Since I started our wedding planning and I thought of what our prenup would be, I’m settled with the idea of getting a prenup stylist. Why? Because I do not have DIY powers as in no talent. My talent is to find someone who will do it for me. Hahaha

But for the others who are thinking whether to get or not to get, here are my points of consideration.

  1. Decide on your prenup theme. What do you want for prenup? Do you like to have some set ups like teepee, picnic, kombi? Do you like to consider theme, editorial,travel, adventure, laid back? Pinterest is the key for the initial ideas.
  2. What are the type of clothes you wish to wear based on the prenup theme? Are those clothes already available on your closet or you have an idea where you can buy it or someone can make it for you?
  3. Think of the initial location. Do you highly prioritize to have a very good location with a breathtaking view?
  4. Your initial budget for prenup. How much are you willing to spend for the whole prenup session? Consider the photo and video out of town fee, hair and makeup, location, food and logistics. Do you still have extra for prenup stylist?

I think those are the top things to consider if you want to hire a prenup stylist because this is additional cost vs. convenience that somebody will take care of all the things that you need for prenup. It is also better that we have initial idea on what we want for our prenup so that we can also match the right stylist.

For me, I choose the convenience of having a prenup stylist because I want to look good on my photos and to lessen the things that I need to think of. At least lessen the things that I will bring too. On the prenup day, the only thing that I will think of is how are we going to project in the camera to make our photos really good.

Here are the list of prenup stylist that I’ve considered. The price was as of 4th quarter year 2016 and there might be some price increase currently.

  1. Flourish and Frills – I discovered them because I eyed Fourteen Four cafe for prenup location and they were giving 20% on styling if the prenup location will be held there.
  2. Indie Hippie – One of the top stylist which I’ve read in some website. They were also known HMUA which is the Glow by Gerly.
  3. Wanderlust Production – Eyed them because I saw one production set up that they did in Clearwater Pampanga and I’m swooning. I love their set up. They were usually partnered with 12 Masters Photography.

My Stylist choices are:

  1. Styling by Yvonne Camay – Very very popular in W@W. She is wawies favorite prenup stylist because the dresses that she provides are really amazing. Her assistance is like a tender loving care of a mom. I got to booked her but I haven’t plan yet on what shoot I will connect with Ms. Yvonne. Maybe during our postnup shoot. I’d would love to have chance to experience Ms. Yvonne’s long dresses. 🙂
  2. Styling by Melenge – They are my first stylist discovery. I love their teepee set ups and price is very affordable compare to all the stylist I’ve checked. I had styling by melange on my first prenup with HappyOne Photo.
  3. Moki Gray – She has a different genre of styling where she will let you feel the old world. Rustic is her forte. We will soon have a shoot and she’ll style for my Boudoir Photoshoot.  
  4. Tipping Point Collective – I choose TPC over Wanderlust because I believe it TPC’s forte is production set up and I was really eyeing to have a good production set up for our prenup. The below rate has 20% off because of their promo during bridal fair.

Happy prenup stylist hunting! 🙂