My first bridal fair after my engagement was last September 2016 by Themes and Motif. I was just alone because my fiance was out of town. As a newly engaged bride to be, I was a little bit ecstatic that I want go on each on every booth in the bridal fair. There are a lot of times I already want to book on the spot because of the low downpayment, discounts and freebies but I cannot decide right away because I need to consult my fiance. But the good thing I did not book anything during my first bridal fair because that could have been my biggest drawback as I’m seeing not so good reviews on the suppliers I was eyeing during that time.

After getting engaged, bride to bes are excited to go to all the bridal fairs. This is like the shopping community for our wedding needs and most of us end up being impulsive making the on the spot booking because we are attracted with all the discounts, freebies, low downpayment and other marketing strategy. Getting a huge discounts feels like a jackpot for us but ladies, hold your horses. 🙂

Stop and think before booking. Have you done our research about this supplier?

What should be our strategy for bridal fairs

  1. Know the schedules of all the bridal fairs within the year
  2. Check out who are the wedding supplier exhibitors for the bridal fair event. Check the Bridal Fair website and it contains all the list of suppliers who will join.
  3. List down all your prospective suppliers.
  4. Research those suppliers and look for past reviews and recent events.
  5. Register online before going to the bridal fairs so it will be hassle free filling up forms in the entrance. Most likely if registered online, it is free.
  6. Round 1. Walk around and roam around to spot your target suppliers.
  7. Round 2. Spot the shortlisted prospect suppliers and have a chit chat. Check out the promos that they are offering during the event.
  8. If you have any single doubt, do not book right away.
  9. Take time to think before booking. Go out the bridal fair first then take time to think or go back the next day of Bridal fair event.
  10. When you are already decided, book right away!

Since I got engaged, I always make time to go to different bridal fairs even I’m just alone. I just enjoyed roaming around and having some chit chats with different wedding suppliers and making friends as well. I also passed by with our current wedding suppliers  to say hi and build rapport plus checking their current promos and freebies. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Bridal fairs are fun for me. I just enjoy this kind of window shopping. 🙂

So what can we get from Bridal Fairs aside booking with discounts

  1. Flyers! and more flyers! For sure you will get overwhelm of all the flyers after you have done the first roam around the fair. So just get those flyers and when you got home, sort out all the flyers and keep only those you need for reference. The rest, trash it!
  2. Wedding Magazines for free and some other freebies like notebook, pens, tote bag etc.

3. A chance to win some prizes during the bridal fair event. I haven’t won yet so no pictures. Haha

As a reference for the upcoming events, here are some of the wedding fairs schedules I have gathered in Metro Manila for year 2017.

Bridal Fair Location Date Date
18th Ultimate Wedding & Debut Fair Megatrade Hall SM Megamall 7-Jan-17 8-Jan-17
Getting Married SMX Mall of Asia 14-Jan-17 15-Jan-17
Weddings and Beyond PICC 21-Jan-17 22-Jan-17
Save the Date Bridal & Debut Fair SMX SM Aura 5-Feb-17 6-Feb-17
Before I Do Wedding & Debut Fair Megatrade Hall SM Megamall 17-Feb-17 19-Feb-17
Themes and Motifs SMX Mall of Asia 18-Mar-17 19-Mar-17
Before I Do Wedding & Debut Fair Megatrade Hall SM Megamall 1-Apr-17 2-Apr-17
Brides and Beyond Enderun Tent 1-Apr-17 2-Apr-17
Weddings and Beyond Megatrade Hall SM Megamall 6-May-17 7-May-17
Getting Married SMX Mall of Asia 27-May-17 28-May-17
Themes and Motif SMX Mall of Asia 17-Jun-17 18-Jun-17
Weddings at Work Online 21-Jun-17 23-Jun-17
Before I Do Wedding & Debut Fair Megatrade Hall SM Megamall 8-Jul-17 9-Jul-17
Getting Married SMX Mall of Asia 15-Jul-17 16-Jul-17
Happy Ever After Manila SMX SM Aura 27-Aug-17 28-Aug-17
Themes and Motif SMX Mall of Asia 9-Sep-17 10-Sep-17
Before I Do Wedding & Debut Fair Megatrade Hall SM Megamall 23-Sep-17 24-Sep-17
Getting Married SMX Mall of Asia 4-Nov-17 5-Nov-17
Before I Do Wedding & Debut Fair Megatrade Hall SM Megamall 25-Nov-17 26-Nov-17


Below are the reference website for the wedding fair organizers where we can get the list of supplier exhibitors list during the event.

Getting Married Bridal Fair
Weddings and Beyond Bridal Fair
Weddings and Debut
Themes and Motif
Brides and Beyond
Happy Ever After Manila
Weddings at Work

   Sharing some photos from the recent bridal fair that I went last March 18 by Themes and Motif. 🙂

Say hello to JR Sebastian of HappyOne Photography! We will be having prenup shoot on April 2017! 🙂

I also got to book TPC as our Prenup Stylist during Getting Married Bridal Fair last Jan 2017 🙂

Friendly note. Not all wedding suppliers are joining the bridal fairs so it is not necessary that we booked all our wedding needs only during bridal fairs. Some suppliers have their own promos/discounts even they are not joining the fairs so we also better watch out for those. 

Enjoy preps as I do! 🙂