. There was one sandals that I want to buy in Spring collection but it was too expensive. I asked NJN for a quote how much she can do the sandals and she gave me a price of P1500 plus free bag. I inquired the bags for my entourage and I found her price affordable for a small simple plain bags.
I’ve already seen not so good reviews on her for missing the delivery time. In my thoughts, I just order very basic items which I think it will be easy for her to deliver. I’ve not elaborated too much details. I just gave her detail table of colors that I need based on her swatches sample.


Strong Points:

Price is affordable. Price is affordable. I already inquired small bags and the minimum or average amount was P500 pesos even checked prices at malls. For my sandals, I got cheaper and customized based on my preference and cheaper than brand sandals than mall.

Sandals peg achieved. Sandals was really cute. The bow was achieved and easy to wear. I can also wear this sandals even after our wedding.

Bags color were also achieve. I gave her chart for the color coded bags that I need and all the bag colors was achieve. Bags were simple, plain and presentable.

Opportunity Area:

Be more precise on delivery time. Yes this is her normal issue. Good thing to me, her delays was tolerable. She still deliver it 3 days late I think. No biggie as long as she deliver it complete.


Issues Encountered: 

One bag missing. One bag was left on her home so I did not received it 100%. She said that she will just deliver it the next day but was delivered 2 days after. Nonetheless, I still received all the items complete.

Overall Feedback:

Recommended with watch-out on her promised delivery time. As much as possible, just keep the details simple. Maximize on her strength which I think plain small bags and sandals or shoes was her mastery. If you are expecting much elaborate details, maybe you need to check with other suppliers. Bags and shoes are very affordable but elaborated details is not expected.


Sample actual bag used by my entourage: