This one of the major wedding suppliers these days because of the outburst effect of social media. We share most of our photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or elsewhere we can post it. We share it because we want our friends to see it and we want to share something beautiful or picture perfect Pinterest like.

On the wedding preparation, one of our non negotiable is the photo and video. We tend to invest a lot in here because this will create the memory up until we grow old. But the question is, is it right to splurge too much on Photo and Video? Well on my point of view, this is not my number one priority but one of the priorities. I’m willing to splurge a little bit but not too much like getting the known and mainstream photo and video supplier.

My point of view is, the Photo and Video is something that I can go in the middle meaning willing to splurge but not so much of splurging. One thing that I looked for a photo and video supplier are those who are not yet  mainstream but those with high potential to be one and can boost their creativity. A P/V supplier who has fair treatment even we are non celebrity client and willing to listen on what we want to achieve. Click factor is a must! Since I have time to choose for my photographer and videographer, we take time to meet them to feel if the chemistry and relationship will blossom. I call it the “click factor”.

Admittedly, I was a bit fickle minded  on choosing my P/V supplier. I guess I was excited to close a deal and it feels like this is it and later on realized that I wanted something else or looking for something els. I wish I take time to think through it than wasting my nonrefundable deposit. Lesson learned for me. 🙂 It is really important from that start that you know what you are looking for and that should be the first basis and price is only secondary.

The first photo and video supplier that I’ve booked was A&A photography. I was pretty amazed with the high contrast photo and colorful style of A&A. When I got their price list, this is within my set budget which includes photo, video, prenup and save the date which I think a good deal. I’ve requested to meet them and it was a pleasant meeting. I was already decided to get them so I immediately paid a downpayment.

 A&A Photography


                                                                                                                             P 100,000.00
Photo Video
3 Photographers 3 Videographers
Full Photo Coverage Full Video coverage
High Resolution Photos Same Day Edit
Onsite Wedding AVP Full Wedding highlights Video
Prenup Photo session Aerial Video
40 Pages 11 X 14 Coffee Table Save the Date Video/Prenup Video
40 Pages 5X7 Mini album (2 Pcs)
20 Pages 8X10 Prenup album
DVD and USB in A&A package
AVP of Prenup / Growing up photos
Framed Blow up Portrait
50 Pcs 4R Prints

I was completely okay with my booking with A&A until my options got widen when I joined weddings at work. I discovered a lot of things in this group and I was pretty tempted every time I browse photos and seeing other photo and video supplier which are much cheaper with almost of the same quality the mainstream. I’m drooling. From that time, I realized I’m looking for something else for our photo and video supplier so I started to explore again. I know my downpayment will be forfeited but I really can’t help it but to still explore another option. I realized later on the A&A photography video is not my type which is just linear type of video. I’m looking for some creativity which let me excites of the output. I just later on felt that the first one I booked is just having the same style every wedding. I missed this kind of critic so I’m taking the downpayment on my account. I need to explore further so I’ll get the feeling of satisfaction.

Here are the P/V suppliers that we have considered.

Our top 3 Photo Supplier:


For better comparison, I compared the inclusions and the prices to easily see which package is worth the money. I also tried to meet them one by one to feel the connection.

Fine and Dainty


GJ Esguerra


The Daydreamer Studios

I had a chance to meet all the 3 photographers that I’ve been eyeing for. And these top 3 has almost the same output but they have a different styles of taking photo. I’m not particular of what style I’m looking for so my deal breaker aside from the price is the click factor.

And the winner choice for us is: Debris of The Daydreamer Studios. Here are our reasons why we choose our Photo supplier.

  1. I find Deb’s package as value for money. I have a free boudoir session and postnup session.
  2. Her output is like a painting which seems pretty unique. Most of the photos that I’m seeing are bright and colorful but Deb’s output is a fine art.
  3. There is a click factor. During our first meeting, we spent almost 6 hours in the coffee shop just taking and brainstorming. Aside from our meeting, we also have some midnight exchange of messages on FB that made me feel comfortable with her.
  4. I can feel and see that Deb is high potential. After my booking with her, she has a lot of features in different wedding blogs and wedding websites.
  5. Deb came from another mainstream photo supplier who are Myio Okamoto and Ice box imaging so more or less since she work with these people, working style is sure to be very professional.
  6. Deb is a woman and it will not be awkward for a boudoir session. Since her team composed of women, photos looks feminine and emotional.

Since I got The Daydreamer studios as our photo supplier, even I get to see other beautiful works of other photographer, I’m confident that I got the daydreamer studios that I don’t think twice any more. I even feel excited every time she is posting something new. I feel that all her photos are unique and she have the consistency of fine art style. I love the works of Deb of the daydreamer studios and this gives me an excitement for our prenups and wedding photos.

The next is video supplier. This is also something difficult because good videographers are really expensive. One thing that I’m looking for is I don’t like the usual linear wedding video like the groom will get his shoes then put his bow tie etc. I’m also looking for some creativity on how the supplier can make each every wedding unique from one another. I believe that every wedding has its unique story so I should feel it on the sample videos. Yes it’s hard to tell how but after I’ve watched several videos, then I can tell and feel it.  The hardest part for choosing the videographer is we have to watch a lot of videos, like really a lot that I even memorized the sequence for some. hahaha This was really the most difficult which needs more time since you have to watch from time to time.

Our top Video Supplier:

Here are our list of  videographer supplier that we eyed for.

Same thing with our concept with photo, we want some creativity who can make each wedding stories unique, good quality video output, cinematic and not the usual linear type of video.

And our videographer choice is: Aris of Paradox Films. Same with our chosen photo, below are our reasons why we choose Paradox films.

  1. Creativity. The sample video output really make us feel that every video/weddings are unique. It really feels different every time I watch his videos. The video output is not the usual type that I watch.
  2. The cinematic feel. I feel like in a different world whenever I watch his videos that is goosebumps.
  3. Paradox film has just started and comparing with the other known videographer, the price is a value for money. I’m lucky enough to get them while they just started because we got the introductory price.
  4. High potential. Aris came from the mainstream videographer supplier cinemaworks and if I compare the video output, it is almost similar but Aris has his own signature style.
  5. Good tandem with daydreamer studios. Aris and Deb already work each other and I can see that work well together.

Here’s one of the editorial video that Daydreamer Studios and Paradox worked together. It feels so amazing! This also got featured at Bride and Breakfast. 🙂

After I found the one for our Photo and Video supplier, I felt happy, confident and satisfied. My heart calm down to always find of much better option for P/V supplier. The key thing here is to take time to get know your P/V supplier. Choosing the P/V supplier is something that we should not rush on booking. I learned that I should know what I’m looking for and should take time to get to know them to establish the rapport and build into friends.

Happy preps! 🙂