This is every bride’s favorite. Most of us are going crazy of what is the perfect wedding gown when we walk down the aisle. ๐Ÿ™‚

To make our dream gown into a reality is we also have to consider our budget. How much are we willing to spend for a one night event of our life.

I’ve been always dreaming of having a fabulous wedding gown. This is something that I’m willing to spend for myself. But of course I cannot splurge really expensive gown like Michael Cinco level so I just set my mind to settle for mid-range gown designer at least.

Since we started planning our wedding, my bridal gown was on top of my priority so I started to look for the designers that can make my dream wedding gown.

Below are the wedding gown designers that I’ve considered. Please note that there might be some price increase today because the starting price below was based on year 2016. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Bridehouse by Carmen Lazaro – customized bridal gown starts at P35,000. I know Tita Carmen way back 2014 because I was looking for a good price gown for my cousin and I came across their Instagram where they are offering sets of RTW starting P20,000. When I visited their shop again last year 2016, Mrs Carmen quoted my peg gown for P65,000 and if I want to make it 2 looks then it can fall to 85,000.The price is just fair and they can actually work within the budget. ย  ย ย 
  2. Von Lazaro – starts at P50,000. I’ve been stalking Von Lazaro’s work even I’m not yet engaged. I like the details of his works and it really look fab. He was son of Mrs Carmen Lazaro of Bridehouse. They are family of making wardrobes for wedding and his brother was Paulo Lazaro who I’m seeing doing the celebrity suits.
  3. Mel Orlina Couture – starts at 54,000. I just inquired with Mel Orlina via phone and email. The assistant told me that they are still not accepting wedding gown order if wedding is more than I year. They accept at least 6-8 months before the wedding so they just advice me to come back by year 2017.ย 
  4. Jazel Sy – starts at P65,000. I’m also a fan of Jazel Sy’s wedding gown. I like the glittering effect of the wedding gowns that she does. I just also inquired via email and they quoted my peg P90,000. Same with Mel Orlina, they are still not accepting bride with more that 1 year wedding date so I was advice to come back by 2017.
  5. Claiza Bihasa – starts at P40,000. I just inquired via FB messenger. I like Claiza’s wedding gown style because it feels so feminine. Same with Jazel Sy and Mel Orlina, they asked me to come back 6-8 months before my wedding date.
  6. Hannah Kong Designs – starts at P70,000. I also inquired via email and the assistant quoted my peg for P90,000. I was supposedly schedule to meet Hannah but it did not push through because of some conflict on my schedule.
  7. Jojo Macapinlac – starts at P65,000. Jojo is one of the fab designer from Angeles Pampanga. When I saw his works I already got amazed. As in wow! I started to inquire via viber message and he called me. He quoted my peg for P75,000 and when we talked I felt that we were already close friends. ๐Ÿ™‚ He told me we can schedule to meet in Manila around January 2017 because he said he still wants to finish his December weddings. I was really happy and settled to get him because he was just right for my budget but not until before I met Mak Tumang.
  8. Michael Leyva – starts at 100,000. I just inquired via phone and the assistant told me the price. I just cross this out on my list since this is out of budget.

Some RTW wedding gowns that I’ve tried.

  1. White Label – starts at P40,000. White Label is just near the place where I live in Makati. I just came across to their store as they were just newly transferred in Batangas Street San Isidro. Even without appointment, they let me try their wedding gowns. The below photo is worth P55,000 and the 2nd is P60,000. I can say their gowns are fab and I like it. They can also customized design if the bride has some specifics. I think White Label wedding gown is a good option if you eye something like Rosa Clara pegs.
  2. Francis Libiran – starts at 80,000. I love Francis Libiran gowns and he was my dream designer even before. It just break my heart that the starting rate of his customized design was P250,000. ๐Ÿ™ So I just enjoy my time fitting the Francis Libiran RTW line. ๐Ÿ™‚ The price range of the wedding gowns that I is between P120,000 – P180,000 and they also have option for credit card 12 months zero interest for BPI cards.
  3. ย  ย ย  ย 
  4. Rosa Clara – starts at 120,000. Photo is not allowed during fitting. I’ve tried one design which is Cavo. I love the fit of the dress and feels like I want to buy it right away. The price of the below wedding gown is P160,000. I really like the Cavo wedding gown design and I love the fine laces which came from Spain. I just think it is too expensive already so I just let it go.
  5. La Mariee – starts at P25,000. Just tried to fit the short gown available which can be rented for P5,000 and if requested to recreate it will be P16,000.
  6. The Chungdam Bridal – This shop has a wide option of for rent wedding gowns starts at P3,000 – P25,000. I went on their wedding gown trunk show to check their gowns and to my surprise gowns are really good quality and made from Korea. This a good option if you want a quality wedding gowns for rent.


And my chosen wedding gown designer is Mak Tumang.

Wedding gown is something that I’m dreaming of so I asked my mom if she can give it to me as her wedding gift since I did not celebrate a grand debut. My wedding would one of the grandest celebration of my life so I want to look my best. My mom told me not to choose more than P100,000 for a wedding gown since this is a one time use so ย I settled on a mid range budget. I saw the works of Mak Tumang at Weddings at Work where one of his bride posted a photo and I was like wow. I immediately stalk his Instagram and the more I got amazed of his works but I did not bother to ask the price because I know it will be way beyond our budget. Until I came across a promo posted on his FB page and my eyes blink blink. Although it was mentioned it will just be for bonafide ย “Kapampangan”, I still contact them and try my luck so I immediately set an appointment around November 26, 2016.

Mak’s wedding gown price range was P100,000 – P300,000 but if I can get the the promo starting of P70,000 then it will be great. I also remember that our close neighbor was a bonifide kampangpangan so I tried to asked for help by letting them to endorse me since they know Mak’s family in Pampanga. I went all the way to Pampanga to meet him and I was so excited. I wish and pray that I can really get a good deal.

I arrived earlier than my appointment of 10am because we assumed traffic since we will come from Makati but it just took us 2 hours drive. The first time I met him my first impression was kind snobbish type and sound strict on his kapangpangan tone. He started asking me for what I want and I showed the gown I fitted from Rosa Clara which is a 3 layer A line skirt and told him that I wanted it to be off shoulder. He started to draw and felt weird of the silence while he was doing his sketch and after some time, when the sketch was done and it looks and felt like the wedding gown of my dreams. I know in my heart the feeling, this is it! The next question is the price so he asked me for the max budget so I told him some figure of 100,000 plus and he gave me a good rate but a little bit higher than my budget ย ceiling.

* I cannot reveal my wedding gown sketch yet until I’m done with my wedding. This is really something personal to me so I want to keep it as confidential. ๐Ÿ™‚

I told my mom about it and showed her the sketch. I said that I really love the wedding gown. I’ve tried my best to convince my mom and told her that after our wedding, I will just sell it to somehow return back even half of the cost. And my mom said YES! Yes I’m a happy kid, I got Mak Tumang for my wedding gown and it was like OMG. Big thanks to my mommy!

ย One side story while Mak was doing his sketch for me. He asked me what’s my waistline and I told him 28 and he said I should work it out to make it 26 inches “para sexy” and I was like okay I will work it out. #pressure Hahaha!

I was intimidated at first but later on we already get along. Mak even showed me around to his workshop where I saw the wedding gowns in progress. He even let me see Karel Marquez’s in progress wedding gown. I also met his mom, Mrs. February Tumang and she is beautiful. I had some chit chat on how they do the wedding gown production, what are the inclusions etc and I felt comfortable with them. I even asked if I can borrow prenup dresses and they said yes as long as it will fits me.

Overall, I’m really happy to get Mak Tumang as my wedding gown designer. With the sketch that he gave me, I got inspired to trim down my waistline to 26 inches and became my ultimate #waistgoals. I made my wedding gown as inspiration to switch to a healthy lifestyle. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

The next is how to achieve my #waistgoals? ๐Ÿ™‚

Tips on choosing wedding gown designer.

  1. Know the type of gown that you wanted. Pinterest is the key!
  2. Try some RTW wedding gowns to feel what is the right cut of wedding gown for you.
  3. Set a budget ceiling and tell this to the designer.
  4. Try all options designer wedding gown, RTW, and for rents.
  5. Meet the designer and establish a rapport.Aside from the design that he/she will present to you, we should also feel if we are going to click.
  6. Be ready with your pegs. Print the top 3 wedding gown pegs and let the designer suggest which could be the best fit. Please note that pegs are only inspiration to let the designer know what is your type of wedding gown. Pegs are not meant to be exactly copied by the designer.
  7. Ask what are the inclusions apart from wedding gown itself. Usually wedding gown package includes veil, pillow, cord, garter, bag and hair accessories.
  8. Ask for aย reasonable discounts. Do not super downgrade the price to impossible. Sometimes designers are offended when you are asking too much of a discounts which could also affect the quality of the wedding gown.
  9. Ask what are the materials to be used for the gown like fabrics, embellishments etc.
  10. Is the included veil with lace or without lace?
  11. Ask if they can also provide Bridal robe for free or with minimal fee.
  12. Ask if mannequins can be provided on the wedding day.
  13. Will they provide bridal assistance for free or with minimal fee.
  14. Wedding gown fittings timeline and final output delivery.
  15. Terms of payment

Happy wedding gown hunting! ๐Ÿ™‚