Rating: 10/10+

Source: Tipping Point Collective IG feed

Peso Power:  P8,000 no time limit (yet) – for reservation please contact: 09188484999

Side Story: I was looking for a venue for Bridal Boudoir shoot. Our initial concept was, vintage bathtub and with natural light. My problem was, it’s hard to find a vintage bathtub with natural light Most of the hotel and venue are indoor and only with artificial lighting. I asked for my photographer’s comment on every prospective location and it was not within the concept. It will not really look good if we just try to make use of the artificial light. Another constraint was budget. My maximum budget was more or less around P10,000 and possibly within metro manila to lessen the out of town fee of the stylist and photographer. With the combination of budget and prospective natural lighting and vintage bathtub, it is hard to find something that will meet our criteria for our concept. I explored the out of town areas but it will also cost too much.
I just came across on Tipping Point Collective’s post on Instagram. I saw that they were the one who did the styling of Kylie Padilla, daughter of Robin Padilla, maternity shoot and I immediately saw the vintage bathtub. (that’s what I’m looking for!) Since TPC was our stylist in our main prenup, I asked them for the location information and contact person. I asked them more than 3 times until I finally got Ms Betchay Vidanes as a contact. Vidanes is a familiar name and I searched it online. She is a celebrity manager of Kylie and Jasmin Curtis-Smith. I was hesitant to text her at first because maybe, I’m just nobody and not a celebrity. I tried to reached her and told her my interest to rent the place for my bridal boudoir. I was surprised that she accommodates me and she even offer to tour me around the place. I was the first ever bride-to-be who inquired for the place and made the first ocular.
The place is the well-known house of Robin Padilla in West Fairview, I already knew the place since I was a child because I lived nearby the area. The place is now being developed as a new event’s place. The house is big. There are a lot of artsy floors and walls. The tiles and the whole structure seems to be made of art. I saw the vintage bathtub and there is no window meaning no natural light (this breaks my heart for our concept). However, while we were just downstairs checking for the the other part of the house and artsy artsy tiles, I looked at the fountain and I jokingly asked, can I swim in this fountain? The caretaker said that it was actually made like a swimming pool so in short we can swim. The brilliant idea came to my mind – natural light + fountain = concept! boom! I immediately raised the idea to my stylist and photographer and they said they were good with the idea and it will be one of the first concept of bridal boudoir in the fountain. Waaaaah I got really excited with the idea! This is within my budget, within metro manila, natural light and bathtub concept was replaced with fountain then it all came to perfect!

Photos during ocular visit: (insert ocular photos)


Strong Points:

Newly developed events place. First to be seen as event place. A residential house now being developed as events place. The vibe is Spanish-vintage style.

The fountain is the center of attraction. The fountain is really a work art. This is the first thing you’ll noticed once you’ve entered the place. This is like the centerpiece of the house and it is beautifully done. Good thing, this can be used for a shoot and can even take a dip and swim which is something unexpected but totally a great experience.

Within Metro Manila. Though this is from far part of metro manila – Fairview. My parents house was just nearby so I’m familiar with the place

No shooting limit (as of the moment). Yes unlimited shooting time so we can do and shoot as long as we wanted.

The staffs are very friendly and accommodating. I appreciate the help of all the staffs especially Tita Tess. She is the one who assist for the food, electric fan and all our needs. She is always ready to help. Ms Betchay Vidanes, Robin’s manager, was really helpful and accommodating to all of us.

Value for its price. Less than 10k so it is within my budget and we have maximize the whole place and created a lot of concepts for bridal boudoir.

There are a lot of spots for intimate shooting and artsy area. There are a lot of hidden spots which I did not imagine things for shoot that can be possibly done. Thanks to the creative eyes, minds and ideas of our Photographer and Stylist.

Bonus visit of the house owner and his brother – Robin and Rommel Padilla. This is like OMG they are here! Starstruck! They are very nice and accommodating. Robin was thankful for choosing his house as my photoshoot venue and glad to be the first one.

Opportunity Area: 

Since the venue is still a work in progress, the indoor spots are so hot for a photo shoot but Tita Tess ( the house caretaker) provided us electric fan on the spots where we are doing the shoot. During night time,there is still no complete lighting in the facility but for sure once it comes to the finishing stage, it will all be complete. I think the facility will greatly improve once the construction is totally done. 🙂

Issues Encountered: We just had a minor accident while Moki (our stylist) doing some decoration on the fountain. She fell on the unelevated part and dip in the water. Moki just had minor sprain but nothing serious. The staffs were all caring. Even Robin Padilla went back to the place to check if our stylist needs to bring in the hospital. That’s so sweet of them. 🙂

Overall Feedback:

I love the place and will surely recommend for photoshoots. The place may seems under construction but even so, we can still find art and beauty beyond the imperfection. This is a value for money since I don’t have to drive out of town for a shoot location and within my set budget and one of my greatest discovery. This place is not yet overexposed and a breath of fresh air – something new for a prenup location. There are a lot of spots to shoot and really amazing artsy walls and tiles. It feels so good to be the first one to take a glimpse here and this is something worth remembering.


Mariel Rodriguez – Padilla posted my photos on her IG! Felt overwhelm that she appreciates our photo and concepts. 🙂 <3

In Museo De Padilla’s IG. Feels like celebrity like Kylie Padilla 🙂 hehe

Some of the behind the scenes photos

Credits and reviews to follow on the bridal boudoir team:

Photographer: The Daydreamer Studios

Stylist: Moki Gray

HMUA: Makeup by Iya Gueco

Can’t wait for the full set <3