Rating: 10/10

Source: W@W Auction

Peso Power: Confidential – I just won on w@w bidding

Side Story: JR Sebastian was my W@W auction discovery. I just newly joined waw around Oct 2016 and I just got to know that there will be an auction by Nov 2016. Out of curiosity on how this auction bidding goes, I keep on track on the updates and joined during the auction period. I did not bid for the high value suppliers because for me this was just a trial. From there I saw HappyOne in the supplier list and just tried to bid. To my surprise in the end I won a bid for a prenup session, I felt delightful that we can have a second session of prenup photo session. I pm JR Sebastian right away and he seems approachable and friendly. From then on, I consistently contact him via FB messenger to brainstorm for our prenup concepts. I also met him twice during bridal fair and that was also the I time I talked to him personally.

Photo below was taken during Themes and Motif Bridal Fair. 🙂

Strong Points:

No hassles and easy to deal with. JR is very approachable and easy to deal with no single hassle. When I got to tell him what I wanted for our prenup pictorial, he took note of it and even gave more suggestions. I even shared to him prenup dresses that I will wear and he was happy that I’m aligning with him all the details of the prenup including the wardrobe. I did not find any difficulty to contact him every time I have a random questions or favor.

No limitations. Normally for a prenup session, the photographers has a limit when it comes on how may sets (usually 3 sets) and maximum of 4 hours shooting time. I told JR I have five pegs.  For me I was not expecting he would agree with these 5 sets, I just ready a back up set in case some were not workable due to some instance. To my surprise, he was just fine to have my 5 pegs. He said no time limit even we shoot for the whole day. I was really really happy and overwhelm when he made my 5 set Pinterest mood board into a reality. For me this is really exceptional.

Passionate. His service was actually just free since the payment I made goes to the waw auction. But with the effort that he gave for this shoot was more than a value of his normal photo service so I really appreciate all his works. He has no single rant or demand during the shooting day even we are in the middle of a hot sunny day. He made us easily feel comfortable with the camera. He doesn’t stop to shoot even it was already dark until he got satis.fied with the photo
Output was superb. I really didn’t expect a fabulous output. JR knows my effort to lay down all the details for this shoot and he promised me to give us a beautiful photos in return. And yes the promised was granted. We enjoyed the whole set of photos and felt fulfilling afterwards. The best thing we felt after that day was we had fun with the shoot.

Here are some of my favorite photos. Full set will be posted in our photos section. 🙂

Opportunity Area:

Needs more exposures as a wedding photographer and a wedding blog features.

Issues Encountered:

No issues encountered. Everything went well according to the plan.

Overall Feedback:

Photo outputs are exceeding expectation. Even JR is not a mainstream photographer, you’ll see his passion on his job. He is full effort to achieve the photo inspiration. No time limit for the shooting, no OOTF yet provided you’ll have the means of transportation for him. Overall, I highly recommend JR Sebastian of HappyOne photo.

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