Source: Waw Find

Peso Power: 12,000 Plus my time and effort going back and forth for the installment dress

Side Story:

I’ve initially booked a supplier for my entourage dress in one of the bridal fairs that I’ve attended but later on I realized the prize was too expensive.
Given that, I suddenly bumped the post at weddings at work for the introductory price of dressyourbridesmaid RTW dresses and the style suits my wedding theme. The offer was really a great deal given the style is really good. Since it’s just new and no reviews yet, I grabbed the deal. I thought that I can still manage the dresses since my wedding still months apart in case there will be an issue. I ordered online and paid via credit card with no hesitation. I know that there were a lot of wawies who also availed the promo and Mimma can back us up in case of issue.

Strong Points:

  • Affordable price availed the 50% promo. With different available style for 2 pcs body suit plus skirt was really really a good deal for only P1500. Nobody can resist this kind of promo.
  • Good choices of design. All design and fabric choice were really fab and can fit to my wedding motif.
  • Sample fabric are good quality and good fit. I got the bling style and neoprene. I’ve tried to fit it myself and looks really nice and of good quality.  I’ve also tried RTW wedding gown below.                                                                                                                                                
  • No fitting schedule needed. The sizes are straight forward that I can just easily referred to their chart. With the av ilment of RTW, this will lessen me the hassle of scheduling them for fitting. Sizes were just easy to follow.
  • Payment via credit card. No hassle on payment. Can just be paid via paypal online.

Opportunity Area:

  • Not real time communication. There’s a poor signal on their shop so that maybe the reason why they cannot communicate on time. But they should assign someone to always answer the FB inquiries.
  • Supply issue was not communicated earlier. There was a supply issue of blush fabric for neoprene and they did not tell it to me earlier the reason why they cannot produce it. I already let me get some of the dresses before I knew the issue. There will be no issue to me if they change fabric but the thing is, I wan the same color scheme for my entourage.
    Dress delivery by piece meal. I kept on following them up for my orders for so many times. They should learn to be honest of what is the real state of production rather than giving the client false hope. I have to get to their shop for several times before they can complete my order. That is too much effort on my part.

Issues Encountered:

  • Deadline not met. Yes they were really super behind the deadline. It was suppose to be a month after the order but I took me 3 months before they complete my 8 dresses.
  • Ordered style was not available. I’ve ordered different style of the same color for bling. When I was about to pick up my dresses, the attendant told me that the bronze color is already limited and there is only one available style. Rather than to take the risk of waiting for the bronze color. I have no choice but to just get the size of the available style. This was no again communicated ahead of time.
  • Change of fabric color for neoprene blush. This gave me major headache on how to solve this fabric availability. Because of the delay delivery, I’m rushing to get even only 2 dresses because I have to send it to Japan. So I got 2 dresses of its original color. Later on, an assistant called me that there was a fabric issue that they cannot get the original blush color they have and will change it to lighter pink. I have no issue with that but, I already sent one of the dress abroad and color scheme will be totally different from that one dress. To cut the story short, I just let them produce one more old color blush and I got 2 new color blush just to balance the color. Good thing it works but that was really a headache. They should have told me earlier so I just got the new blush color of the same.   
  • Not same quality as sample fitting for bling style. I’ve fitted the sample bling on their shop and I also fitted dress order I got. I feet some itchyness on the sequence while I did not feel it on the sample display fitting. I think the lining that they put was too thin or just a cheap kind of fabric.
  • Incorrect sizes. When I first got to claim the dresses, I only got 3 over 8 dresses. I actually just need 2 because I need to send it to our friends to Japan. I ordered a small size bling but when they give it to me, I measured it myself and it is size 24 which should be extra small. Good thing I reconfirm to our friend what her size and she said 24 waistline can fit to her. My point here, they are putting a tag of small size but originally that should be extra small.                
  • 4 to 5 times shop visit due to exchange of dress. Totally I have to effort to go back and forth to their shop to check the quality of the dress, size and claim all the dresses that I ordered. That really is a waist of time, effort on driving and my gas.

Overall Feedback:

Not fully recommended. Needs more improvement on supply availability, communication and customer relationship.

PS: Even though I had a though times dealing with them, color schemes of my bridesmaid looks great in actual and on photos.