Do we have or usually give save the date cards? Not necessary but if we have time why not?

I have ample time for my wedding preparation and I’m making most out of it. We’ve decided to give out save the date cards a year before our wedding. Our reason is that, we want to have a personal touch with our friends and principal sponsors who will be the member of our entourage. As much as we want, we want to visit them all one by one and give out our initial save the date and “will you be my” cards to let them feel the love. πŸ™‚

How do we come up with our save the date invite?

Here’s the peg for the design of our save the date and will you be card which I tapped Cath of Papeldelights to do it for us. Our wedding theme is Rustic Garden so the design should be somehow in line with the theme.

The elements were florals, string lights, wood and leaves.

And here’s the actual design by Cath which is pretty similar with my peg and elements of rustic and color were all incorporated.

Save the Date and Will you be

Β Β 

I’m lucky enough that my mom is into printing business so I have no problem in producing my invites.

The next is our envelope and how are we going to do the packaging of our initial invite.

For envelope, we have used a kraft paper and it was done in my moms print shop because they know how to fold and make it as envelope.

When I received the envelopes and printed copies, I started to sort it out and do experiments on the ribbons or lace or whatever DIY I can do. I have no DIY talent at all so I can’t create of something creative.

Here’s the sample of my awkward creativeness. Sorry for being trying hard copycat from pinterest. hahaha

While I kept on thinking how to make it presentable, I came across with this thing called wax stamp and became interested. The concept of wax stamp is you will melt a wax then apply the stamp. This will seal the envelope and will be like the old school type of seal like the one we saw in the movie of Harry Potter. Okay, I will order a wax stamp seal.

I got it from Iseal Wax stamp which I just saw at weddings at work group. Good thing there was a W@W online bridal fair last January 2017 where I got more wax stick than the usual. The price of the wax stamp package is P2,300 which includes the wax stamp, 8 wax sticks and 1 petite melting spoon. On a normal package, only 4 wax sticks were included and each sticks cost around P80. Β The customized wax stamp will take 10-15 working days then buyer will also shoulder the shipping fee.

I provided our initial monogram logo made by Sam Tadeos.

Here’s the wax stamp output. I got excited with this!

The next thing I did for our initial invite is the calligraphy. I met Marj Liwag of Little Ms. Printer in the ready to marry seminar which I and my Fiance had attended last Oct 2016 and she was the calligrapher from that event. She offered us 50% on her service of calligraphy for invitation so I paid P7.50 per envelope.

So our invite now looks more presentable with a good name hand writing. πŸ™‚

After I received the wax stamp seal package, I have to do it on my own and it was really an effort. I’ve done it manually. I used a candle, the melting spoon and literally melt the wax stick on the small spoon. After I had my first stamp, I got amazed on how it looks and it is really nice. I also added some ribbon on our envelope just to make it look nicer.

Here is our final packaging of our invite. Yes, my first time of stamping were not perfect but I got to improve it later on. πŸ™‚

And I discover later that the wax stick melting can be done using the glue gun. Hahaha So I will use that on our main invite. πŸ™‚

When I started to give out our initial invites to our friends, I got amazed that they love it and they feel special for the effort to meet them and give it one by one. We had quick catch up for the wedding preps. As they opened the invite, I can see it in their eyes that they were really pleasured to be part of our wedding. It is such a fulfillment to at least really make them feel VIP as part of wedding entourage and we made them feel the value of friendship through the years.

Here are the save the date invites that we’ve captured. To make the more memorable, we took pictures of our friends and principal sponsors whom we have visited and gave out our invites. For some of foreigners and OFW friends, we opt to send it via mail and asked them to take a photo.

I’m delightful to see them happy to be part of our wedding! πŸ™‚

Β  Β 

We are actually not yet done with all the distribution to all our principal sponsors and some of the entourage overseas because it really takes time and effort 1 by 1. Overall, we are having fun with our distribution plus a little chit chats with friends. πŸ™‚

And this is how we do our save the date invites. πŸ™‚