Pinterest is the bride’s best friend 🙂

At the early stage of wedding planning, as soon to wed, we are thinking of what our wedding theme could be or the color motif that we want for our wedding. With this question, the bride’s best friend is PINTEREST –>

This is the usual bride’s to be past time during her idle time and before bedtime – browsing pinterest and pin, pin, pin, pin! Hahaha Every brides can relate 🙂

One thing I’ve learned in our wedding planning is we have to know what we want and be specific on what we want to achieve and be consistent. It is better to visualize to our suppliers on what we really want for our wedding unless we want to hire a full coordinator who will be the one responsible to think for everything.

For our wedding, I want this to be very personal so I’m really into every wedding details from the wedding theme, motif, dresses and all other else. I always make sure that I have a sample photo atleast to help me clearly explain our vision to our prospective suppliers.

The first question that suppliers will ask you – do you have a sample peg? So to easily answer the supplier’s question and for them to easily give the estimate price then be ready with our mood boards so we can just pull our ideas from there. 🙂

Sharing our work in progress mood boards that I have created for our wedding. 🙂

  1. Wedding Theme – We want rustic and with string lights to make it romantic. We both like the elements of woods, flowers, countryside feel, garden.
  2. Color Motif – To compliment with the rustic theme, we have chosen the neutral color like brown. Of course I still insist to have a touch of pink so I choose blush color plus sparkles like gold.
  3. Wedding Gown – This is the most exciting part for the bride is to choose her wedding gown. I just pin as much as I want! 🙂 And really got confused of what wedding gown will perfectly fits me.
  4. Groom’s Suit – Since we are rustic theme, I tried to find neutral color suit like light brown or other shades of brown. I also like dark blue shade to make my groom stand out.
  5. Bridesmaid Dresses – Yes it is blush and gold! I also included the element of brown color.
  6. Groomsmen – since this is rustic theme, we want the bow tie and suspenders!
  7. Prenup Pegs – classic countryside feel with flowers and nature aura
  8. Flowers – my bridal bouquet, entourage flowers and church floral set up with touch of pink and gold
  9. Invitation and Monogram  – pegs for our invites and logos

Mood boards are always a work in progress. Whenever we got to get an idea, I just randomly copy and paste in our boards per category. When we already have a lot of pins, trim down from the choices and select which one we like most.

With all the pins that we have in our mood board, look on the consistency of the items that we include. Exclude the items which are out of theme even it seems to be pretty. As we go on pinning all the items that we like, we can later on see something in common and from there we can figure out what we really wanted. Just try and try then combine and see if it make a good match. Try to seek advice from our partner, friends and parents on their opinion but the final decision is still in our hands. 🙂

  1. Pin as many ideas as you want
  2. Check the consistency of the wedding item pins
  3. Trim down to at least top 3 favorites
  4. Check out suppliers who can possibly recreate the pegs and ask for price estimates
  5. Be flexible to adjust if the peg cannot be achieve. Always try other alternative and don’t dwell too much on the idea.
  6. Print the final mood board with labels

If we have a ready mood boards, we can easily explain with the suppliers and they can also visualize our idea. It may not be exactly the same as what the mood boards are but at least they would go around the pegs.

Basically the above mood boards are our wedding work in progress mood boards! With all the photos I combined we can feel the mood that we are trying to portray for our wedding. 🙂 70% of the photos I copied and pasted came from pinterest and some other photos are random photos I saw via google search, instagram, facebook and other wedding website I just came across and just like how it looks.

This will always be a work in progress. Not all my ideas can be captured because some pegs are sometimes hard to achieve but at least we have something we can refer as our guide and we can think of other alternatives.

Enjoy creating mood boards! Pin, Pin, Pin! 🙂