What is bridal boudoir?

“A bridal boudoir photo shoot is one that captures an individual’s seductive beauty through tasteful, intimate photos taken in a setting that is comfortable to the subject.”

– Angelica Roberts Photography

“A bridal boudoir session is a chance for you to look and feel beautiful. The shoot will take place in a bedroom setting, either in your home, a studio, or a hotel. Dress in lingerie, playful outfits, or simply cover up with a sheet to get some sexy photos of yourself! Not only is it a great confidence booster, but it also makes a great gift for your new husband.”

– Photographed by Chelsea

Source – http://blog.snapknot.com/what-is-bridal-boudoir/

I just knew the bridal boudoir concept when I joined the wedding at works group and I saw someone posted about bridal boudoir. I tried to search it via Pinterest and I saw the concept was interesting. I like doing photoshoots so I would like to try this kind of shoot. This was not in my priority list but when I got to changed our wedding photographer, one of the factors I’ve taken into consideration was this bridal boudoir. During that time, our photographer has a promo that she’ll give a free bridal boudoir session once we book for that month and having this shoot was a plus.

I did not plan of something different or grand for this shoot. My idea was only doing this shoot in a hotel room with a sexy lingerie. As early as January, I’m trying to find a location or hotel with canopy type of bed in  elsewhere but again it was hard to find  the perfect place without going out of town. When I attended one bridal fair last January 2017, I visited our photographer’s booth just to say Hi and have some chit chats. I saw that she’s offering bridal boudoir as a separate session with styling. She told me that I don’t need to avail it because I’ll have it for free. I saw that her package includes styling and I asked her who was her tandem and she said it was Moki Gray.

I already saw their tandem on their featured session and I love the vintage artsy set-up. With that, I came with an idea to get Moki Gray as my bridal boudoir stylist. I inquired to her and she told me that her rate for bridal boudoir is P10,000 but if I booked her right away, I can avail it for less 20% so I did get her right away.

How did I plan for the bridal boudoir?

  1. Body preparation. This is one of my inspiration when I took a diet plan and do some routine exercise. For me the essence of why will I do this thing is for myself, a gift to my hubby and a remembrance of good body shape before I’ll get pregnant. I want to look back on this day and tell to myself, this was my body years ago. Planned meals and exercise are my keys to achieve my body goals.
  2. Lingerie hoarding. As early as 1st quarter this year when I started to collect for lingerie. I was a bit excited of this idea so I’m getting obsessed of trying out dainty lingerie. When choosing lingerie, I avoided color black because it will look like the usual FHM sexy thing (this is only my personal choice but black will always look sexy anyway). I prefer lighter shades like white, light pink, cream, lace.
    • Victoria Secret. I was drooling with all the victoria lingeries especially the body suits. Unfortunately, there is no victoria secret store here in Manila. I asked my friend from SG if she could drop by the VS store but there were limited  designs. The one I’m eyeing based on their website was not available. Based on my size, my friend showed me only 2 options and only one qualified based on my parameters and it was the light blue color. I was in doubt to buy it because it was a little bit expensive and yet not the style that I wanted but due to time constraint that I need to decide very quick so I said yes.
    • Women’s Secret. I was just walking in Trinoma mall. I checked out La Senza lingerie but the style seems not my type. I just checked out this corner store and I saw at the back of the rack, this off white lingerie. When I got to fit this, it was wow oh wow. I already imagine this is perfect. Although in the actual shoot, I was not able to use this. 🙁 I can still make use of this on our wedding day.
    • H&M and Forever 21. I just check the available lingerie on theses stores and I found a lot of options in H&M. While checking out some clothes in Forever 21, the lace cover up seems to be paired with swimsuit. I already browse in Pinterest and I already got an idea on how to use this for bridal boudoir shoot.
  3. Concept. Just like our prenup shoot, I always think and focus on the concept. Just like what I do at work, I’m thinking of what I want for this shoot and what I’ve been trying to achieve. I’ve several conversation with my photographer and stylist to give me ideas and a lot of ideas. Our main concept was bathtub but my photographer requirement should be with the element of natural light. I have a constraint on finding a location for a bathtub with natural light and I don’t want to go out of town to avoid additional cost. I started to do an ocular on my shortlisted location within Metro Manila and then in one of the new location that I’ve discovered, I saw this fountain in the middle as a center of attraction. I randomly tell a joke if I can dip and swim in the fountain and surprisingly, the care taker said it was built for that purpose. Then our new concept was born. Instead of bathtub, our  brilliant alternative was getting wet in the fountain and we got to evolve around that idea. 🙂
  4. Check for inspiration. The number 1 source is Pinterest! 🙂 My photographer suggestion was to checked the IG of embrace magazine and Elizabeth Messina for inspiration. Minimalist, natural light, artsy and poetic.
  5. Location. My top 3 location for bridal boudoir in Metro Manila were 1) Bahay Lakan – old house/vintage concept. I’m thinking of using the creepy swimming pool. I don’t know but I felt odd with this house. I’m afraid to be alone. hahaha  2) Sampaguita Gardens ancestral house – vintage type and our wedding venue. I have free use as prenup venue and could be one option to lessen cost. 3) Museo de Padilla – Hispanic vintage vibe. This was my ultimate discovery because I’m the first who made and ocular for this place. The last option was perfect because there no exposure yet, newly renovated, within my set budget and within Metro Manila. Most of all, this was where I thought of the concept of bridal boudoir on fountain. Full story on my review –> http://lemigetmarried.com/index.php/2017/09/05/supplier-review-museo-de-padilla/
  6. Planning and budgeting. This was my 3rd time to plan for a shoot so I can consider myself as expert on planning (hahaha). Be detailed as much as possible. This has been very effective tool in all the shoots that we had. As long as your suppliers were clear on the concepts then they can smoothly do the execution. This has been proven and tested practice of all the shoot practice! Here’s the details of my budget: Location: Museo de Padilla – P8000; HMUA – 2500; Stylist – P8000 + 2000 (fountain fresh flowers) + 3000 (Dress); Food – Shakeys delivery P2500. Below are the details of my bridal boudoir planning including the timetable.
  7. Waxing. This is the most important thing to do before the bridal boudoir. Keep all the areas clean so it will not look awkward. Be prepared to exposed with no malice in the name of art. 🙂
  8. Confidence level up to 200%. Just be comfortable on what you are doing. It is very important to establish rapport with the suppliers which I believe I’m successful with it as I don’t feel any kind of awkwardness. Just be yourself and whatever imperfections that you have, just think that you are beautiful. Self mantra of positive vibes and motivation. Don’t make or feel down of yourself. We are always beautiful in all forms and matter.

Additional note:

Difference between Boudoir vs Bridal Boudoir. Our photographer was very critical with the difference between the two. She reiterate that our shoot is bridal boudoir not just a boudoir. Based on my understanding, boudoir is an old fashioned for bedroom so based on my understand, boudoir itself means sexy shoot on a bedroom while bridal boudoir is an art bride photography showing woman’s seductive beauty as define above. Based on my opinion the difference between the two is that bridal boudoir is classy, poetic and artsy kind of being sexy while boudoir itself is just focus on the concept of being seductive only. I’m not really an expert to tell the difference but I understand what our photographer means.

Here are the sample output published by our photographer.

Credits to the Bridal Boudoir team:

Photo: The Daydreamer Studios

HMUA: Iya Gueco

Stylist: Moki Gray

Location: Museo De Padilla

Aside from the superb and very artsy poetic output, I love the experience of having this shoot as I felt a boost of confidence. This experience was something I’ll treasure for the rest of my life and for sure my hubby too. <3