I build our working wedding preparation calendar and update this from time to time. 🙂

We got engaged last August 29, 2016 and we have one year and four months of wedding preparation.

On year 2016, I made sure to block major suppliers and some minor suppliers to secure the 2016 lock in rates. The top wedding suppliers that I prioritized are:

  1. Church
  2. Reception
  3. Coordinator
  4. Photo and Video
  5. Caterer
  6. Bridal Gown

For year 2017, I’ll just have to find minor suppliers and more of execution of prenup photo and video, processing of marriage documents, dress fittings and final detailing for styling, food and guests headcount.

Hopefully by January 2018, all things are fine and under control until our wedding day comes. Amen! 🙂

I plotted all our wedding activities to keep track our monthly activity and to make sure we accomplish something every month and to avoid to cram on the last 3 months. I make sure to keep our schedules up to date based on our availability as well as the suppliers. I always have monthly assessment if we can do the wedding prep activities and if not possible, I adjust the activity on the months where I see a light schedule.

As much as possible, I scatter the wedding prep activities so I can lighten the load on the BER months. 🙂

Month Category Activity Status
YEAR 2016
Sep-16 Family Pamamanhikan Done
Oct-16 Church Booked Mt Carmel Shrine New Manila Done
Oct-16 Reception Booked Sampaguita Gardens Done
Oct-16 Wedding Coordinator Booked Joey Comandao Events Planning Done
Oct-16 Lights and Sounds Booked Rejectkrew Done
Oct-16 Prenup Stylist Booked Styling by Melange Done
Oct-16 Catering Scheduled food tasting Done
Nov-17 Catering Booked Passion Cooks Done
Nov-17 Photo Booked The Daydreamer Studios Done
Nov-17 Video Booked Paradox Films Done
Nov-17 Graphic Artist Start the Save the date design by Papeldelights Done
Nov-17 Photo Won Prenup Photo Session by HappyOne Done
Dec-16 HMUA Booked Toni Aviles Done
Dec-16 Bridal Gown Booked Mak Tumang Done
Dec-16 Mobile Bar Booked Luna Vida Done
YEAR 2017
Jan-17 Invitation Booked Iseal wax stamp Done
Jan-17 Bridal Fair Getting married bridal Fair – SMX Done
Jan-17 Prenup Stylist Booked TPC during bridal fair Done
Jan-17 Prenup Stylist Booked Moki Gray for Boudoir Done
Jan-17 Bridal Fair Weddings and Beyond Done
Jan-17 Wedding Singer Downpayment and Contract – Khevin Almario Done
Jan-17 Wardrobe Check for the Suit Quotation and design – Paulo Lazaro for Groom’s Suit Done
Jan-17 Wardrobe Check for the Suit Quotation and design -Ian Manila Done
Jan-17 Miscellaneous Divisoria – DIY Crafts in Tabora, Tela Ylaya street for tela. Check for ribbon wands DIY and bubble gun; Blush wedding gown; Blush Ribbons; bow tie and suspender Done
Jan-17 Invitation Wax seal stamp Done
Jan-17 Entertainment Booked on the Spot Cariture by Hero Ebuenga Done
Feb-17 Invitation STD invite release – Entourage Done
Feb-17 Bridal Car Booked PerfectDay Wed Car – MiniCooper Clubman Done
Feb-17 Miscellaneous Create Facebook group for Entourage Done
Feb-17 Bridal Fair Wedding Library SM Megamall Done
Feb-17 Dress Canvas La Marie PH Done
Feb-17 Church 2×2 Pictures Done
Feb-17 Church Birth Certificate Done
Feb-17 Church Copy of the Baptismal Certificate Done
Feb-17 Church Interrogation Forms for canonical Interview and marriage banns Done
Feb-17 Church Check inhouse florist and how much to upgrade the flowers Done
Mar-17 Entertainment Booked hashtag Circle for Instagram Printing Done
Mar-17 Ring Box Ship ring box to Jakarta,Indonesia Done
Mar-17 Prenup Stylist Final timeline sent by Styling by Melange Done
Mar-17 Photobooth MediaCast fun capture Done
Mar-17 Wardrobe Wedding gown measurements Mak Tumang and check for the prenup dresses Done
Mar-17 Dessert Buffet Meet Periwinkle& Lace for dessert tasting Done
Mar-17 Prenup Stylist Finalized with Styling by Melange and payment for flowers Done
Apr-17 Bridal Fair Brides and Beyond Done
Apr-17 Wardrobe Buy brown pants to be used for 1st Prenup Done
Apr-17 Wedding ring Canvas wedding ring in greenhills Done
Apr-17 Invitation Invitation Design Done
Apr-17 Miscellaneous Buy plastic box for wedding accessories storage Done
Apr-17 Prenup Stylist Initial meeting with TPC Done
Apr-17 Wardrobe Booked female entourage dresses to Nino Angeles Couture Done
Apr-17 Miscellaneous Barangay Certificate and Cedula Done
Apr-17 Invitation Meet some ninong and ninangs Done
Apr-17 Photo Prenup 1 – HappyOne and Styling by Melange Done
Apr-17 Prenup Meeting with Daydreamer, Paradox and TPC for the final details Pending
Apr-17 Prenup Location should be booked for the main prenup Pending
Apr-17 Invitation STD invite release – Entourage Pending
May-17 Church Check for the Florist for the updated rate Pending
May-17 Photo and Video Prenup 2 – Daydreamer studios Pending
May-17 Photo and Video STD – Paradiox Films Pending
May-17 Prenup Stylist Tipping point collective Pending
May-17 Prenup HMUA Toni Aviles Pending
May-17 Bridal Fair Getting Married Bridal Fair to book for Metrotech Pending
Jun-17 Wardrobe Entourage measurements – Nino Angeles Pending
Jun-17 Favors Design for Planner or Desk Calendar as wedding favor Pending
Jun-17 Monogram Animated monogram should be finalize Pending
Jun-17 Wardrobe Bridal Gown first fitting – Mak Tumang Pending
Jun-17 Miscellaneous Divisoria Part 2 – Dragon Mall Bowtie; Buy another set of Fabric; buy wands stick Pending
Jul-17 Travel Expo Travel Madness expo SMX check for honeymoon airfare Pending
Jul-17 Bridal Fair Getting Married Bridal Fair Pending
Jul-17 Wardrobe Start to order the Bridal Robe Pending
Jul-17 Wardrobe Groom’s Wardrobe to be finalize the tailor Pending
Jul-17 Church Baptismal Certificate (Marriage Purpose) Pending
Jul-17 Church Confirmation Certificate ( Marriage Purpose) Pending
Jul-17 Church Get CENOMAR to NSO Pending
Jul-17 Church Canonical Interview ( Weds or Thurs) Pending
Jul-17 Photo Boudoir Photo shoot – Daydreamer Studios Pending
Jul-17 Stylist Moki Gray Pending
Jul-17 Stylist Meeting with Moki Gray and Daydreamer studios Pending
Jul-17 Prenup Location should be booked for boudoir session Pending
Jul-17 Entourage Buy set of Bow Ties and suspenders Pending
Jul-17 Entourage Schedule of first fitting for the female dresses Pending
Jul-17 Calligraphy Formal invitation addressing Pending
Aug-17 Wardrobe First fitting for entourage 1st Batch – Nino Angeles Pending
Aug-17 Entertainment Visit Craft revive piece for the wood order – Guest book, hashtag etc Pending
Aug-17 Bridal fair Happy Ever After Manila claim for the HMUA prize worth 2017 Pending
Aug-17 Invitation Start to give inviation for the wedding Pending
Aug-17 Invitation Create website for the invitation Pending
Aug-17 Invitation Create FB invitation Pending
Aug-17 Wardrobe Bridal Gown 2nd fitting – Mak Tumang Pending
Sep-17 Bridal Fair Themes and Motif Pending
Sep-17 Wedding Ring Start to order wedding ring Pending
Sep-17 Wedding Symbols Check for the unity coin, bible and rosary as cord Pending
Sep-17 Wedding accessories Customize garter, garter for bible, customize matches Pending
Sep-17 Wardrobe Groom’s Second Fitting Pending
Sep-17 Dessert Buffet Finalization with Periwinkle and Lace. 50% downpayment Pending
Sep-17 Honeymoon Booked for Airfare and Hotel Pending
Oct-17 Coordinatior Meeting with Joey Comandao for the details Pending
Oct-17 Entourage Schedule of 2nd fitting (Final) Pending
Oct-17 Stylist Amante Fleurs – Mock set up for the reception and finalize details. Settle up to 50% payment Pending
Oct-17 Caterer Finalize the menu and table layout Pending
Oct-17 Caterer Decide for the wooden chair and rustic chair Pending
Oct-17 Church Orientation Photo and Video Schedule Pending
Oct-17 Church Orientation Coordinator Schedule Pending
Oct-17 Church Orientation Wedding singer Pending
Oct-17 Church Publication of Banns and Permission to Parish Priest – Get form in Mt Carmel Pending
Oct-17 City Hall  Family planning seminar – Makati City Hall Pending
Oct-17 City Hall Marriage License (CENOMAR +Birth Cert+Family Planning Seminar Pending
Oct-17 Church Pre Cana Attendance Pending
Oct-17 Video Love Story Video – Paradox Film Pending
Oct-17 Calligraphy Marj for the wood signages, escort cards etc Pending
Oct-17 Post nup Book hotel for after wedding party place to stay Pending
Nov-17 Bridal Fair Getting Married Bridal Fair – SMX Pending
Nov-17 Church Full payment for the church Pending
Nov-17 Church Submit wedding invitation and pay additional PS Pending
Nov-17 Church Corkage for Wedding Singer Pending
Nov-17 Church Payment for the flower upgade Pending
Nov-17 Church Submit items for approval – Wedding song, floral arrangement etc Pending
Nov-17 Caterer Passion Cooks – Settle 50% of payment Pending
Nov-17 Venue Check Samgauita if we can avail other 2 rooms Pending
Nov-17 Venue Book hotel in Magnolia Summit Pending
Nov-17 Accessories Buy bridal earrings Pending
Nov-17 Shoes Buys Groom’s / Bride Shoes Pending
Nov-17 Crew meal Crew Meal Supplier for Breakfast and Lunch Pending
Nov-17 Crew meal Finalize the supplier headcount for crew meal and reserve the food Pending
Nov-17 Coordinator Finalize flow of the program and seat plan Pending
Nov-17 Entourage Release of the entourage dresses – Nino Angeles Pending
Nov-17 Entourage Full payment for the entourage dresses Pending
Nov-17 Miscellaneous DIY stuff – Wand, Emergency Kit, Program fan Pending
Nov-17 Miscellaneous Check for confetti Supplier Pending
Nov-17 Miscellaneous Suppliers Kit Pending
Nov-17 Miscellaneous Find a dance trainer Pending
Nov-17 Guests Start RSVP for final headcount Pending
Nov-17 Wardrobe Bridal Gown 3rd/Final fitting – Mak Tumang Pending
Nov-17 Wardrobe Groom’s 3rd/Final Fitting Pending
Dec-17 Church Reply notice for Banns and Permission Pending
Dec-17 Church Check draft of marriage contract Pending
Dec-17 Church Wedding Missalette Pending
Dec-17 Venue Submit the final list of supplier Pending
Dec-17 Venue Full payment for the reception venue @ Sampaguita Gardens Pending
Dec-17 Guests Finalize the RSVP Pending
Dec-17 Guests Communicate the Table number Pending
Dec-17 Mobile Bar Finalize the mobile bar upgrade Pending
Dec-17 Drinks Finalize additional drinks Beer, Wine and Hard Drinks Pending
Dec-17 Suppliers Set a suppliers meeting for finalization Pending
Dec-17 Miscellaneous Practice for the wedding dance Pending
YEAR 2018
Jan-18 Church Confession Pending
Jan-18 Food Buy additional candies for Smores Bar Pending
Jan-18 Food Candies – Mint Pending
Jan-18 Miscellaneous Print checklist for all the items to be handover to the OTD Pending
Jan-18 Coordinator Finalize the details and review the last minutes/final reminders Pending
Jan-18 Coordinator Handover of checklist Pending
Jan-18 Beauty Hair Color and nails Pending
Jan-18 Beauty Massage and Spa – Full body relaxation including Milk bath Pending
Jan-18 Reminders Send message to all the suppliers for the call time Pending
Jan-18 Wardrobe Claim for Groom’s Suit Pending
Jan-18 Wardrobe Claim the wedding Gown Pending
Jan-18 Prepation Go to Preparation Venue – Ancestral House Sampaguita Gardens Pending
Jan-18 Payment Segregate payments to all suppliers on the wedding day Pending
Jan-18 Contingecy fund Ready emergency fund Pending
 January 20, 2018  – Happy Wedding Day!

I hope and pray that every goes well with God’s blessing. 🙂