Choosing the wedding caterer is most critical part because this is one of the major major wedding suppliers that we are choosing very critical. This is the bread and butter of our wedding celebration and we really want to make the most out of it.

We love to eat and it is our priority to serve a good food on our wedding. This will entail 30% of our wedding budget. It also takes time and effort to attend food tasting and decide if the food is really good.

We have attended several food tasting and we enjoy the benefit of free food! But this is really confusing which one taste better because we are literally eating a lot of food and sometimes it feels like it just taste the same from one another.

Apart from the taste of the food, here are the things we have considered when choosing our wedding caterer.

  1. Price per head – since we already have the estimated # of guests, we can also have the estimate on how much will be the total of our catering package.
  2. Other inclusion in price per head – does it includes styling, cocktails, desserts, welcome drinks etc
  3. Venue accreditation – some venues have corkage fee if the caterer is not accredited. To save from additional fee, it is better that the wedding caterer is accredited to the venue or willing to shoulder the corkage fee.
  4. Freebies – we always want freebies! Usually caterers give freebies during bridal fairs. Be careful on asking for too much freebie or if the caterer is giving too much freebie then could be something fishy. Usually the more # of heads
  5. Event per day – ask on how many events do they cater for the day and who will be the assigned manager on the event day.
  6. Terms of payment – how much it the required downpayment to block the date and when will be the next due date. It is also important that the final payment should be on the day of wedding itself so we can still hold on payment until actual execution.
  7. Final Detailing – when is the best time for the final detailing where we can choose the final menu and confirm the final headcount.
  8. Basic styling vs upgraded styling – check what are the basic styling choices included in the package. If we have specific venue styling reference, let them quote the price on how much will it cost or other cheaper options available that they can recommend.
  9. Other charges like transportation cost, service charge, VAT etc
  10. Ingress and Egress time
  11. Number of waiters to be provided during the event
  12. Serving for the VIP Table
  13. Back up plan in case there are excess visitors
  14. Floor plan layout for the arrangement of chairs, tables and buffet table
  15. Food corkage for other food that we will provide like lechon
  16. Serving time for the cocktails and if the cocktails are enough in the span of waiting time

Here are our shortlisted wedding caterers:

*Please note that the above price is based on 2016 quotation. There might be some changes on their current rates and freebies.

We had several food tasting but I already deleted most of the photos because it just look the same thing.

Food tasting, price and review

Disclaimer: I’m not really good on tasting food and not even food critic either so my comments are just based on my sole opinion and I believe we have a different taste buds. 🙂

  1. Josiah’s Catering – I had a food tasting during the Themes and Motifs bridal fair and they are offering a lot of discounts and freebies. The food that they served to me is just okay. There is no food that stand out to my taste and it seems pretty normal to me.
  2. Osio’s Catering – We have attended the scheduled food tasting on their office in Muntinlupa and we actually like their food. Even the simple iced tea has a stand out taste. The normal beef kaldereta is really tasty and something that stand out for both me and my fiance. Overall, we like their food but our only concern is that they are not accredited in our venue and not willing to shoulder the corkage as well plus they have a transportation fee which is not included in the package. In terms of styling, they have a lot of rustic design choices which are already included in the package.
  3. Laiya Gourmet – We are invited to attend the food tasting in Sampaguita gardens. The presentation is nice and even the sample templated set up by Dave Sandoval is fab. The package is all in package for 100 pax and bit pricey if we have additional heads to add. For the food, we don’t like it and there is nothing stand out on our taste buds.
  4. Purple Dish – We were scheduled a food tasting on Chef Velmor’s residence in Pasig. All the food that he presented to us are really have great taste specially the desserts. We are drooling with the dessert buffet which was included in his package. His wife is the styling partner and they also specialize in rustic set ups. Chef Velmor gave us a good deal with 20% discount package plus a lot of freebie. They are also claiming that they only do 1 event per day which made us more attracted to get their offer plus they can shoulder half of the corkage fee in our venue since they are not accredited yet. In short, we said yes but later on we had some issues. I will just have a separate write up regarding the Purple Dish issue.
  5. Juan Carlo – I got interested with Juan Carlo because of the country barn set up plus they are the caterers in most of the celebrity events. We were scheduled food tasting in Fernwoods garden in QC. Our overall food assessment for Juan Carlo is just so-so and nothing really special. We also got turn off with the desserts served to us because it is different from the couple beside us and it something Jelly and not really taste good.
  6. K by Cunanan – Kaye’s father was my Godfather during my baptism and my father’s good friend. I have tried to set a food tasting appointment with them but I got turn off on how they handle customer queries which I think they are really inefficient. First I inquired via email and sent me the price list but when I was already inquiring into the styling specifics, I was referred to another AE named Nicole who apparently hard to reach. When I got the chance to talked to the AE that they have referred me, she can’t even get back on the styling quotation that I need and saying a lot of alibis. With all the caterers that I’ve inquired, they are the only one who is very very poor in customer management and communication and I don’t want to experience that in the midst of my wedding preparation. So I’m letting KbyC out of my consideration.
  7. Passion Cooks – I’ve been eyeing passion cooks even I’m not yet engaged. I was pretty amazed with their styling and it really feels a breathe of fresh air. I really love their styling and I also heard they also have a good food. In terms of communication, they are really superb and far better than the other. All my queries and concerns are answered on time and they have also given me the basic styling and the upgraded styling. I also made my initial mood board to get their styling quotation. I’ve scheduled food tasting with them twice 1st time is with my future mother in law and the second is with my fiance. We love the food and there is nothing that we don’t like. Overall, we love Passion Cooks! 🙂

Overall. food tasting is fun so enjoy the perks of free food. In terms of making a choice, decide wisely! It is not only the price and the taste of food, consider the venue requirements. Don’t get too attracted because of freebies and discounts. Weigh all our options. One thing which is very important to me is very good communication.

Have fun! 🙂