The most exciting part after wedding is the honeymoon!

We both agree that our main destination would be Sapporo to catch the snow festival and side trip on some parts of Hokkaido. We booked our flight last July 2017 Travel Fair in SMX Mall of Asia ANA Airlines and got it for book now, pay later scheme 12 months to pay.

Since I’m into the wedding detail planning, I assigned my hubby to take care of itinerary of our honeymoon trip to Japan since he’s familiar with the transportation, direction etc even he has not been to the northern part of Japan yet. Our travel date was from Feb 8 to Feb 20 covering several celebrations and events such as: Winter Festival, Valentines Day, Hubby’s birthday and our first wedding monthsary!

Preparation before the honeymoon. What are the things we’ve book and buy before going to our trip aside from our plane ticket.

  1. Hotel booking via Agoda and After booking our flight last July 2017, our plan is to book hotel around October. I’ve tried to check around August and I got shocked that the hotel price was going triple from its normal rate. The recommended hotels were already getting fully booked. I started scouting and booking hotel by then. Thanks to book now pay later of Agoda or pay at the hotel by that we got to secure our hotel. I wish I booked much earlier and still got lower rates but due to high demand, I already got the expensive one which I will not book on our normal travel. Since it’s our honeymoon, convenience and proximity were my main consideration.
  2. Japan Visa. This was my second time Japan visa application while for my hubby was his 4th or 5th time. We’ve tried to applied for multiple visa and we got approved. We availed  the visa application process at Reli Tours in Dusit Thani Makati. Visa process is around 4 to 5 days. Visa processing fee is at P950. For the Visa requirements, please check  for the details –>
  3. Snow Boots. For me this is a must buy on a winter season. I already experience snow once and I’m just wearing a normal fashion boots and my feet felt so numb. This time, I want to be prepared enough especially we will be walking most of the time. This is the only shoes that I brought to lessen luggage space and it works for me. I bought my winter boots in Columbia around November and it was quite expensive. Sizes are usually limited so better to get as early as possible. Usually on September month when Columbia replenished new stocks and styles.
  4. Winter clothes and thermal. Every month 1 by 1, I’m already buying winter clothes. Good thing last December, there were a lot of winter items available in Marks and Spencer, Uniqlo, Zara and H&M. I only got 3 sets of inner thermal clothes and 3 sets of outer jacket. Good thing I still have my fleece jacket which became my inner jacket layer. Below are the winter stuff that I buy/bring. I still have other winter stuff from my last trip so I just recycled it.
    • Thermal Inner
    • Earmuffs
    • Gloves
    • Thermal Socks
    • Neck Warmer
    • Scarfs
    • Heat tech pants
    • Inner fleece jacket
    • Turtle neck heat tech long sleeves
    • Outer Jacket
  5. JR Pass. This is one of the most sulit buys that we have. We bought it for worth of 29,000Yen but we’ve used it for 60,000 Yen good for seven days. It was my hubby who planned our train routes using JR line because he is more familiar with Japan transportation. I can’t give information which route we took, I just followed my hubby on the transportation and directions. So happy to experience Shinkansen from Hokkaido to Tokyo!
  6. Pocket wifi. This is one of our travel essential when we travel to Japan. It is also expensive to rent a pocket wifi but the speed is really fast and reliable.  We got this pupuru wifi rental which we paid around P7000 plus for 12 days. –>
  7. Other travel essentials. Bring stuff that will make you feel comfortable on travel like neckpillow, eye mask, headset for sleep. One of the best travel stuff that we brought was our bluetooth tripod and selfie stick. Bluetooth tripod was really cool where we can set up our phone, connect it to the remote bluetooth then we can do a photo and video by ourselves.
  8. Pocket money. We got 150,000 Yen, 270 USD and 7000 PHP plus credit cards for emergency purpose only. Our hotels were charge on our cards directly plus we have our JR pass. Our pocket money mainly used on transportation, food, attractions and souvenirs.
  9. Disney Ticket. My hubby initially booked tickets online for Disney Sea in Tokyo but during the time of our visit, park was only until 6:30PM so we transferred our ticket to Disneyland for a minimal fee.
  10. Our luggage and packing. Early on, I already put the winter stuff on my luggage so I can’t forget it and will not be rattled on finding stuff to bring. I have clothes organizer for my luggage that really helps to maximize the space. This trip was my most wise packed baggage. I have 1 medium and 1 small luggage and all my clothes and winter stuff fitted on my medium luggage which was just 12 kgs. I still have extra small luggage for the stuff that we will buy. 

Additional note: I have one backpack bag where I put one set of thermal clothes, scarf and winter jacket so once we touch down to Japan, I can already put my winter clothes and get ready when it gets too cold. Brrrr I already wear my snow boots. I know it looks ridiculous wearing this in Manila but to lessen luggage space, better to wear on the way.

Getting ready!

Japan itinerary

As much as possible we just made it free and easy since this is our honeymoon, we need to have a chill trip so our objective to visit at least one tourist spot for a day. We don’t want to get too exhausted at the end of the day.

Day 0: Tokyo – Narita, touchdown Sapporo, Ice sculpture Susukino

Hokkaido Ramen 

Day 1: Sapporo Clock Tower, Odori Park, Municipal Hall, Beer Museum, Chocolate Factory, Odori Park Ice Sculpture

Must try food: Buffet Genghis Khan at Beer Museum

Must try food: Soup Curry

1 tourist spot per day did not happened on our first day. We were fill of energy and excited to go around Sapporo. We’ve reached 20,000 steps on this day.

Day 2: Otaru – Otaru snow festival, Otaru Canal, Saikamachi street, Otaru Music Box, Otaru Canal for the night view

Must Try: Fresh Seafoods

Day 3: Mt Moiwa

Day 4: Asahikawa Snow Festival

Day 5: Biei

Day 6: Asahiyama Zoo

Day 7: Hakodate: The most memorable one as we got stranded due to heavy snow and stand in the train for more than 6 hours. We missed our Shinkansen going to Tokyo.

Day 8: Shinkansen, Tokyo Disneyland

Shinkansen to Tokyo and  my Ekiben meal during our Shinkansen ride.

Touchdown Tokyo Disneyland!

Day 9: Kanazawa

Thanks to our host family in Kanazawa, Japan for the tour and food and our special wedding gift. <3


Day 10: Odaiba, Ginza

It was my hubby’s birthday on our day 10 and we just went to an indoor themed park in Odaiba.

Day 11: Tokyo University; Tokyo Dome, Akihabara.

Our last full day in Tokyo. Our shopping day!

Day 12: Going back home

Special thanks to ANA airline for good service and good food. We will surely go back to Japan using ANA.


Japan Hotel including average peso value per night

Feb 8 – 10: Sunroute – P8000/Night

Feb 10 – 12: La Gent Sapporo P12000/Night

Feb 12 – 15: JR Inn Asahikawa P4000/Night

Feb 15 – 16: La Gent Hakodate P4000/Night

Feb 16 – Feb 20: Sotetsu Fresa Inn Toyocho  P4000/night

Additional Tip: We have two luggage each and from Sapporo, we’ve decided to avail the luggage delivery service from Hokkaido to Tokyo so we can travel light on our transfers. The price is around 2,300 Yen each. Our luggage reach our hotel in Tokyo ahead of us and it lessen our baggage on our different train and hotel transfers. Luggage delivery service is very convenient, affordable and safe.

Japan will always be a special place in our hearts and we will never get tired of going back here in any season and in any place from north, middle and south.