Rate: 10/10

Source: Waw Find

Peso Power: P100K+ (I promised to him not to reveal the price)

Side Story:

Francis Libiran was my dream wedding gown designer before planning to get married maybe because of the usual celebrity wedding gowns that he made and I got really fascinated about it. During the “pamamanhikan”, we’ve already talked to our parents that we need some help from them (in terms of fund) for our wedding. I already asked my mom if she could spend for my wedding gown as her gift. She gave me a budget that should not be more than 100k so I settled for that. I fitted more RTW wedding gowns and even wedding gowns for rent. With all the fittings that I had, only the Rosa Clara gown stuck me the most but it was way out of budget. Way back 2016, I almost inquired to most of the midrange designer and most of them do not accept more than a year booking. I was already eyeing Jojo Macanpinlac, a Pampanga designer until I saw a post in WAW that Mak Tumang has this anniversary promo.

I know I’m not qualified because I’m not a “kapangpangan” but I still tried my luck. Our neighbor was a kapangpangan and they’ve known the family of Mak Tumang so I asked their help to endorsed me.

When we first visit Mak, the only peg in my mind was the Rosa Clara design that I fitted and that’s the only dress that I let him see. He was just silent doing a sketch and after that ta-da! The moment I saw the sketch, even it was the first wedding sketch I had in my life, I knew and I’ve felt the “this is it” feeling.

I took a photo of his sketch and dream of it every night. I told my mom about this and she was hesitant at first because it’s more than the budget that she set for me. I plead like a child until I got the YES.

Strong Points:

  • Very good sketch design. As seen above, I love how he sketch the wedding gown that I can really visualized how it will actually looked like (except for the details ofcourse). The sketch photo was something I really looked forward to come in real. It was also my fit inspiration to achieved and maintained a waistline of 26 inches.
  • Set budget Limit. Mak Tumang bridal gown ranges to 100k-300k and from that range you can tell him the maximum budget that you can avail and he can work on that. I told him my maximum budget and he agreed with the price. He even gave me some discount on the said original price of my wedding gown.
  • Detailed measurement. Mak Tumang is the one who personally getting the measurements. It was not the first time that I got measured but it was the first time that I felt getting the non standard measurements that he’s getting. If you can see the sketch above, measurements were very detailed.
  • Lining fitting was already perfect. On my first fitting which was 8 months apart from the time he measured me, the base gown was already perfect fit on my body. No adjustment on the body shape. He just get the measure the length. Base gown already looked beautiful and I felt thrilled on what’s coming next.
  • Second fitting was still on good fit. On my second fitting, still fit perfectly fine. Now I can see that my wedding dress was full of laces. Looked pretty perfect for me. This time, I tried to walk around and check if I can step on end. I can stepped on some cloth so he still made some adjustments in the length. He said the next and final touches will be the floral, swarovski and structured layers.
  • Beautiful box packaging and inclusions. The box packaging was really gorgeous that it’s really pretty to look at it even just in box.
  • Very responsive on all queries. Mak has admin assistant named Camille or sometimes Mak Tumang himself is answering the text or viber. All my queries has been address timely so I have no bridezilla moments.
  • Bridal Assistant and mannequin for free. They gave me bridal assistant and mannequin form for free. The bridal assistant was very helpful. She even helped to sew the tail of my mom’s dress. The assistant came to the church and assisted me during the bridal walk. There was also one 3D floral design on my dress that she fixed right away in my bridal car. Thumbs up for the bridal assistant.
  • Borrowed 2 prenup dress for free. During the time of my first measurement, I asked if I can borrow some dresses and they let me borrow 2 but maximum of 3. It was free way back then but now they are charging 5K rent for each gowns. The history was, there were some brides not returning the dress on time. So sad that it is not free for now.
  • I love the ribbon at the back of my wedding gown. The ribbons at the back was beautifully handcrafted and I love the details of it because it’s not the ordinary kind of ribbon.

Opportunity Area:

I can’t think of any.

Issues Encountered:

Not really an issue but they did not let me see the final output of my wedding gown. When we arrived for pick up, it was already wrapped in a box and it seems hard to take it out. It got me surprise on my wedding day.

Overall Feedback:

Highly recommended. I know Mak Tumang price of gown are now really expensive but it was really worth it. The thing that we are paying for the gown is the creativity and the service that they do. I love how Mak took my measurements that in my first fitting of base gown, it fit me so well that I cannot even ask for adjustments. The output was very beautiful and the wedding gown really suits me and my personality.

PS: I’ve also used my wedding gown during our entrance dance and it was still intact.

Inclusions of Bridal Gown:

In my case, he gave me a crown as my headpiece but I opt not to use it because I don’t want to be like a princess.

Final Wedding Gown Output: Raw Photos from The Daydreamer Studios