Posting here the details of our wedding souvenirs and gifts to our Principal Sponsors, Male and Female Entourage and our souvenir to guests and suppliers.

In deciding for the gifts that we have to give in all our guests, there’s one thing in common among those which was something that they can use on a purpose. We don’t want something that just can be displayed but we want something functional.

Principal Sponsors Gifts

For male principal sponsors: Gift content are assorted goods bought from Kultura with a budget of P1000. Our box content were coffee, oatmeal cookies, mug and cocoa.

For female and gay principal sponsors: Body Shop package of soap, body wash, body butter and shower puff. I got it buy 2 take 1 for P3000 pesos which makes it P1000 per box. 

We got different gifts for our 2 Senators Principal Sponsors which we also got from the Body Shop. The package contains White Musk for shaving.

See the violet box on the photos below.


Packaging – To make all our gifts looks the same, I packaged it all using a corrugated box. I’m happy that I got this corrugated box from national bookstore for only P24 pesos each. We don’t have to wrap it but just put a ribbon and some flowers then it looks perfect already. This packaging was made of love. For the name tags, I just got some gold excess paper from our invitation and calligraphy made by Little Ms Printer for only P7.50 per piece.


Gift shopping for our Principal Sponsor Gifts from Kultura and The Body Shop

Male Entourage Gifts – Our male entourage package contains: Wallet and keychain from Astrid leather with personalize name on the wallet, suspenders and bowtie. 

Packaging: Corrugate box from National bookstore for only P11.00 per piece, ribbons and name tag calligraphy by Little Ms Printer.


Female Entourage Gifts –  This was robe with personalized initial and packaging from Bridal Essetial PH for P550 each. My bridal entourage used the robe during makeup and pictorials.


I’m happy with Bridal Essential PH that she made a customized robe for my Man of Honor.


Our entourage gifts

Guest and Suppliers Souvenirs

Our wedding souvenirs were planner and desk calendar made by my mom from her Printing Press  (Zoom Printing Company) and packaging was also made from Allanae Printshop and Paperproducts which is also own by my mom. (Lucky me).  My mom made 400 pcs and we are able to give out to all our guests and wedding suppliers. We received compliments on our souvenirs because they said it was functional and they are using it.

Design and Layout of our desk calendar and planner was made by Papeldelights



Gift tag from Wrap Up Ph (IG) – 40 pcs for P100


Happy Wedding Preps!