Part of our wedding preparation is to plan for an engagement shoot. Engagement shoot is a photo or video session as a couple taken by your official Photographer/Videographer. Usually, this photos are used for the  save the date cards, invites, wedding websites and also shown as visual presentation on the wedding.

For me engagement session is important because it is not all the time that we are being professionally photograph. Since wedding is one of the highlight event of our lives, we want to document how happy we are as we unite in the sacrament of marriage. One day we can show and tell a story to our grandchildren that this is how we show our love to world. 🙂

How do we plan for a prenup shoot and what are the things that we should consider.

  1. Know what you want. Set an engagement session theme. This can be related to your wedding theme or based on your personalities as a couple. What do you love doing both?
    • Travel/Adventure
    • Rustic/Countryside
    • Casual/Relaxed
    • Disney/Fairytale
    • Movie
    • Editorial
    • Happy & Colorful
    • Romantic
    • Sexy
    • Beach
  2. Create your own mood boards. Randomly browse in Pinterest and pin those pegs that you like.
  3. Prepare atleast 3 to 4 sets of looks or setups that you want to achieve. In my case I prepared 5-6. 🙂
  4. Once decided with the theme and set of clothes are define, decide if you need a prenup stylist. I decided to get a prenup stylist since I want to have a teepee setup and I’m not good on DIY.
    • Prenup stylist – they are the one who will provide all the things that you need for the pictorial such as props, setups, dresses etc. and will assist you on the day of the shoot.
    • DIY – Ask your friends/family if they can help you to set up you prenup pegs. Buy or  borrow dresses or check your closet for the available set of wardrobes that can be use.
  5. Search for the perfect location. Check the travel time from your location starting point. Ask for the pictorial fees or permit needed in the target shoot location. Consider as well the means of transportation – by car, by sea or by air.
  6. Set and block the date with Photo/Video, Stylist and HMUA. Usually, prenup shoots are better to schedule on weekdays to avoid the usual weekend crowd.
  7. Align the ideas with your Stylist and Photographer. Since you have  draft or ready mood boards for engagement session, let your stylist and photographer check on this and ask for inputs and suggestions. It will be easier for the suppliers to give inputs once they know what you want.
  8. Do a budget estimate of the total cost for prenup shoot. Do a headcount of your Photo and Video Team plus the stylist and HMUA. Set a budget per meals.
  9. Plan for the logistics and means of transportation. Usually Photo and Video will charge out of town fees depends on how far the location so better ask them.
  10. Create a checklist of the things to bring both for you and the stylist. Just to be safe and clear with the expectation.
  11. Create a schedule or itinerary for the day. Include the place to eat near the shoot location.
  12. Include in the itinerary the wardrobe plan/schedule for the bride and groom.
  13. Pray for a good weather.
  14. Be ready for a contingency plan. Set a backup date and plan B location.
  15. Print out pegs and mood boards so it will serve as guide during the shoot.
  16. Bring a friend to take Behind-the-Scenes Photo. 🙂
  17. Bring some snacks and water. Do not let yourself hungry as well as the suppliers. Keep yourselt dehydrated by drinking water or Gatorade. It is usually hot in the middle of prenup session.
  18. Relax and have fun. Don’t stress yourself because it will show on your photos.
  19. Establish rapport with Photo/Video team until you get comfortable with them.
  20. Commend your suppliers for a job well done. A simple thank you is enough.

Here’s the sample prenup excel sheet file that I used during our prenup planning. Disclaimer, not so fab excel sheet but very useful. 🙂 haha

With our engagement session, I boost time and effort to think of what I want for our pictorial. I’ve really search a lot especially finding the right location which will not entail us too much cost and at the same time can perfectly fit to the theme in my mind. I also do not want a location that will cause for us too much hassle as well with our suppliers.

I can say with all the plans that I plotted for our prenup was done successfully and exceeding expectation. 🙂 It is really worth the effort. Everything turn out well and coordinated during the engagement shoot.

Piece of advice for prenup pictorials, be define and specifics with all the things that you want to achieve and your suppliers will do the magic. Trust your suppliers and treat them well. 🙂

Note: Official photos will be posted soon. This prenup session is not yet with our main Photo and Video. More to come! 🙂 Reviews with our prenup supplier will also come soon.

Enjoy prenup session!