This is to share my basic wedding templates which I used to bucket our wedding items to let us see the top level wedding items/categories. I just created a simple excel sheet and add 5 labeled tabs.

I just made each tab as simple as possible and no other frills or special formulas. My objective is to lay down all our wedding items. I list down all the items that I remember and delete it whenever I realize that I do not need it or if it way out of our budget. This is our budget monitoring and set of schedule of activities and month to month progress before our wedding day comes. 🙂

Tab 1: Summary

The summary tab is the first page of my working file where I can see the top level details of our wedding and what is our current balances. I bucketed the  the wedding items to make a one look view of our budget.

Miko and Lea Wedding Expenses

Wedding Date: Jan 20, 2018

# of Guests:

Tab 2: Detailed Wedding items

List down the details on each wedding buckets. The more itemized the better. This is to keep track what is specifically needed per wedding item buckets. I need to keep track on the quantity and the actual contract price per suppliers on each items. I added some remarks for us to be reminded of things we still need to discuss with the suppliers.


Tab 3: Supplier’s Directory

Sample wedding directory. I listed down all the suppliers that we have contracted and all the important information. We have tons of wedding suppliers so it is important that we keep track on each suppliers especially the payments that have been made and when is the next due date. Of course I have separate folder files of the hard copies of our contracts and deposit slips and I have filed it properly as well.

It is also important to know the specific point of contact on each suppliers, contact number, email, website, bank account information and all other essential details. If we need to ask or clarify on some details, we can easily locate our suppliers references. The detailed the information, the better.

This is also one of the transition items that we should give to our coordinator.

Tab 4: Working Timeline

I plotted January 2017 – January 2018 timeline. On this way, I can see on which month do we have to accomplish our wedding checklist and we will able to balance the load of the things that we want to prepare. As much as possible, I tried to scatter our schedule through out the year. This is also to make sure that we have a monthly accomplish even a small wedding stuff, what are the things we need to prepare and what are the schedules I have set with the suppliers.

I also indicate amount column to keep track on how much money came out on each schedule of activity.

Whenever I remember something that I need to plot, I just add the schedule on our timeline. Even just the smallest detail of hair treatment or whatsoever, I can just add or delete depends on the budget and if it still needed.

Tab 5: Entourage Details

We need to keep track the members of our wedding entourage. Contact number is the priority because we will use this to contact them on the fitting schedules and on the wedding day itself.

It is also useful to create Facebook group, viber group where we can easily connect and post the details on our wedding.

I also keep track on the invitations, fabric, measurements, fittings so I can know the status for the wardrobes for our wedding. 🙂

That is my 5 main tabs of my wedding working file. It is always better to create your own version as per need and specific basis.

I will also share final detailing soon as I go through the details.

Happy wedding preps! 🙂