As days gone by, we’ve been doing a lot of work for our wedding preparation and things are getting more exciting each and every day. There might be a lot of work to do and things to be done as early as now but I love all the things about wedding planning. I enjoy every details of it and getting more excited as days come by.

Here’s our proud achievement for the month of September!

  1. Reserved our wedding rings to Diamond with Love. I love our wedding ring to be. I have a lot of choices and peg in mind but I choose not to make things complicated and just go with a simple half eternity one layer wedding ring. There is nothing fancy or extra ordinary about this but the moment I saw this ring, I know the this is it feeling. My forever symbol of love that will inspire me from this day forward. I just choose the to complicate the design and just half eternity diamond ring. The simpler the better. My ring specifications – half eternity, 7 diamonds, F-H VS1 .07 Carat 14k white gold and 1.6mm. I initially thought of 8 diamonds for infinity sign but usually the stone count are odd numbers. Luckily I have a good count of diamonds which means 2x infinity – 8 diamonds including my engagement ring  and a total of 0.80 carat (0.49 wedding ring + 0.31 engagement ring) so it means double infinity. Well this is just my own thought and nothing super powers on it. Anyhow, I love my ring!
  2. Meet Marco Constantino for Love Story Video. I’ve been wanting to have a love story video but for the price that I have to add, I’m holding it back. I was looking for my mom’s videographer and I stumble on Marco’s FB page. I inquired to him and to my surprise, we’ve already met in wedding seminar we’ve attended last year so I was grateful to meet him again. He gave me a good price and he’s a little bit ecstatic to do our love story project. So I got him for my mom’s birthday and for our love story video!
  3. Canonical Interview. We were supposed to have the canonical interview last month but I have to reschedule it because it is required to submit the confirmation certificate for marriage purposes which I haven’t done during that time. At last, we’ve completed the church documents and we are now ready for the canonical interview. I have no idea on what will happened or what will the priest will ask us. I asked several friends and they said it is just like a get to know you stage with the parish priest that he just want to gauge if we are ready to get married. We’ve not prepared anything but ourselves. There was a one on one interview then both of us. My fiance go first in the one on one interview while me waiting outside this door.I was a little worried that time of what the priest might ask. I heard  that father seems raising his voice and later on I heard a laughter. That calmed me down. Then come my turn for interview. It was just casual talk. I just describe what I do, where did we met, how’s my parents feeling about our decision of getting married. Nothing really striking until I told father about my family complexities and he just laugh about it. Everything went well on the interview and we are done after an hour. In short, we passed the priest interview and we are happy! We are ready to marry!
  4. Bridal Boudoir. This is the most exciting that I’ve done for this month. I had our canonical interview in the morning and my afternoon agenda for the same day was my bridal boudoir. I have no friends with me during the shoot because no one was available. I came all by myself and my lingerie. I will be writing a separate blog about the details of my bridal boudoir later on. I love the overall experience and this is something I will never forget. This will be the memory of how my body was on my 30s. hahaha The result was extremely overwhelming because a lot of people commended on the gorgeous  result. Still waiting for the official photos though but some photos are for my husband to be’s eyes only! Here are some snaps from the  behind the scenes.
  5. Astrid Leather for Groomsmen Gift. I ordered leather wallet and dog chain pair for our male entourage gift and I’m happy to received it after a week. Very good quality and same as photo being posted on their website. Will post a separate review soon. 
  6. Instagram Inspired Photos for message board. I’ve been dwelling of what type of guest book should we have and now I stumble on the idea of the Instagram inspired photos and our guests will put a sign and message on the lower portion. Layout of our photos were done in and I have printed 100 pcs via Photobook. Below is my inspiration for our guest book sign. 🙂
  7. Swatches sample for Female Principal Sponsors and other female guests. I got to do some sample swatches for my principal sponsors and other guests to have a guide on the color motif. Special thanks to my friends, my man of honor and secondary sponsor who helped me to make my swatches look presentable. I’ve tried to recreate it myself and I had fun though my output was not that perfect.
  8. Photobook prints for our travel. I just saw from wawies and from my friend the promo of Photobook Philippines via metrodeal for only P20 plus 200 shipping. I got addicted lay-outing our travel photos and I’ve finished 7 Photobooks! I actually still want to do more. 😁 
  9. Prenup Photos from the Daydreamer Studios. I already got the complete raw and edited copies of of main prenup photos from Deb and I’m happy with the output! Will post the photos here in our website soon!
  10. Prenup Photos from HappyOne. I also met Jr Sebsastian of HappyOne photo to get the complete copy of our prenup session. To my surprise, he gave us loose print and usb in a box for free! I’m happy and felt so treasured by our dear wedding suppliers. 😍
  11. PreCana Seminar. We had 2 days Precana seminar  in Mary the Queen San Juan. What unusual with this precana in MTQ is that it’s two full days unlike in other churches that it will only take half day. We got to enjoy each marriage topic especially the topic about communication and natural family planning. My husband-to-be in photo doing the tally exercise for natural planning. Hihi
  12. Moodboards for motif, dresscode, church, flowers and reception styling.This is something very meticulous to do but I need to do some visuals for clear communication with our guests and suppliers. I’m still in the polishing stage but almost done and for printing. Will post the full details soon but here’s the sample moodboard.
  13. Free growing photos from beforever ph. Franco of Beforever ph has just started his business and part of his promotional activity is to give out free service of avp for growing up photos. What’s unique on his growing up photos is his doing a combination of young version of husband and wife. This is something new and cute so let’s see whats going to be the result.
  14. Prenup photos featured at Top Knotters. Overwhelm with our first blog featured and hope to have more later on. I love how top knotters do their blogging because they have a good write up not only focusing on photos itself. 😀 I’m also happy that my other wedding suppliers commends our blog features. I’ve indeed established a good relationship with them.
  15. Freebie truffles. I also got a free chocolates from Truffle Tree for taste test. I was also eyeing them for Principal Sponsors gift. Unfortunately, the chocolates doesn’t suit my taste but I appreciate the presentation though.
  16. Checking my waistline. Good news! I’ve still maintain my waistline 4 months ago and 4 months to go! I can do this.

So many things that we have accomplished for this month. It’s getting busier, hello BER months! I’m happy with all our accomplishments so far and we’ve really done a lot. We still have a lot of things work in progress. Praying for a good result of everything that we’ve planned.

Up Next:

  1. Final Food Tasting Passion Cooks
  2. Marriage License
  3. Reassessment for Reception Styling
  4. Claim the bridesmaid dresses
  5. Animated monogram
  6. Complete the Robe orders for female entourage
  7. First fitting of Wedding Gown
  8. Happy Ever After Manila for my 20K worth of Makeup
  9. Release of invitation
  10. Wedding accessories – Cord, Bible etc
  11. OTD meeting with our host and coordinator

And yes, we still have a lot of things to do. Praying thag we can pull this off. Aja!