Rate: 10+++/10

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Peso Power: P1199 (including 10% service charge excluding VAT) + P20 (Fish Upgrade) + P30 (Crepe Station) + P350 (Kiddie Meal) + 350 (Crew Meal) per head

Additional 10,860 for 3 layer naked Cake

Side Story:

Food is the main priority in our wedding and this is something that the guests will never forget. This took 30% of our total budget. My mantra will always be, no one should get hungry on our wedding. I want a good food and good presentation and styling is a plus. I’ve eyed Passion Cooks way back before I got married because I so love their styling and I heard a feedback was really really good. A not so good feedback was they are pricey and they don;’t give much of freebie. Yes it’s true. Price is almost non negotiable and you can only get 1 freebie on your package. They don’t do too much haggle. If you do not want what they offer then it would fine.
Even I’m eyeing Passion Cooks for the longest time, they were not the first I booked as our wedding caterer because I bite one promo from another supplier which will be my forever regret. Lesson learned on availing promo price that before taking any promo price, I should have gather feedback and do more research. After some arguments I had with other caterer, I get back to Passion Cooks which was the one I originally eyeing for.

I already have a previous blogpost regarding catering compariosn. Price list was way back 2016 –>

Wedding Caterer

Strong Points:

  • Excellent in handling client inquiries – This was really a super plus points to Passion Cooks. All my random queries even just a minor details or no brainer questions, all of it were answered by Passion Cooks Sales Manager and Event Manager. This was something I did not experience with any other caterer except to them. I never felt taken for granted nor being ignored, they always have the answers to all my questions.
  • Smooth Transition from Sales Manager to Event Manager – Sales Manager who handled our wedding inquiry to contract was Ms. Bonnie while we were transition after the contract signing to our event Manager Ms. Nariz Rabosa. All the things which we have discussed prior to Ms. Nariz was properly documented and transitioned to her so we never get lost of the details.
  • Very detailed and organized in BEO (Banquet Event Order) and Costing. During our final food tasting which was 2 months before our wedding, Ms Nariz already prepared our Banquet Executive Order where all the details has been documented. I’m amazed on how all the details were clearly stated on that piece of paper. Every details were completely indicated and will never get lost. I find their BEO format very useful, informative and compact with details. From the time we met, the BEO was kept updated until week before our event.
  • Value added service for the floor planning.  Caterer usually helps in creating the event floor plan but Passion cooks helped beyond extra mile. They’ve attended our suppliers meeting and helped to adjust the floor plan based on our stylist requirements. Ms. Nariz even helped me to re arrange the floor plan for the cocktail area in the garden.
  • Stage backdrop converted to Photo wall. I’ve been interested with the ring flower backdrop as I’ve saw it was used in Melai Canteveros’ baby shower. I’ve seen that they were the supplier and I asked right away if I can have that backdrop. Good thing, Ms Bonnie told me that it was already part of the default package and not an upgrade. I told them I’ll use it as a photo wall instead of backdrop and they agreed. It was really nice as a photo wall.
  • Consistent excellent food taste. From food tasting to actual event the food really taste so good. Our guests can attest to that as they always compliment the food during our wedding. Every guests who sees us always say that food was really really great Some of the food that we’ve tasted during the food tasting session.
  • Smooth event flow on the day. No hassles on the day. They served as food during our retouch and I’ve tasted that food was really good on the day. All the guests were also happy and full. There were still a lot of left over food but it was packed nicely and distributed to each family.
  • Lechon Kare Kare for the win. Yes this food was the most famous and the most unforgettable from most of the guests comments.

Maximize freebies and other items

  • Freebie rustic bar for juice. I was asking for more freebie. I inquired that I’m interested with rustic juice bar and said that the set up was P10,000. I asked for discount and later they replied and gave it as freebie. How lucky we were! The juice and canape supplier below was Periwinkle and lace but the container and set up was care of Passion Cooks.
  • Freebie Smore’s bar was hit to adult and children. One of the most sulit freebie that we got. PC let us chose 1 freebie: 1. Upgraded backdrop 2. Smores Bar and 3. Upgraded  backdrop. I choose Smore’s bar because this is something unique and for sure this will suite our rustic theme. And yes kids and adult enjoyed this smores bar during cocktail hour.
  • Freebie Dove. It was said that most of the client opt to get the Dove part for the wedding but we choose to avail since this is a tradition and a pair of Dove is free from Passion Cooks. This looked cute.
  • Freebie assorted chips and nuts for cocktail. The additional nuts, chips and cookies were a big plus for our cocktail. Good thing Passion Cooks include this as freebie in the wedding package.
  • Freebie ruffled chair cover for all the guests. This was unexpected freebie I got from PC and I was very happy that they gave it to me for FREE. Ruffled chair was supposedly for VIP tables only and each ruffled chair cover cost P20 per chair so I opted to it to guests chair to cut some cost. First I requested for white tiffany chair and after a while, they suggested to use the gold tiffany chair and if I said yes, they will give the ruffled chair for free. I confirmed that details if that’s really for free and they said yes.
  • Freebie wooden table rental and transportation fee. The round wooded table and VIP have some cost plus it has a transport fee because wooden tables is difficult to transport vs the normal tables that they have. PC gave this wooden table for free and no additional charge.

Opportunity Area:

I cannot think of any. Passion Cooks was the best decision we made for our wedding

Issues Encountered:

No issued encountered during our event. Everything was smooth sailing.

Overall Feedback:

Passion Cooks was the best decision we made for our wedding. Excellent customer service and food was unforgettable. All of our guests, friends and co-workers every time they saw us and remember our wedding, they always remember the food and always the food. They can never forget the Lechon Kare Kare said to be one of the best. All my million queries before the wedding were all answered on time, all the details were clear and everything planned were executed very smoothly. I was surprised when they gave me the ruffled chair cover for free. I can never ever forget Passion cooks on their excellent service and real good food that they served. Every penny really worth it.

Here are other details on the day made by Passion Cooks:

Guest Table under basic styling with Passion Cooks

Personalized menu cards on each table

Main Course

Chicken – Pollo Con Cetas

Pork – Lechon Kare Kare

Fish – Grilled fish fillet  with terriyaki sesame and mango mint sauce (upgraded the fish from Dory to Cobbler)

Pasta – Spaghetti Aglio Olio E Peperoncino

Dessert – Crepe and Fresh Fruits

*I still have dessert care of Periwinkle and Lace (different supplier)

Wedding Cake – 3 layer naked cake all layers were edible.

*Cake topper was care of different supplier.

VIP Table Details

*Styling was care of Amante Fluers. Table, plates and name cards were all from Passion Cooks

Mock up guest table centerpiece

Our event manager – Ms Nariz Rabosa