Our second prenup shoot was with our main photo and video supplier, The Daydreamer Studios and Paradox Films. Since I started planning our wedding, I’m dreaming of a one of kind prenup set. I kept thinking of a concept which was something not usually done and something that can bring out our natural self and portray our love for each other. The struggle was real! It was hard to think of a new concept because every time I thought of something, somebody has already done the concept. I kept on brainstorming with my P/V supplier so I can get their thoughts and suggestion. The key message that I got from them – location is the key!

Now the next struggle, where is the best location and what are the things to consider. I have inquired a lot of possible prenup locations and I always ask feedback from our P/V supplier if that could be a possible good or not so good location. I tell you, my P/V supplier is a bit picky when it comes to location. They would always wanted a place where they can do a lot of possibilities. They were telling me if the location was too common, place was just small or place was too far. I like that they were giving me honest feedback but this also gave me a pressure to find a perfect location. The first location that they highly suggest was Ilocos because of the superb view and the sand dunes. I’ve tried to consider it but when I plotted the expenses, it was way too high for us so then I just scrapped the idea no matter how I love it. Maybe I can just have Ilocos shoot on our post-nup pictorials. Oh I really love pictorials obviously and I become so passionate on creative idea to make it one-of-a-kind. 

Here were the things I’ve considered in finding a good prenup location:

  1. Distance from Metro Manila
  2. Mode of transportation
  3. What are the possible pegs and spots we can use for the shoot
  4. How much it will cost if I bring my suppliers – this is my deal breaker! haha
  5. Prenup theme, what do I want for our shoot and what do I want to achieve. Check a location based on the peg scenery.

When I felt tired trying to find a good spot for our prenup location, that was the time I thought of hiring one of the best prenup stylist known for production design which is the Tipping Point Collective. My objective why I got them was to let them search a good location for me and do all the planning. I want them to create a unique concept for our prenup. But in search for location, it seems that they were just only suggesting me the common locations which I honestly not the type of spots that I’m looking for so again, I took charge of finding the right place.

And here’s my shortlisted locations that I’ve considered.

  1. Easy Adventure, Baler – It’s a beach with wide area to shoot. There are glamping, beach, woods and buggy or combi for rent. 5 hours drive from Metro Manila
  2. Stilts Calatagan – wide beach area, farm  type like el kabayo, atv option. 3 hours drive from Metro Manila
  3. Clearwater Clark Pampanga – wide green and trees, lake with boat, wood lakehouse. 2 hours drive from Metro Manila

And to be able to check the feasibility for each location, I did a costing and logistic plan from each options. I took out Baler because it is a 5 hours drive and for sure it will be better if we spend overnight. If we push Baler, it will be super expensive for us because we will have to pay 2 days out of town fee. This led me to option 2 which was Stilts, Calatagan. I was about to settle for this location until I heard and saw the idea in Porac, Pampanga.

So what’s in Porac? Lahar area and 4×4 ride. I’m swooning in the idea of 4×4 ride which the perfect location for it was Sand Dunes in Ilocos but then again, it’s too expensive for my suppliers. Then here it comes Porac, Pampanga option. I just came across on Indie Hippie’s post of 4×4 ride with a grassy background and asked my friend where was that location and then she gave me the bride and breakfast link where the shoot was featured. I immediately stalk the suppliers to find out more details and here’s the key to my discovery. I saw in the B&B feature that video supplier was summer triangle films so I quickly browse their FB page to check out for more details. I saw one of her brides named Charisse and randomly message her on Facebook. Good thing she replied and gave me all the details that I need and even gave me some tips. I’m giving her all the credits for her help. 🙂 She is really nice and eventually we became friends on Facebook.

Since I already got an idea of the location and 4×4 ride supplier, I’ve considered Clearwater resort at Clark, Pampanga as our prenup location because Porac and Clark is just 30 minutes away and  proximity wise, we can do a 2 location shoot.

For our first location, why did I chose Clearwater Resort in Clark, Pampanga? Clearwater was my random search on google and what I like about it was the wooden boat in the man-made lake. I love the lakehouse concept and the wide green scenery. I was also able to visit clearwater resort last January with our family outing and it really look good on the pictures. My best peg that I envision in this place was the wooden boat in the lake because it feels so romantic like the concept of “The Notebook” movie. 🙂

Another consideration that I thought was the prep area. If we will only have one location which was Lahar, I will still find a hotel where we can do the makeup. Since Clearwater was just near the lahar area, instead of getting a prep room, better to do it in Clearwater where we can also use the facility for the shoot.

Peg photo only not mine

And now my location problem was already solve and I have a perfect combination of 2 locations planned. I asked TPC to create a concept for us based on the location that I’ve chosen. TPC gave me 8 options to choose from. Out of 8, we had 4 final concept boards for our prenup. I cast votes from my Photo, Video, HMUA, Fiance, Best Man and Man of honor for the mood boards and here were the common choices that I got and made it as our final sets.

I got excited with these combination of mood boards! I’m so in love with the concepts they presented me. I believe each concepts were different from one another and they were not even connected but I really really love it. I just let Tipping Point Collective to plan for all the props and dresses and the next thing I focused was the logistics and itinerary.

And here’s the detailed itinerary that we had.

And the schedule was sincerely followed. It really helps that I get to aligned all the plans with my supplier for this prenup shoot and everything falls right into places.

One thing that was beyond my control is the weather. There was a rain forecast during the day of our shoot. I just prayed that hopefully we can execute the shoot well for that day. Good thing the rain poured during the 3rd layout which was lacey ties which was set up indoor. In the afternoon, it was still drizzling but tolerable and we still push through on the second location going to the lahar area.

Here are some tips to consider on having a shoot in Porac Lahar area.

  1. Do a head count of your suppliers – Photo, Video, Stylist and HMUA. In our case, our headcount is 12.
  2. One 4×4 ride  can only have a maximum capacity of 5 person including the driver. In our case, we rented 3 rides.
  3. Since this is lahar area, only 4×4 ride can pass the trail. If you have your own 4×4 ride theb much better.
  4. Travel time from Clark to the Lahar area is around 30 mins
  5. Plan for your wardrobe. There is no changing area in the middle of lahar. In our case, since this is our last set, I only have 1 outfit. Our props was brought by our stylist which were pretty minimal.
  6. Be specific with the 4 x 4 jeep that you want to rent. I specifically requested for the 2 door jeep with no roof.
  7. Prepare to be ragged and dirty. This is lahar area so expect dust. During our time, it was raining so it feels muddy.
  8. Bring extra clothes and slippers.
  9. Bring your own food and water. Since you are in the middle of lahar, there is nothing to be found but lahar..
  10. Enjoy and feel the scenery.

Our last set which was called Safari Gest in TPC’s mood board was set in lahar area. I love the idea of 4×4 ride and this was something that I and my fiance will surely enjoy and I did not get wrong. We love this set! This was where we run, go in circle and splashed in 4×4 ride. It was really fun and free spirit feeling. Our photos turned out to be perfect because we are just candid and happy.

Our photos was captured perfectly by The Daydreamer Studios and this says all the happy feeling. 🙂

PS: For our save the date, I did not prepare a storyline or anything. I just let paradox films take a video shots and they will be the one to do the magic. The keyword for our save the date video is “sexy”. hahahaha That was the only thing I requested. I just trust paradox films on their masterpiece. 🙂

To share my happiness, here are our list of suppliers. All reviews will be posted soon. 🙂

  • The Daydreamer Studios – Photo
  • Paradox Films – Save the Date Video
  • Toni Aviles – HMUA
  • Tipping Point Collective – Production Set and Clothes

Location 1: Clearwater Country Club and Resort Clark Pampanga – Michelle Laureano 09369864556

Location 2: Porac Pampanga 4×4 Ride  by Club Overland Popei Castro 09162193300 – 1 4X4 ride P3,500 good for 4 hours and P1,000 per hour in excess.

Set 1-3 photos will be shared soon and more photos to come! 🙂