Rating: 10+/10 (For Prenup Session only)

Source: Friend’s recommendation since 2014

Peso Power: P10,000 plus 1,000 OOTF if transportation is provided

Side Story: I already know Toni Aviles way back 2013 when my close friend started to plan her wedding. I saw how Toni’s work and my friend was 100% satisfied by Toni’s make-up that’s why she highly recommended to me. Since I started to plan my wedding, I did not search for any other HMUA any more and I just stick with Toni Aviles. My first inquiry was around October 2016 and they were not even accepting 2018 clients that time but I begged her to please pencil book me at least because she was really my priority given my wedding date is a hot date.
For our prenup, I’m thinking twice if I’ll get Toni because her price is a bit expensive compared to others. I was thinking to get cheaper HMUA supplier on prenup but my friend convinced me that Toni as HMUA is worth the money so I just stick to her.

Strong Points:

Airbrush and set of makeup are good quality. Toni’s make-up set are complete and high end. I’m not really good on makeups but I can see that all her products used are all good quality. Toni put something on my face (I forget it) that will lessen the oil and my airbrush makeup really stick to my face and made my face fresh all day. If I compare my makeup with the first HMUA I had on my first prenup, the makeup was really far behind in terms of quality. During the shoot, there was this feeling that I’m sweating and I felt like my face was already haggard and oily but when I saw it during retouch my makeup were still intact and still look fresh. We even had a shoot while it was drizzling and my makeup was still on until the end of the day. My Fiance was also satisfied on Toni’s makeup to him. He was also applied for the face not to make it too oily. Even my friend commends Toni’s makeup to me and he said it’s perfect. 🙂

Toni while doing my make-up 🙂

Our first fresh look.


Unlimited retouch and full assistance during the shoot with tender loving care. I love Toni and her team’s assistance to us during the shoot. She was not just concern with our makeup but she was also concern to us that we felt that she cares. Toni even gave my Fiance a small electric fan so that he will not sweat while waiting. 🙂

Provide hair extension. My hair has a fine strands and thin so I badly need it. Good thing Toni provides hair extension that made my hair really looked good and first time to see it with volume. I feel good and pretty with my hair with volume. I told her that it is the first time my hair was with volume. hahaha

Free beauty tips during the makeup session. Yes the feedback was true that while in the process of makeup, Toni has a lot of beauty tips. She never runs out of piece of beauty advice which are really helpful.

2 out of 4 looks. See I have no pores! OMG 🙂 🙂 🙂 This is why I love Toni!

There is one set that Toni do the retouch to me and to my surprise I felt look like Arci Munoz maybe because of the lipstick and the over all look that Toni did to me. This was something unexpected and I really feel so pretty that day.

I love Toni’s style on makeup which is not a total transformation but a makeup of your best beautiful self. The makeup feels light, fresh and beautiful. I can’t wait for my makeup look for my wedding. Toni is a very good discovery that I don’t have to make an effort to do several trial makeups.

Opportunity Area: Nothing that I can think of as of the moment. Toni is perfect and very professional.

Issues Encountered: No issues encountered. Everything went well on the shoot day.

Overall Feedback: Toni is super duper highly recommended. One of my favorite wedding supplier. The quality of her make up is superb and 100% assistance  during the prenup shoot with unlimited retouch and change of looks. I can say that Toni is really worth every penny.

Price list:

P7,000 (Makeup Artist – Grace Trias)
P10,000 (Makeup Artist – Toni Aviles)
    – make-up for the couple
    – unlimited sets for hair and make-up
    – with retouch on location
    – for out of town shoot (Out of town rates applies) | (Pick-up – Drop off at Tiendesitas)
Thanks to my dear man of honor for taking the behind the scenes photo. 🙂