I’ve mentioned before that there are lot of rules to follow in Mt Carmel in New Manila but despite of those rules, I’m willing to comply because I had this love at first sight on this church. There is just one non negotiable for me. The bride’s most unforgettable moment, the dramatic entrance of closing and opening of door during the bridal march. We, as brides dream of getting married in the church and imagined the bridal march. The door was part of the dramatic entrance where it is slowly opening and seeing the glimpse of the bride. Upon full opening of the door, here comes the slow bridal march full of emotions, the groom can’t hold of his tears while seeing the love of his life coming to him on every step. That is how I envisioned it and that is every bride’s dream. But this bride moment was ruined when I found out the new rule in Mt Carmel that door cannot be closed. It will just be open the whole ceremony. The explanation was, closing doors in liturgical practice means tragedy and since wedding is a holy sacrament of matrimony, the parish wants to practice the right way. But my only question was, why this is not the practice across all the catholic church and seems like inconsistency.  The parish explanation was, it is the discretion of each parish to practice or not the liturgical way. It really breaks my heart to know this kind of policy. After I’ve imagined the once in a lifetime bride moment and now it can’t happen. </3

I’ve contemplated these scene a lot of times. I even think of a lot other ways on how I can have this bridal moment but still I’m not satisfied with the alternative ideas. I already made rants to friends and to wedding at works community where most of us Mt. Carmel bride has the same sentiments. For some brides, they explore to find another church and for some other, they are saying that the church is more significant to them so they will just stick with the rules given this strict policy. So I thought of exploring the option of checking out another church because of this policy. I just thought that it will be hard to find a church with the same slot that we have for Mt. Carmel because it is less than a year already and our date is weekend. And yes I’m right, I called several churches and check the slots for wedding and all of them said they only have the morning slot. I don’t want to change our timeline to earlier because it will be very hard hard for us to wake up so early. I’m starting to condition myself to accept this church rule but I felt like I’ll not feel so good once I walked down the aisle. It made me felt depressed for a moment when I thought of the idea.

While I was on my first on on my new job, I thought of this one church we have visited before which my fiance liked because of it’s simplicity. I thought of Mary the Queen Parish in San Juan. I’ve tried my luck to check for the schedule and upon calling, 3:30PM slot is available. It sounds music to my ears! Hoooray! Now we have an option to change a church with the same time slot and proximate to our reception which is just 1 kilometer away. I told this good news to my fiance and I told him we should visit right away on the coming weekend. Since we are already considering to change the church, I’ve tried to do a comparison of the cost and the rules and regulation.

When we went to Mary the Queen, I immediately inquired for the church rules and regulations. Here’s my key take away with the rules:

  1. Wedding rites is strictly 1 hour and 15 mins only. In excess, it will be 300 charge per minute.
  2. Maximum of 8 pairs for principal sponsors
  3. Bring your own choir – Yay!
  4. Basic flower set up. Outside florist for flower upgrade is allowed – another yay!
  5. No issue on closing and opening of doors – yay yay yay!
  6. Flower girls must be 4 years old above
  7. Personal vow is allowed <3 – super yay!
  8. Air conditioned option is plus P15,000
  9. Church fee is P15,000
  10. Extra microphone for rent is P500 per mic

So far that’s what I remember. The door and the personal vows, those are the things that broke my heart in the Mt Carmel policy but here in MTQ this is possible! My wedding dream are now all coming back to me. My Fiance like this church so much because of it’s simplicity and he told me he is willing to marry in any other church and it doesn’t matter. That so sweet of him! 🙂

Now, I’m trying to feel the church again. One thing that makes me like Mt Carmel is the long aisle but this Mary the Queen church has a very refreshing feeling. Even not as long aisle as Mt Carmel, I feel happy maybe because all the things I imagined can still happen. I just learn to love what is better rather than sticking to something that doesn’t not make me feel good. All I want is to feel happy and in love on my wedding. The most important is I and my husband-to-be will marry in the church and will receive God’s blessing. I feel blessed because God still gave me a chance to make things happen for me and it is more than enough.

Here are some of the snaps of the church. I took a lot of photos to appreciate every little details. 🙂 It feels so light, fresh and new just like what I wanted for out married life to be.

Another blessing, Mt Carmel allowed us to refund our deposit of P10,000 so choosing another church will also save us some money. I’m still thinking of the option to make it air conditioned as my mom requested it. We will just decide later on. Overall, even we have change from our first choice of church, I feel better and happier. God has his own way to make things better. 🙂