Rating: 8/10

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Peso Power: P30,000 with aircondition plus P1,500 for 3 microphone rental  for the singer and strings. Additional P5000 pesos for security deposit and in case there will be overtime they will automatically deduct it in the security deposit.

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MTQ was not my first choice but this was my hubby’s first choice. He likes the church because of its simplicity and natural lighting. I’ve chosen the Mt Carmel because of the long aisle which I found it to have a very dramatic entrance. Unfortunately, due to some strict policies of Mt Carmel, they are not allowing to close the door during the bridal march. I was kind of disheartened that time so I decided to look for another church options. I’m worried because it was less than 6 months and I might not able find a time slot same as what we have in Mt Carmel and location proximity from our reception is high consideration. One day, I suddenly remember Mary the Queen church in San Juan again and inquired if our date was still available. To my surprise, 3:30 pm slot was still available and I felt so lucky. We immediately booked this Church and felt happy that there were other things we can do in MTQ compared to Mt Carmel.

Strong Points:

  • Simple and natural light. This church is very simple, clean and well maintained. It is also has high ceiling with rays of natural light comes to it. The church feels refreshing and calm. The facilities like the chairs, TV and even the speakers are branded (Bose) and good quality. We appreciate the beauty of its simplicity.
  • Organize admin staff.  Ms. Anie will send constant reminders of the requirements and schedules. No hassles upon booking and submitting the requirements.
  • Option for air condition. Air condition option is pricey but it will make your guests comfortable. Air con is life! My mom specifically requested to have our church air conditioned so I asked her to sponsor the additional payment for it. Hahaha I love my mom <3
  • Any florist is allowed. Bring your own florist is allowed and flowers to include or add subject to approval but they are not so strict.
  • Bring your own singer and bridal march song of your choice. MTQ is not strict on bridal march song and singer. They will just let you bring your own singer and let them sing the bridal song of your dream.
  • Close and open door is allowed. Yes, the dramatic entrance is allowed. Even my wall flowers are allowed too.
  • Personal vow is allowed. Admin is emphasizing that they only allow 2 lines for the wedding vow. My hubby took the 2 lines vow seriously and I did not. Hahaha I found the meaning of 2 lines vow to be more focus on purely vows only not sharing the history of relationship. I wrote purely vows but I had 4 to 5 lines. 
  • Excellent 2 days precana session. It was only MTQ were we heard of 2 days precana. Most of the church is just offering it for half day. Our 2 full day session was fun and very informative. It was also interactive that we have also shared how we met and why we decided to get married. We really enjoyed most of the session and we’ve learned a lot here rather than in the seminars we had at the City Hall.

Opportunity Area:

Admin staff is moody. Admin for wedding is sometimes moody (medyo masungit). So don’t go there on a timing that she’s very busy. She will still answer your questions anyway so no biggie.
Lower the add-on cost for air-condition. I think the cost of air-condition is too pricey as it double the price of the church fee for wedding. Additional P15,000 for air-con is too expensive. I don’t think electricity for 1 hour and 15 minutes air-con will cost P15,000.
Free available mic instead of P500 per mic rental. There is additional cost for mic which I don’t understand why do we have to rent a microphone.

Issues encountered:

  • Additional flowers set up. I have my own florist and I have additional flowers to add in the aisle, wallflower and trees at the door. I already told this to Admin for approval and they’ve told me that the flowers should be set up by 1pm. This means that the 2pm wedding will also benefit to my additional flowers. The reason for that was, 2:00 PM and 3:30 PM wedding was too tight schedule to set up for the flowers. At first, I felt dismayed with this church policy but later on I let it go. I just thought it will be my gift to the bride who will use it first. Below were my church flower moodboard.
  • We can’t feel the air-condition in front of the altar. Not a big issue for us but we felt hot in the alter and it no cold air from the air-condition. Maybe the sunlight was directly towards us that’s why we can feel the heat.
  • Our wedding with Mary the Queen was smooth and okay. There was just one incident my coordinator have told me. We have copies of missalette for our guests and some of them left it upon our recessional. Our coordinator assistant was advised to pick up the trash and don’t leave it behind which our wedding coordinator assistant was picking it one by one. Later on, the officiating priest of our wedding got some pieces of missalette and kept on throwing it on the floor.We know that our guests left some trash inside the church but our coordinator was already picking it up. For the attitude of throwing the missalette was a different thing. We did not expect the kind of attitude for a priest. He was old and he was the one who did our interview and during that time, he seemed to nice that’s why we requested him to officiate our wedding. I hope they will not do that in a rude way because we can pick up every pieces of it in just a simple and respectful advice.

Overall Feedback:

Recommended with some watch-outs. Bring your own trash and be mindful of your time. Simplicity and natural light are the real beauty of this church. Guests can be very comfortable even just waiting at the back seat. The Church and facilities are well maintained and clean. Admin Staffs are organized.

A week after our wedding, we already got a copy of our marriage contract filed in San Juan City hall and our security deposit was refunded. Of the P5000, they’ve returned P3500 because we have exceeded time by 5 minutes. The time extension price is P300 per minute.


PS: For parking, for sure it will be a full parking during weddings but  side street parking is allowed. There’s also an option to park on the side of Immaculate Conception Academy with a fee of P50.


Snap photos from our wedding from my Man of Honor phone:

Additional Flower set up, gold vase and pink flowers

The aisle during our entourage march

Ninong Dick signing our marriage contract <3

From our wedding photographer – The Daydreamer Studios


More reviews and photos coming soon! <3