It’s only 3 months to go and a lot of things are coming. I can’t even have a time to blog because I’m tied with all our wedding errands. I can really I feel it now. I can feel the pressure!

Here’s our accomplishments for the month of October!

  1. 2nd batch measurements with Ian Manila. Our male entourage measurement and my groom-to-be remeasure to make sure that numbers are still accurate. We also made a choice for the set of neckties, pocket square and cuff links. I had a hard time to get the measurements of our overseas friends and Cebuano friend. These guys are so sensitive on their measurement. Hahaha Thank God I’m done with the measurements! We’ve also chosen my groom-to-be’s Godfather shoes via Ian Manila. I’m excited for his shoes! 
  2. Received our wedding cord and rosary done by Diane Lane. I’m delighted with the our wedding cord and rosary. Expectation is same as reality. I love my personal rosary that matches our wedding cord. This is just a little big than the usual rosary though. I wish our cord will not tore apart during the church ceremony. Will not post a review yet until our wedding day. I would like to attest for the durability. By the way, I like the packaging. 🙂                                             
  3. First meeting with our wedding coordinator. It’s our second time to meet Joey. Before the meeting, I asked him what are the things I should prepare and he told me to provide to him the copies of our wedding suppliers on the wedding day itself. I did more than  what my coordinator has said. I reprinted all my contracts and compile it in a clearbook including our invitation, misalette, supplier lists including crew meal count, reception floor map, PS and entourage details and draft program. He was delighted with my proactive compilation of our wedding details and I only have few more things to finalize. I will also blog the details on how I prepare the details with our coordinator meetings and the things to be handed over.
  4. Pick up some dresses from dressyourbridesmaids. This is one of my stress for the month. I never thought I’ll be having stress on my entourage gowns because I’ve chosen to ordered RTW instead of customized but now they are having a problem with fabric supply and re production. Will have a separate blog for this issue. I also tried the 2 types of bridesmaid dresses that I ordered for my bridesmaid reference and it really looked nice. I hope they can fix all the fabric supply issues.
  5. Dummy E-ring. I bought a dummy engagement ring just to wear in times it’s risky like when commuting or just walking in some areas. But this ring is meaningless. Nothing beats the memories and love of my original ring.
  6. Prenup album via Photobook Philippines. I got addicted on creating photobook and I’ve finished our prenup album. I chose the layflat hard over 11 x 8.5 landscape. One realization on doing the photo layout, it is not easy to choose photo out of 3000 plus raw and 300 plus edited and still have to trim down all those photos. To have a good photo layout, key thing is less is more. 
  7. Printed mood boards to get ready for detailing. I created the detailed moodboards using powerpoint and I printed it as 4r photos. I’ll be using it as guess dress code guide and for my suppliers will be inspirational pegs. I will post the full set of my mood boards soon.
  8. Compilation of initial details for our major wedding suppliers – coordinator, stylist and caterer.  I fond of compiling documents to easily transition it to my suppliers and they wont missed anything on the details. 
  9. Ordered unity coin to EM Craft metal. I was thinking if this is still necessary. I didn’t know that personalized unity coins are expensive. So far, this is the cheapest personalized unity coin but still expensive for a coin. 
  10. Claimed my price worth 20,000 HMUA. I won a P20,000 worth of HMUA package on one IG contest of Happy Ever After Manila.
  11. Finalized the details with Bridal Essential Ph. I just dropped by on Jocel’s open house to finalized my robe orders. She has a lot of new styles of robes and I almost tried it all.Haha Because I’m fond of trying out her robe, I asked one of her robe to be a jumpsuit which I’ll be wearing in on of the weddings I’ll attend this year.
  12. Flower girls measurements. I just did the measurement myself of my flower girls and unfortunately, I have not documented it. Here’s the final peg for my flower girls. 🙂 
  13. Reassessment of Styling with Amante Fleurs. I made a clearbook compilation of the detailed pegs for the flowers and reception styling. I was hoping to meet Mother J but unfortunately, he was not in his place at the time of my visit. Still pending for the final quotation on my peg on our next meeting which is the mock setup.
  14. Marriage Licence Application. So happy that we have successfully accomplished all the marriage license in one day. Will have a separate detail blog on how to apply marriage license in Makati.
  15. Final food tasting at Passion cooks. It was our first time to meet our event manager for our caterer. I’m pretty amazed that our final detailing got easier because of her and I’m also ready with what I wanted so it’s easy to finalized everything.
  16. Project DIY. I want to look my male entourage gift set to look presentable. Thanks to my creative friends who helped me to do this DIY gifting. I’m happy with the corrugated box I found in National bookstore for only P11.
  17. Madlibs, Placecard, Hashtag Banner. What are the purpose of these stuff? Madlibs – one of cocktail entertainment where guests will fill out the form, try out all our cocktails activities and give as a wedding message. First 5 who will finish will have a price and there will be a grand raffle at the end of the program; Place Cards – this will be placed on each guests tables. The back portion contains some reminders; Hashtag banner – will be placed at the registration table as a reminder to make use of our hashtag. Here are my inspiration.
  18. Ordered personalized bags and flat sandals. I was not supposed to order this one but there was one flat sandals that I liked in Call it spring store and it’s a little pricey. I tried to inquire with NJN on the personalized sandals and she quoted me a reasonable price. I saw that she also has bags so I decided to order for all my female entourage, moms and some of my ninangs. I hope she will not missed the timeline to deliver.

So many things have done but so many things to do. Whats coming next?

  • Mostly supplier payments
  • Claim our marriage license
  • Entourages fitting
  • Groom’s suits fittings
  • Wedding Gown fitting
  • Mock up set up by amante fleurs and final price
  • Principal Sponsors gifts
  • Invitation
  • Gueslists
  • Animated monogram
  • Wedding Banns

Until next update! 🙂