Just like than and it is six months to go exactly from the time I’m writing this blog post. So what else to we need to do on our next six months before the wedding? My list of suppliers are almost complete and more of digging into the details and some executions.

What else are we still looking for as of the moment:

  1. Wedding Rings – we don’t have a wedding rings yet but we already made a canvassing. Most of the shops can do it maximum of one month so I’m planning to put this in the near end. We will also explore of the option for credit card installment plan to split the payment because rings are also lifetime investment. Currently, I’m eyeing Diamond with Love wedding supplier. I just have to check them during bridal fairs to avail some discounts.
  2. Wedding accessories like cord,bible, matches, candle, unity coins – I’m eyeing creative peppers as suppliers for cord, bible, matches and some other items like Vows booklet, shoe stickers, locket/charm for bouquet for my father’s photo, children activity book. For unity coin, not sure yet on where to get it but it feels a little expensive for around P2,500 above.  
  3. Wedding Favor for Principal Sponsors – I have no idea yet but I’m eyeing winsome box. I want to have a personalized hamper packaging for our principal sponsors. Will also add our personalized  planner which I already asked Papeldelights for the design and my mom will do the prints.
  4. Crew meals – I don’t have supplier yet and I think it is too early.  I’m eyeing Almost Gourmet for breakfast and lunch crew meals and meals for my family and friends. Passion cooks will serve for my suppliers for dinner.
  5. Other Divisoria stuff – I still have to buy some fabric for my bearers and some of my relatives who just need to tailor their dress at the province. I’ll also buy some ribbons and stick for my wands and the bubble gun. I will also look for supplier kits which are tote bag, water, high energy food, emergency medicines.
  6. Groomsmen Gift – I already found gifts for the bride tribe and now to be fair with the guys, I have to find a groomsman hamper. So we are still undecided yet what gift we can offer. It is really hard to think something for the guys that they will appreciate. hahaha Girls are easier to please 😛 (just my opinion hahaha)
  7. Groom’s Shoes – Can be last item. We are considering Godfather shoes from Ian Manila or the London Base shoes at the mall.
  8. Guestbook – still thinking if it is worth it to have a personalized wood falling heart frames because it is a little bit expensive around P5,000 but I find it really cute. Another option that I’m looking is the Instagram inspired photos where I’ll print our prenup photos and let our guests choose a photo where they can put there love notes.

Coming soon for the next 6 months:

  1. Wedding church documents like baptismal and confirmation for marriage purpose
  2. Church Interview
  3. Bridal Boudoir shoot
  4. Wedding license requirements – cenomar and city hall seminar
  5. Pre Cana Seminar
  6. Measurement and fittings for entourage, bridal gown, suits
  7. Coordinator initial discussion
  8. Invitation – hard copy and online invite
  9. Guests List
  10. Caterer detailing
  11. Stylist/Florist detailing
  12. DIY stuff like wands and intasgram inspired photos and other social media banners


Love Story Video. I hope we can still a lot a budget for a love story video. I want to have an interview type of video telling our love story because we are not the usual BF/GF since highschool/college or officemates. I want to have a clear explanation on how we met and how found love to each other. If the budget permits then yes I will do it. Time is not a constraint because I included it in our timeline. Keeping our fingers cross.

Bridal Shower/Stag Party.  Yes I’m expecting this with my dear friends. I know they love us and they will throw a party for us. I’m expecting a stripper! hahaha Let’s have some fun before we tie a knot. Of course fun with limitations. 🙂

Recent proud finds and achievements for wedding preps

Bridal and Entourage Robes. I been thinking of what to give to my ladies and been pondering to have a robe for the whole entourage. I’ve asked so many suppliers and most of them prices P1000 per robe and it will kill me hahaha. I found this cheapest robe option with good packaging but kind of hesitant to book from her because I have no reviews found yet. But then, I found a review which seems she deliver for the robes. Yes I got robes for my whole entourage and moms for only P550 each and with good packaging.

I’ve been also dwelling so much for my robe style and I’m trying to be unique. I tried to fit La Tercera robes but for me the price is unjustifiable. So I kept looking for a lot of options and been fickle minded with the style. Finally, with the same supplier of my entourage robes, she also gave me a bright idea for the robe. Something similar below but I want the longer version. What is unique about it is the inner is a romper which I can make use of it as a romper by itself. 🙂

P3 9 x 14 LED Wall. After a lot of thinking for booking our LED wall, I finally made it during the waw online bridal fair and I got the 10% off discount. I even get the bigger screen which I just plan to get the  9×12. I’m thinking through if I will still get the live feed camera. I’ve tried to create a sample wedding program just to check if I can really make use of it. Now I’m thinking not to get of the live feed because I already have too much to show on my LED screen. 🙂

Honeymoon Trip. We got to book our ticket to Sapporo and started our planning! This excites me more. I even made some hotel reservations. Thanks to agoda for the book now and pay later and free cancellation until Feb 2018! 🙂

Bridesmaid Dresses. Thanks to Weddings at work that I find this dress your bridesmaid launching of new bridesmaid dresses. No output yet and not sure if this will really look great but it’s a good deal. I have 8 bridesmaid and it is really pricey if I want a good quality dresses. Keeping my fingers cross that this bridesmaid deal so good and can deliver. But nevertheless, the available designs suit my peg and it is easier to get the sizes. 🙂

Bride’s Shoes: I already have one high heeled glam shoes and one comfortable flats as back up.

My first wedding shoes is Badgley Mischa peep toe shoes which is part of new collection for this year. This will be my cousin’s wedding gift to me. I decided to get a not so high-end shoes just to have a fab shoes but I’ve been thinking through a lot of wedding shoes choices. Finally, Karson Badgley has already launch. I hope my cousin will get this right away and I’m excited!

Next, since I already have my high heeled shoes, I need to have a backup flat shoes. I just thought of getting a really cheap flat shoes. One of my friend offered that she could request to buy stuff for me from UK so I just checked online and I found this for only 33 Pound. Isn’t nice? Waaaah! My bridal shoes problem is now okay!

The last thing that I have to worry for the next 6 months is to get ready of the wedding payments. Yes it is coming really soon and we have to get ready. We need to even get ready on the buffer fund in case there is a need. I pray to God that everything will go well and even there might be some glitch but hope we can resolve it right away.

I know for almost one year of wedding preparation, I’ve done a lot and research as in really a lot. I’ve changed several suppliers along the way because of easily getting attracted without thinking twice. But so far, I know I got good suppliers that will not let me down. Keeping my fingers cross again, may God bless them to give the best effort for our wedding.

We are getting there! We are so near yet so far. I’m looking forward for a bright start of 2018. Our wedding plus planning of our honeymoon trip made me even more and more excited. I’m getting hold of it. Wedding dreams, please be good to me! 🙂