Rating: 8.5/10

Source: P/V Supplier recommendation

Peso Power: P34,000 plus P5,000 for van rental

Side Story:I was supposed not to spend too much for a prenup stylist and was already settled with non mainstream stylist that I booked as early as Sept. 2016. When I joined weddings at work forum, this was again an eye opener to me that there were a lot of stylist options so again my being fickle mindedness striked and started to explore other options.

Along side with checking out another prenup stylist, I’m also thinking of a unique prenup theme which have not yet seen so far plus getting crazy of possible location. As our P/V supplier says, location is the key for a good prenup pictorial. Find a good location where we can do a lot of possibilities. I also consider to have a prenup shoot on a location with breathtaking views like Anawangin, Capones, Bataan, Baler and Ilocos but I realized it will take some time, money and effort like trek, boat, plane etc. so I have weigh my options so I can decide who is the right stylist for our main prenup.

Option 1: Stylist who can provide good set of wardrobe but simple production set up and possible location with good view. Advantage for this, not to bring so much of the props and the highlight is the location as view. Disadvantage, good location travel time is at least 4 hours and some location involves trekking.

Option 2: Stylist who can provide production level set up plus all the wardrobe but consider only nearby locations. The reason for this, we can’t go that far because there are a lot of things to bring. Advantage, location travel time max of 2 hours and the view or backdrop is mainly focus on production set up. Disadvantage, location options is just so-so but prod set up can work on it.

While I keep on researching theme and location  I realized that I wanted a production level kind of prenup shoot. It’s like I want to “career” our main prenup session and I really want it to be unique from anybody else. I was also a bit curious how “bongga” the production set up could be and our P/V supplier drop the supplier name TPC as stylist which they said the forte is a prod set up.

Given the recommendation, I immediately check on TPC’s portfolio and my first impression was “wow” so this is how they really work on a production set up. They are even the one who do the styling for some of the celebrity couples. It seems that their styling out stand from the rest that I’ve seen so far and they really have a lot of stuff being provided. The prenup concepts looks like something they’ve really think of and prepared to be different from one another. I also saw some other couples from weddings at work who got TPC as their stylist and I asked feedback and heard from them that they have delivered extravagant in terms of prenup styling.

Since I’m having a headache to think of the concept and location, in the end I decided to get TPC so they will be the one to think of the concept and location for me. The first time I saw their price, my first reaction was “OMG”, it was really way expensive than the other stylist which I’ve inquired. On the other hand, I thought that I was just a fair price given they will be the one to do the production design set up, they will be the one to think of the prenup concept and will plan for everything. It was like I mainly paid them for their talent and prod design. Even the price was quite high, I just closed my eyes and said to myself that this is just our once in a lifetime chance to feel like a celebrity on prenup and I want to make it a “prenup to remember”. The good thing was they have told me they will participate in the January 2017 Getting Married Bridal fair and they will be giving away 20% discount. With the bridal fair booking, I saved almost P10K off for 2 production set up and free of charge out of town fee.

Since TPC was already a mainstream prenup stylist given they are styling the celebrities, I have high expectation on their output because I want to justify the value of money that I’ve paid for.

Strong Points: 

Very good mood board options provided. We have answered a TPC questionnaire and from there, they will create mood board based on our choices. Hiyas of TPC provided me 8 mood boards to choose from and pegs are all really great. How I wish I can choose all of them but I just have to choose my top 3 and I choose 4. TPC is creating a very good and unique concepts based on the trend of our choices on their questionnaire and concepts are really amazing. I believe this is one of their edge compared to other prenup stylist.

Final Mood boards for our prenup 

Look book was provided. After we have chosen the final mood boards, TPC also provided the type of wardrobe pegs for me and my Fiance and it also looks amazing. I felt excited when I saw the pegs for our wardrobe. 🙂

Production set up is fabulous. I know that I spent too much on this prenup that I’ve chosen the 2 production set up package of TPC. On the actual prenup it seems that I have 3 production set up. The bonus style for us is our boat full of roses and it was really amazing. The main production set ups were all fabulous that they’ve bring their own sofa. We can’t even imagine on how all those props that they brought fit in just one van plus they were 7 heads in total.

*Complete set up to be revealed once the official photos are out by The Daydreamer Studios 🙂

Good choices of wardrobe, accessories and shoes are all provided. We have not bring anything. All things were provided by TPC. From accessories, dresses, footwear and all other props. There is one dress I wore that it was newly purchased from forever 21 and I’ll be the one to first use it. Set of footwear that we used were all nice and even for my Fiance’s footwear also fits to him. The align prenup schedules and pegs were all met. Even it rain during that day, we still manage to continue and executes all the pegs and production set ups with no hassles

Opportunity Area: 

Here are the reasons for my rating deduction weigh to 0.5 on each reasons below. It is only minor issue but something that TPC can still improve as a prenup stylist.

Client readiness and follow through. I believe they should be the one to initiate the prenup planning. I’ve read one review from them that client was the one who’s doing the follow through and yes this is very true. The meeting and planning were all initiated by myself and I even have several follow ups before they can provide it to me. I understand that they have another client not only me but they should manage the planning ahead of time because I, myself do not want to cram later on.

Another instance was during our first meeting, maybe I have a high expectation to them, I was expecting that TPC have read the questionnaire that we have answered and sent to them weeks before the meeting so they can prepare in advance some initial concepts that they can suggest but TPC (Hiyas) have not read or glance on it and seems we were starting to discuss from scratch and just letting me see their previous shoots. I was a little dismay on this part but still manageable and forgivable. It was just my expectation because I myself will not go to a meeting if I’m not prepared what to discuss.

Advance planning and time management. They should manage their time on the preparation. There is one dress that they have tailored for me and they just did it a night before our prenup wherein they could have made to order this earlier because I provided my measurement 2 weeks ahead of time. It seems that the first dress that they let me wore does not tailored properly and the dress has this awful smell.

Location recommendation. The location on their list seems only the common location for prenup shoot. I did not feel the effort of finding something new so I’m still the one who struggle to look and decide for the location. I was expecting they know a lot of location or at least can do some research on my behalf but it did not happened.

Issues Encountered:

Timeline, set ups and all props are achieved. The only issue that I have is the first dress I wore in the first set which does not fit well around my bust and makes me feel a little bit off with the dress and the dress smells not so good maybe because the dress was made a night before or could be the clothe itself.

If you see the BTS photo below from my friend, the dress on the bust portion does not fit well on me.

Other than this dress, no other issues has been encountered.

Overall Feedback:

TPC is very good on creating unique prenup concept, mood board and look book. They have a complete set of wardrobe all the way including shoes. Production set ups are exceeding expectation and they will provide a lot of props. With the kind of prod set up that they have done, it is worth the value of money. I would still recommend TPC as a stylist but I hope they can improve on time management and client follow through.

Price List

This was the rate that I got during bridal fair which is less 20% off and less P3,500 for the makeup because I already have my own HMUA and no OOTF but I have to shoulder the van rental which I paid P5,000. My piece of advice since TPC rate is really high, better to book them during bridal fair for the benefit of discount and minimal reservation fee.