Since I met Mak Tumang for wedding gown consultation and design and he told me better to have a 26 waistline, from then on it became my part of my goal. I always look at my wedding gown design and bearing in mind how much it cost (hahaha) and because of that, it inspires me to really fit and look good when I actually wear it my dream wedding dress. One more thing that inspires me, I will also have a boudoir photo shoot so my body should be ready with this kind of sexy shoot wearing lingerie. I just thought that this will be once in a lifetime thing and once I have a baby, I can never go back with this body so better to remember how it was before.

First step to achieve what we want for our body is find a motivation and inspiration. Why do we have to do this?

Since I have this inspiration which became my #waistgoal, I’m thinking on how can I achieve it? I know I still have a lot of time to prepare but I want to start it as early as December to condition my body and  get use of the routines. This is also my way to keep fit and healthy.

Second step is to do some exercise.

It has been a while since I did some exercise routines. I’m just doing occasional jogs when I feel like doing it so it is not really effective. So to start of my exercise routine, I bought a yoga mat and sports bra. I’m just planning to do it home in the morning so I don’t have to spend money to enroll at a gym and hire a personal trainer. The exercise that I started is doing the 6 minutes planking then later on I followed the 15 minutes routine for lower abs.

How to easily get tight abs

All you need for beautiful belly is two minutes a day and the will to continue. ✊

Posted by Bright Side on Friday, November 18, 2016

A 15 Minutes Flat Belly Workout (No Weights Required)

I just followed fitness for ladies on Facebook for more exercise routines –>

Another good thing that happened, the in-house gym from our office opened so since this is free for employees, I grab this benefit. I always join on Tuesdays Kickboxing and Thursdays Pilates and it became part of my routines as well. And usually nobody attends the class so I have a solo participation that sometimes the trainer is giving me a personalized training.

3rd step since exercise is not enough, I should incorporate proper diet.

What are the things on my usual unhealthy eating habit should I give up? For me the next big thing is SODA. I’m a soda lover. It seems food doesn’t feel good if I don’t have soda as my drink. Whenever I feel so stress, I drink sodaEven this is hard for me I have to let soda be out of my unhealthy diet.

Other thing that I’ve given up is rice. I change from white rice to brown rice and I usually eat half cup or less for lunch and dinner.

To keep myself dehydrated, I also follow the Lemon + Mint + Cucumber + Ginger. This recipe is one step for flattening the stomach.

Ginger, Cucumber, and Mint Lemonade for a Flat Stomach

And the ultimate diet that I followed, I availed planned meals from Doctor Diet. This is to control my food consumption and just to eat the right amount of food and the right nutrition as well. I saw from my friend’s post regarding the Doctor Diet planned meals and I started following on Facebook. I consulted Ms. Fia, the licensed dietitian and owner of Doctor Diet, and she asked me regarding my current stats and what is my goal. I told Ms. Fia what is my goal and she advised me to take 1500 calories a day.

The price of the planned meals is P350 per day minimum of one week order. This is composed of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 2 snacks and this will be delivered at the office or residence. I believe this is a reasonable price since when we eat in the restaurants, P350 is just a price of one meal.


Contact Number: 09335463376

My planned meals was set for 1500 calories a day and here’s the sample package and set of food that I got for a day.

Sample menu for 1 week.

I availed Doctor Diet planned meals around last week of January 2017 and in less than 3 months, I can see and feel a good result. I can really see the difference of the before photo taken September 2016 vs after photo taken March 2017. I fitted a Francis Libiran wedding gown both small size serpentina. The difference is on the body structure, the waist and the arms. I’m so happy! I even shared this with Ms. Fia and she was delighted with the changes that she even posted this on her FB page.

The key thing on our diet is, do not overeat. Just eat the right amount of food for our body. 🙂

I also asked my fiance to avail the planned meals. Even he doesn’t have done much of exercise, he is somehow losing weights specially on his tummy. 🙂

Summary of my diet plan:

  1. No Sodas
  2. Less rice – half cup of rice and brown rice
  3. Drink a lot of water at least 6-8 glasses everyday. Mint + Cucumber + Lemon + ginger recipe to flat the tummy
  4. 1500 Calories planned meals from Doctor Diet. Eat every 2 hours  interval including snacks.

4th and last step to achieve my ultimate waist goal is the waist trainer.

I just came across with my Makeup artist page and I saw that she has 24 waistline so I just randomly asked her what’s the secret and she told me the waist trainer.

I have no idea for the waist trainer so I started searching on it.  I just came across with this website – Slimming Corset PH and I found 2 kinds of slimming corsets.–>

  1. Latex Corset – used for gym or during exercise/training which I think much more tighter. The price is around P4,500.
  2. Poly Spandex – this is for comfortable everyday use to improve posture and to see the progress of waistline. The price is around P2,500.

Since I’m not sure with what is the right size for me, I just opt to buy in the department store so I can fit which size which I think I can comfortably breath . My first waist trainer was bought from department store and the brand name is Wacoal for only P1200. I choose the large size which is for 28-26 waistline. I started on the first hook then later after two weeks when I feel comfortable, I adjust it to 2nd hook and 3rd hook. I wear this waist trainer for at least four hours a day. It helps to have a good fit on my dress and I can feel my waist improvement every week.

After one month, I already buy 1 smaller size of waist trainer which fits to 26 – 24 waistline. 🙂

Progress photo from December 2016 to February 2017. Yes, I can see a big progress. 🙂

After almost 100 days or 3 month of the above routines, I got my ultimate waistline goal of 26 inches! Just in time for my wedding gown measurement with Mak Tumang. When he took my measurements, he was surprise that I lose weight and my waistline improved. Even her mom Mrs. February Tumang noticed that I slim down. Thanks to my ultimate inspiration. 🙂

Another good thing is, I can also fit on some dresses of Mak Tumang and I can borrow it for prenup photo shoot for free. 🙂

Then the next question is, how can I maintain this until January 2018? Well, I just have to stick with my routines. Hopefully 🙂

Happy preps! 🙂