Rating: 8/10

Source: IG via La Belle Fete post

Peso Power: 160,000 including crew meals

Color Motif: Blush Pink, Gold and Brown

Motif: Rustic Garden

Side Story:

Amante Fleurs was my first question post in WAW way back Nov 2016. I was in search of styling and I was eyeing Passion Cooks before to do it. During that time, I’m still not sure of our wedding motif but we wanted it to be rustic – elements of wood, flowers and strings lights. We don’t know exactly what kind of rustic was that. I just kept on pinning on my pinterest every night. I came to point that I became very specific per area. I started to ask Passion Cooks quotation with my pegs and I found their price too expensive. I also tried other caterers and other stylist but it felt like no “this is it feeling”.
While browsing on my IG, I’m following Labelle fete and checking on the tagged suppliers. That’s the time I saw the name of Amante Fleurs. From their, I’ve tried to inquired on their Facebook and it was Sunday and asked if I can set a meeting. He answered right away. To my excitement, I set the meeting the day after which was Monday and I’m not prepared with the print outs.

Mood Boards:





Mock Set up:

During mock-setup schedule, the assistant told me that mother J will not be present because he’s in the hospital. I’ve already set the time so I just continued with the schedule. When I saw it, I was not totally awe with their mock-up and not impressive on the way I expected. Maybe I have a high expectations because when I first met mother J, he also have mock-up that time and the set up was beautiful. Maybe I just expected the same but I’m a little dismayed that it seemed too simple for the worth that I’ll be paying for.



Strong Points:

  • Visualization of the concept. This was something Mother J has. From the moment I talked to him and describe what I wanted and show some few photos, he already got my idea and he said it was a rustic garden. The way he described it was the way I imagined it. He quoted me a price and it was expensive. I did not put a too much budget for styling. I take a pause and think about it deeply. Later on, I agree with mother J and finally gave a down payment. I just believe that he can really make it good as I saw his styling really amazing. I asked feedback from wawies and most of them told that Mother J really delivers on the day itself.
  • Customized package for styling. Mother J can create a customized package based on the client specifics. Just be very detailed on the style that you wanted them to do. It’s okay be over detailed than assuming that they already understand it all. What I like about mother J is they don’t have limitation. He can suggest the other way around if the pegs that Iike was not workable. Mother J is flexible and he can adjust or compromise based on the client specifics.
  • Creativity.  This is really what I paid for. It is not the props or the flowers that he put but his creativity on how to stitch the ideas all together and make the reality beautiful. I know mother J can be of the same level later of the high end stylist.
  • Availability of rustic items. Amante Fleurs has a lot of styling items and he even can customized depends on the wedding theme. He has a lot of rustic items because it his usual styling gig. He has variety of items and most of the specific rustic items that I wanted was available with them.
  • Superb Output. When we first saw our reception venue, it was a wow so beautiful. The styling was superb and even the guests compliments it. It was really photogenic. The styling was very consistent and very refreshing to look at. I love the output. Sample photo below from our guest.
  • Bouquets are beautiful (Bride, Entourage and Mothers). I love my cascading bouquet made by mother J. The photo can speak for itself and it was the way I wanted. I also love the hair piece florals that they made for me. <3


Opportunity Area: 

  • Poor in communication. Since I started to join in WAW and asked the graduate brides on their feedback to Amante Fleurs, this was the common response that they really seldom answer calls, texts or FB pms unless your wedding day is near. Yes I accepted this fact already but they should improve on this matter. I’m trying to make sure that everything and every details has been captured and a simple confirmation won’t hurt much from them. If they won’t reply, they are keeping a stress on part of the brides. Amante Fleurs is a mid-range stylist compared to Gideon and Teddy Manuel but they have a potential to go on top as well so they really have to work on good client communication.
  • Scheduled meeting with Mother J. I’ve set several meetings with Mother J himself because I want to discuss to him the details that I wanted. 2 meetings set, he was not there. He was sick, he was out of town or he was somewhere. It’s okay that maybe he’s too busy with something but the assistant that I kept on talking to can’t decide on the price and can’t answer all the questions that I’m asking. Only mother J can give the final price and can decide what to do. I guess he should work to train the assistant who attends the meeting to answer all the possible questions on his behalf especially on the costing part.


Issues Encountered: 

  • Wall Flower color scheme was not followed. My wallflower color should have been gold, pink and white but the actual wall flower was mostly white and they did not  even informed me.  They should have let me know that they don’t have pink and gold materials. Not a big deal to me anyway. It was still look good on photos. Our wall flower was not transferred to the reception but not a big deal for me. They’ve told me before that they might not transfer it because it will take time to set it up.
  • Money Box. I did not see my money box. This was just a minor details but I specifically requested for it. All items from this moodboard was captured except the money box.
  • Registration Table Design. I did not see that he put any design on our registration table. He should have put where we can hang the photos and it was indicated on my mood board. All items in the registration came to us.
  • Floral design on VIP table. During the mock setup which mother J was not present, I’m not 100% okay with the mock-up table design which was garland with flowers. I told them VIP should be flowers with vases instead. I expected to see more fresh and lush flowers on the VIP table but it seems not enough. The actual set up okay but not as fabulous as I imagine. But still looked good anyway so I just moved on.

Overall Feedback:

Recommended with some watch-out. Be ready to accept that they really seldom to reply or answer your calls. Be very detailed on the styling that you want to achieve. Even they are not so good in communication, for sure they will deliver. The Styling output was beautiful and photogenic. The question of value for money was 70% yes and 30% no (hahaha). Value for money yes, compared to the rates of Teddy Manuel and Gideon which is really way far from my budget, I’d rather settle to Amante Fleurs. They’ve achieved the styling that we are portraying and it was consistent in all angles. With regards on the not a value for money, they should have put much more effort and flowers on our VIP table and they should ave even make it cascading. I saw some VIP table set up that they did and flowers are amazing. I’m just comparing it with their previous set up but the overall look was still beautiful.

PS: I gave them all my mood boards organized in folder plastic pockets and each area has specific items.

TIP: At first, I got the full styling package for the reception to Amante Fleurs including the guest table but later I revised it to focus areas online which mainly photo and video will take a shot.

FOCUS AREA: Stage, Ceiling and VIP these are the areas that are usually captured for photo ops. For guest table, I just got the default guest table package included from our caterer Passion cooks.

Some Actual Set up: