Rating: 10/10

Source: Google search found by my hubby

Peso Power: P100,000 plus 10,000 security deposit.

  • P75,000 for Azucena Hall plus P10,000 for 2 rooms including 8 pax breakfast; additional P10,000 for the garden and P5,000 for whole day use of 1 additional room.

Side Story:

This place was my hubby’s discovery. I was eyeing  Mango Farm for our reception. We are highly considering church and reception proximity so we can maximize the time. I’d like it to be in Metro Manila for easy access. Tagaytay for me is too crowded and traffic plus the cost of going in and out there and out of town fees. We want a place not a fairy tale like but simple and fresh. I already saw Sampaguita gardens in one of my google search but I didn’t not mind it because of its name “Sampaguita” (me being too judgmental hahaha). My hubby stumbled on the page of Sampaguita and I saw on their website that place looked very nice. When I was on my first exploration during one bridal fairs at the start of our wedding preparation, I saw the Sampaguita Gardens booth and I inquired from there. They recommended me to visit the place first before booking and did not let me book right away. After that day, I asked my mom to come with me and visit the place. We both fall in love with the place. It feels so green, fresh and relax which the way we wanted our wedding to be. Upon checking on the facility, I find it nice, clean and big plus they have an ancestral house where we can do our preparation.

Strong Points:

  • Refreshing venue and surroundings. This is the ultimate reason why I choose Sampaguita Gardens. All of us, my mom and hubby like the ambiance, the surrounding of green trees, the place feel so fresh and cozy.
  • Ancestral House for wedding preparation. Location proximity of preps, church and reception was a big deal for us because I don’t want hassles of transporting from 1 place to another considering the metro manila traffic. Seeing the Ancestral house which can be used for wedding preparation was a plus factor for me. I have an access to see the reception even during the preparation and our church is less than a kilometer. Ancestral house is very beautiful and clean. Although it feels creepy maybe because most of the furniture area are like antique already. Nonetheless, I love this preparation house because this is not the usual hotel feel preps but it feels like our home for the day. Every corner of this ancestral house is very good to look at photos.
  • No limitation and extra charge for preps esp for crew meal. This is one major difference vs hotel preparation. There is also no photo shoot fee which can shoot anywhere and everywhere.
  • Easy and good communication. Ms Jen handling the events. She very accommodating and she answers all my question. She was easy to talk to and very accommodating with all our requests and all my concerns.
  • Accommodating for special request. We’ve requested to transport 12 boxes for the wedding souvenirs items and other gift items that we’ve packed with boxes. My mom requested to transport it 2 days before our wedding and Ms. Jen allowed this request.
  • No additional fee for early set up during office hours. I have ceiling and stage styling and our stylist wanted to set up as early as 3:00 am of Jan 20. I asked Ms. Jen regarding this and she said that there’s additional fee for early set up however, there’s an option to set up before the day during office hours provided that there’s no event on that day. Luckily, no event on Jan 19 so we can set up for free. Hooray!
  • Easy to deal and no hassle – From the start to end all our transaction went smoothly. Even the security deposit refund was processed right away after our event. i thought that I have penalties because I might have exceeded the use of electricity because of Lights and Sounds and LED wall. Good thing they did not deduct anything on my security deposit.

Opportunity Area/Weak Points:

I can’t think of any in terms of admin management.

One thing that is very difficult with Azucena hall was its irregular shape and low ceiling. I accepted this fact when I booked this as our wedding reception venue. One advantage of low ceiling is it will not fill empty even with minimal styling. For the irregular shape, I explored all the possible floor plans and choose a floor plan that we can maximize the space. I was inspired by the floor plan from Ysabel Ortega’s debut so I religiously follow that layout and it works for us. With Azucena halls weak points, the only keys are the right floor plan and right styling.

Issues Encountered:

We only have minor issue during the early setup. We requested to have early set up on Jan 19 and it was confirmed that there’s no event for that day. So instead our stylist will have to setup by 3:00 am on Jan 20, they’ve set up as early as 19. When the stylist came to the venue, the guard was prohibited them to enter and been hold for an hour. Mother J called me regarding this issue why the admin was not letting them do the set up. I immediately called Ms Jen and she responded on it immediately and said she handled it already. The issue here was miss alignment which I have emailed her and called her within that week.

Overall Feedback:

Highly recommended. Ancestral house is very beautiful and photogenic. No restriction for the food especially for crew meal. Not the usual hotel setting and it feels like home. The garden pavement was amazing for our cocktail activities. The Azucena hall was beautifully set up even it has low ceiling. Ms Jen is very accommodating for all our request. Refund for the security deposit was deposited right after our event with no deduction.

Here’s the floor plan made by Passion Cooks. Please note that there were changes on the actual venue set up to gave space for the tunnel and LED wall.

PS: We got garden pavement as our additional area for cocktail activities because I have injected cocktail activities for 2 hours to keep all our guests busy while waiting for photo shoot and retouch. I want my guests to be preoccupied at the same time I wanted their stomachs to be filled so I served cocktail food.

Some photos of actual venue setup:

I will have a separate blog items regarding our cocktail activities.