Rating: 10/10

Source: Friend’s recommendation and positive feedback at wawies

Peso Power: 45,000

Specs:  Groom: 3.8 mm x 1.6mm 14k white gold with x design; Bride: Diamond F to H color VS1 7pcs diamond 0.07 carat each 14k white gold

Side Story: Our initial budget for wedding ring is P50k or less. I’ve tried to inquire wedding rings price range at the mall and it varies and will depend on the type and diamond specs. The lesson that I learned on wedding ring hunting, know the specs of the ring that you are looking for so you can easily compare the price range based on the specs or wedding ring peg. And also need to prepare what style of wedding ring do you want, how many stone, carat, ring size (4Cs of diamond) and even the grams of gold. If you are not prepared with the details, you’ll get lost. The most important is know the 4cs of diamond that will match the budget range.

My first peg for my wedding ring is the insert type, 11 small diamonds up and down. Later on, I realized I just need a simple wedding band so I decided to just have a half eternity wedding ring. So why diamond with love jewelry shop? Because their shop was just near my place in Makati so it will be very accessible to me on future cleaning session. Kuya Ali was recommended by one friend and I also saw positive reviews in wawies. I just went to their shop and discuss the specs that I wanted. We tried to look and fit some rings currently available and I fall in love with this one ring that I tried. From there, I know and I can feel this is the right ring for me. I’ve tried a lot of wedding rings already but it was the first time I felt that ring was meant for me.

Strong Points:

Flexible terms of payment. We just paid 5k downpayment then Kuya Ali gave us his BDO account if we want to pay it installment or can also be fully paid upon pickup.
Can work on the budget and price can be negotiated. You can tell your working budget and Kuya Ali can fit the price based on the specs and style of wedding ring. From 55k he gave us a good price of 45k.
Fast transaction and no hassle. Kuya Ali was easy to deal with and all the specs were documented. The rings were based on our expectation.
Extra service for cleaning. Forever cleaning is free. I also asked Kuya Ali to resize my engagement ring for P300 and he also cleaned my e-ring even it was not purchased to him.

Diamond pricing and specs lesson. Kuya Ali was very accommodating that he can even gave us basic lecture on diamond pricing and specs. He will even explain the costing details and process like overhead, labor, cost of diamond etc.

Free dummy wedding ring. Something that I did not expect to be included. I was about to buy dummy wedding ring for our ring bearer but good thing it is already included although it was just simple gold pair of rings. Good to have it and I will not buy.

Opportunity Area

To be more accommodating on Facebook inquiry. I’ve tried to inquired via Facebook messenger and Kuya Ali was not accommodating in answering query although he answers. Maybe it just hard to discuss via message and he is better to discuss in person.

Issues encountered

Incorrect spelling of my surname on the warranty card but no big deal. He will replace the card.

Overall Feedback

Highly recommended and trusted for real diamond ring. Easy and hassle free transaction and can avail flexible payment terms.

Our rings <3 I’m so inlove with our rings 🙂

Additional side note. My total ring carat is 0.80 (ering 0.31 ct and wedding ring 0.49 ct) and total diamond stone is 8 ( wedding ring 7 diamonds + 1 diamond on ering) so it is like 0.8 carat and 8 diamonds 88 infinity. No meaning and no biggie but it is 8 so it means something to me. 🙂