Rating: 7.5/10

Source: Photographer recommendation

Peso Power: P8000 @20% off rate + 2000 (flowers) + 3000 (dress)

Side Story: I was not supposed to get a stylist for my bridal boudoir session but I want to make the most out of it. Since I got my bridal boudoir from my photographer as a freebie, I opt to get a stylist so I can get the best result for my photo. I did not search for a specific styling for bridal boudoir. I got an idea of Moki Gray because Deb, our photographer, already worked with her for several times. I saw Moki’s styling as something vintage, artsy and classy which is not the usual type of styling. Seems like I’m experimental in terms of styling so I want or curious to try different kinds of styling so I thought Moki will be a great match for my artsy themed bridal boudoir.
I inquired at Moki Gray last January 2017. I told her I’m interested for styling not for a prenup but for a bridal boudoir in tandem with the daydreamer studios. She told me that she has a special rate with Deb for bridal boudoir and she priced it 10K including the 1 production set up and 3 layouts. She told me that she extended the promo to me of 20% off if I will book her right away so from 10k, the discounted price would be 8k. I’d like to grab the offer of discount so I immediately booked her as my bridal boudoir stylist.
After our main prenup, I already contacted her to start to brainstorm for our concept for bridal boudoir.

Strong Points:

Good mood board concept was provided. After several follow through for the moodboard, I was delighted with the concept that she made for my bridal boudoir. She captured all the things we’ve agreed and the moodboard presentation was very good. I like the photo inspirations that she included in the moodboard. I can feel the vintage artsy stuff in the material that she provided to me. Deb and Iya (HMUA) got excited with the concept.

Designed and tailored dress was beautifully made. My dress was personally designed by Moki Gray and it was actually her first time to do a dress. I first told her that I’m looking for a tutu skirt or something messy tulle dress like in one of Karel Marquez prenup shoot with mangored. With that idea, she told she can try to do a dress for me for minimal fee. She got excited with the idea. Since I believe in her creativity, I just let her handle the dress for the shoot. Later on, it turns out a little bit expensive like I paid P3k for this dress but when I saw it, I love the dress and I can actually make use of it as my bridal robe on my wedding day. Deb also love the vintagey feel of the dress and looks really lovely in photos. I love the color because it’s blush pink. At first, I was a little skeptic about the price of the fabric because she told that fabric cost around P1.5k. I tried to ask similar kind of fabric in the fabric warehouse and seems her price range is legit. Anyhow, I know it is a costly add on but for it’s beauty, I think it worth it. I just plan to sell it afterwards.

Fountain styled with flowers and vintage stuff was stunning. This was the highlight of our shoot and the much awaited concept. The fountain concept was really something unique and I’ve not seen it so far as a concept for shoot. I was not minding the fountain at first but when it was our last set, the fountain set up was a “wow”. The plain fountain was already beautiful by itself but when Moki added this flowers, it looks really gorgeous. She also added some vintage stuff which very much suits the concept. I love how she tailored the flowers.The roses petals scattered in the fountain was also a winner. It really looks pretty and I enjoy the fountain dip/swim concept. I wish I can just close my eyes and imagined beautiful things. Even Robin Padilla got amazed with the fountain set up and got interested to get Moki Gray for Styling Museo de Padiila.

Good pose instructor. She is the one directing some of my bridal boudoir poses and she’s amazing. Some of my sexy poses was directed by Moki Gray. I love Moki Gray on her pose suggestions and I got really inspire to imitate and tried to be as good as her projection.

Pose inspired by Moki Gray below

Opportunity Area:

Promise to deliver of moodboard was not given on time. During our first meeting, we already talked of the concepts that we were going to do for my bridal boudoir and we were both excited with the concept that we came up. During the same time, she promised me to search for a location and contact her recommended HMUA as at discounted price but this did not happened. I have to make several follow ups before she delivered to me the moodboard.

Schedule details and location research were not done. Since she is hard to reach and it just a week before our shoot, I made fb messenger group for the bridal boudoir team for easy communication and she seldom replies there. I took the initiative to do the schedule and make a details sequence for our shoot. This is my third shoot anyway so I already know the drills very well. Moki was actually amazed on how I organized things but it should have been her job.

Not on time on meeting and on the day of shoot. She came late during our first set meeting in MOA like more that an hour. It’s okay for me to wait since I’m with my fiance and we both have our laptop during that time. She was also late during the shoot itself because she got lost in the direction. I clearly told her the complete address and it is easy to locate the place via waze or google maps.

Price add ons. I’m a bit surprise with the price add on specially when she told me I need to give additional 2000 for the flowers to be put in the fountain. She just told me this less a week before our shoot. We’ve met twice and the concept was clear but she did not mentioned this to me. I just said yes just to make sure that the fountain set will look good.

Unaligned time for deposits. After I agree for the plus 2K add on for the flowers in the fountain, the next day she texted me that I have to settle the full amount so she can the flowers. I already made a downpayment to her way back January I think that should have been enough. What was not so good about this, she told me late and it was already holiday and her bank is only PNB. She suggested to make the deposit via cebuana. It was a hassle for me due to the long line in Cebuana plus there is a charge for money transfer. I sometimes hate unplanned deposits.

Issues Encountered: No issues encountered during the shoot aside that she came late at the venue. There was just one minor accident that Moki fell on the unelevated part of the fountain and she had a minor cramps.

Overall Feedback

I would still recommend Moki Gray on her styling but with extra caution on her communication delays, price add ons and some unexpected urgent payments. Despite of some downside that I mentioned, I can say the output of the dress and fountain setup offsets the not so good feedback.I indeed agree that her forte was something “vintagey”, old world feeling, rustic. I admire her unique creativity. I hope she can just improved her communication and clearly align all the cost. Overall, I still love Moki Gray for doing a job well done of my bridal boudoir.

PS: waiting for The Daydreamer Studios official photos