Cocktail Activities. This was something being taken for granted by most of the weddings that I’ve attended but for me I took time, energy and resources to think what will our guest shall do during the cocktail hours. Usually on weddings, there’s a 2-3 hours waiting time from the ceremony to reception program. There were things that I’ve considered to address this gap and based on my experience on several weddings I’ve attended.

  1. Proximity of Church and Reception. I want to lessen the hassle and travel time of our guests so I highly consider the proximity of location from each other. Mary the Queen San Juan and Sampaguita Gardens were just 1KM apart and maximum of 5 minutes travel time considering the traffic and stop lights.
  2. Food and refreshments. This is the ultimate rule to never let your guests hungry. After an hour of ceremony and travel time from where they came from, for sure they are hungry. This was also my experience as guest so cocktail food is really a must.
  3. Activities to keep them busy on the waiting time. I really thought of a lot of activities they can do while waiting. I want everybody to participate and enjoy even they are just waiting. I’ve prepared a lot as in a lot of activities that everyone can enjoy while waiting. I’ve experience waiting in a dead air and I felt so bored so for our wedding, I made sure they have to do something.

Here’s the cocktail plan, food and  a little bit of supplier reviews.

  1. Cocktail Area. I got the garden pavement of Sampaguita Gardens for the cocktail activities. I’ve prepared so much for the cocktail activities so I need a bigger space to put all those cocktail activities that I prepared. Below was my cocktail area layout including the mood boards.
  2. Lounges by Amante Fleurs – Rating:10/10.Cocktail areas are usually in standing along with the cocktail tables. I considered the senior citizens, some adults and other guests might need a place to seat. I added lounge area set-up from Amante Fleurs which it served its purpose that some of our guests had able to sit during in the cocktail hours.
  3. Registration Area. I displayed our several photobooks that I’ve created like our travels and prenups. I prepared sharpie pens for photo message and panda ballpens for madlibs. I made some simple DIY memorabilia like movie tickets that I compiled and put it in a cork board. I bought mini easel stand at Japan home for P66 each. I bought some envelopes and made it available registration for gift idea since we requested cash as our gift.
  4. Place Cards designed by Papeldelight – Rating: 10/10. The place card contains the name of the guest and at the back will be table number and some reminders reminders that guest can do while waiting at the reception.
  5. Madlibs designed by Papeldelights. I got this idea from one of the brides in WAW when I newly joined way back 2016. I combined the madlibs and You Complete me sheet in one page. There’s a list of activities that the guests will have to try out all the activities and fill out the page and first five can win a price. My hubby and I thought of catchy phrases to make it more fun and exciting.
  6. Polaroid Photo Message DIY from Canva and print via Photobook PH. I did a DIY layout via and made it look like polaroid. The space provided below the photo will be for guests message and they can choose their favorite prenup photo of us.
  7. Refreshment and additional canapes by Periwinkle and Lace – Rating: 10/10. I got free rustic juice bar from Passion Cooks and I got Periwinkle and Lace for 2 variety of juice drinks and additional 4 flavors of canapes. Aside from this juice, I still have ice tea welcome drinks from Passion cooks. I just made sure that there were other choices of juice drinks for refreshment.
  8. S mores Bar by Passion Cooks – Rating: 10/10 This was the guests favorite and the kids love this too. One of the most sulit freebie I got from passion cooks. The rustic set-up suits from our rustic garden theme. <3 I heard from the guests adults and kids loved and enjoyed the smores bar.                                           
  9. Cocktail Food by Passion Cooks – Rating -10/10 Passion Cooks prepared some chips, biscuits and nuts. The main cocktail food by PC were Montadito Don Pepito and Beef Tortilla. Assorted nuts and chips were a Passion Cook freebie while the other 2 cocktails were already included in our menu.
  10. Photo Area by Passion Cooks – Rating: 10/10 I used the free Passion cooks stage backdrop as a photowall. One sulit freebie again from Passion cooks. I first saw it from Melai Cantiveros Baby Shower and I immediately note this backdrop. This was really picture perfect and really good as photowall.
  11. TV Frame from Joey Comandao – Rating: 10/10. This was another freebie from my wedding coordinator and host. He gave me the rotating TV for guest list table number in case the guests forgot there tables plus he also display our prenup photos so I didn’t have to print out our photos in Sintra board.
  12. Hashtag Photo Prints by Hashtag Circle – Rating: 10/10 Millennials like the Instagram photo printing because most of the people wants to take photos on their own mobile phones. To give them more time to take each spot a photo. I asked my man of honor to print as much as he can and he did almost 50 print outs just for himself alone. Peso power for Hashtag printing P11,000 inclusions were unlimited photo prints for 4 hours, free photo projection (hashtag photo projected on LED was during dinner time), free gallery and photo layout. I added 1  photoman from them that in case the senior citizens were not able to capture photos then someone can do for them.
  13. On-the-Spot Carivature by Heroes Art 10/10. Peso power is P3000 for 4 hours per artist. He was referred to me by a friend and I got this idea to have it on our wedding to keep our guests will have a unique souvenirs too. Of course not all people can have this as it takes time to finish an output.                                                         
  14. Lawn Games by Fifth House Ph – Rating: 10/10. I want some guests to play some games just for fun. I saw this lawn games while browsing on Facebook and I find this very unique to have it. It was cute to be set up in the garden and suits our rustic garden theme. Fifth house gave me an artificial grass as freebie. Peso power: P2500 per games for 4 hours plus delivery charge depends on the location. All games available for lawn games are really cool.
  15. Tacos bar by Luna Vida – Rating: 10/10.  I got Luna Vida as our mobile bar supplier accredited by Sampaguita Gardens. I just got a text promotion way back 2016 that if I booked them, there’s a freebie of 100 pcs tacos. This add as our cocktail food. 
  16. Digital Photobooth by Mediacast. The usual photobooth with printed copies of photos. What’s cool about this was they can choose their own background design and props were only digital. They can also leave a video message.
  17. Photo Gallery by Amante Fleurs. I displayed our prenup photos and our favorite photos from our trips. 
  18. Trivia Games with exciting prizes. I prepared some trivia questions about ourselves and the one who can answer will win some prize. I bought random price from Japan Home and Miniso.
  19. Picture perfect everywhere. I also prepared for cocktail and our main reception area styling to keep every sides a picture perfect. It was so nice to look their photos and seeing the nice backgrounds on their photos.
  20. Live band by Khevin Almario and the Keystrings. Let there be a live band that will sing in the middle of cocktail hours. This will keep the guest relax while waiting.


The glimpse of our cocktail activities which I think pursued very successful. <3



Here’s our detailed cocktail timeline:

Ultimate tip:
Make every corner to be picture perfect! Everyone has a smart phones and most of us love to take pictures on our own rather than falling in line in the photobooth.
Maximize your freebies! It’s hard to haggle for total cash discounts but what you can do was try to request for something additional items you can make use during cocktail hours. I love my suppliers that they gave me much and much of freebies <3 Even small items freebie counts so better make use of what they can give for free.
Thanks to Passion Cooks, Joey Comandao, Luna Vida and Amante Fleurs for my freebies. <3
PS: We had a successful pictorial on our reception before the guests came inside the Azucena Hall. Cocktail activities was also a key to do a reception pictorial. 🙂

Will post the reception details next. <3