Rating: 10/10

Source: Bridestory Feature Find

Peso Power:  120 USD paid via paypal (IDR coverted to USD)

Side Story: Florencia Halim the owner and designer for Jee Studio was based on Jakarta, Indonesia. While I was just browsing IG, I saw the bridestory feature for the ring box by Jee Studio and I really fell in love with all the designs. I just inquired to her in IG message and she promptly responded. At first, I’m still thinking twice if I will pursue my purchase for the ring box because one, they are based in Indonesia and for sure shipping fee is expensive and second the ring box price itself is is a little bit expensive especially if you’ll put the add ons accessories. I tried to explore other options online and if there available something similar here in Manila but I can’t find. I even thought of doing it by myself but during first quarter of 2017, terrarium was not readily available for purchase. In the end, I decided to purchase even if it is a little bit expensive because I really love the ring box and I already imagine to put our wedding rings there. I even did not get satisfied to get 1 box but I ordered 2 as my coin box.
In addition, I was having a problem in shipping it in the Manila because it was too expensive which was around almost P3000. Good thing, my Fiance’s Indonesia close friend went back to Indonesia for a business trip so we just ship it within Jakarta and his friend will bring this to Manila by August. I got my ring boxes traveled from Indonesia – Japan to Philippines! 🙂

Strong Points:

Easy to deal with. I just contacted Florencia via DM in IG and I have no problem with her in terms of communication. I even shared some stories with her regarding our wedding preparation. The seller is sweet and we even built friendship through our IG  and what’s up conversations. She made sure and promised me to make her best to make my ring boxes beautiful and it is really beautifully hand crafted.
Designs are unique from one another. I don’t know how she does it but even she has created a lot of ring boxes already, there were no ring box of the same design. All of her ring boxes output are made really beautiful and  can’t help to fall in love with the details. I love each and every details or our ring boxes.

Opportunity Area:

To make the price more affordable and cheaper option for international delivery.

Issues Encountered:

No issues encountered in terms of communication and product delivery. My ring boxes traveled from Indonesia to Japan then to Manila but still in good quality.

Overall Feedback:

These ring boxes are nice to have but not value for money but I love my ring boxes. This is my personal choice even not necessary. I don’t regret buying it because I love it.