Rating: 10+/10 (For Bridal Boudoir Session only)

Source: WAW Find

Peso Power: P2500

Side Story: I was looking for HMUA which is not so expensive but can do a fresh look. I was supposed to get again Toni Aviles because her makeup is tried and tested and the hair extension is a plus for my fine hair but Toni is expensive for a bridal boudoir session which she gave me a rate of P8000. I just thought of getting a not so expensive HMUA since bridal boudoir was not a main prenup shoot but just an add on. I was also eyeing Ten Franco and she gave me a rate of P4500 for boudoir. Later on while browsing at waw regarding the topic recommended HMUA, I saw named of Iya Gueco in one of the suggestions. I’ve tried to inquired to her and she said her prenup session is P2500 for the whole day and traditional makeup. I browsed her profile and it seems her work is okay. Since I don’t want to splurge so much for this session, I just took a chance to get Iya.

Strong Points:

She came on time. One plus factor to her is she just live in Quezon city and my shoot venue was just in QC. I set a timeline and she come there their on time.

Light makeup. I specifically asked her to put a light makeup on me because this is a bridal boudoir session and I want a feel the “I woke like this” fresh look. She achieved the look that I wanted and her makeup is neat and clean look just enough for a bridal boudoir session. She also has a quality makeup that even I was sweating, the makeup is still intact.

Hairstylist tandem is superb. Iya’s hairstylist named Jaime is also good. They also provided hair extensions which is a plus factor for my hair. I got cute bun hair style which I felt  like a ballerina. I like the last set hair style which is the messy bun.

Full support on the shoot. Iya was just around during the shoot. She take’s care of my overall look and even check out my hair if it is still neat.

Value for money. She a very good find and really value for money. For P2500 almost whole day, her service is really affordable.

She has a potential. Iya is just 25 and she just started her makeup service just recently. I know with her talent she can still go far in her skills

Opportunity Area:

So far, I think she just need mo exposures on weddings and prenups.

Issues Encountered: No issues encountered. Everything went well on the shoot day.

Overall Feedback: Iya is highly recommended and her service is a value for money. Her HMUA service was superb and I felt glam on my bridal boudoir.

My favorite bun look photographed by the daydreamer studios 🙂