Yes this is our choice!

Church: Our Lady of Mt Carmel Shrine New Manila

Reasons why we choose Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church:

  1. This is near Sampaguita Gardens which is less than 1KM away
  2. It is newly renovated. I love the golden brown color of the alter
  3. The aisle! One of the longest aisle and it is every woman’s dream to walk the fame on their wedding. ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. The door. This is one of my consideration because I want a dramatic opening the door ceremony when I walk down the aisle.
  5. Ample parking. There’s really a lot of parking in the church vicinity. It is very big
  6. Jan 20 – weekend Saturday is available
  7. Church admin are very responsive with all my queries
  8. It is centrally located in Metro Manila. It is very accessible for us and for our guests.
  9. The moment I stepped my foot in the church to inquire, a cold breeze of air blew and I knew it. This is it! ๐Ÿ™‚

We had our church orientation and I found out so many restrictions. This breaks my heart but I cannot let go of this church. So all I need is to abide with the rules and regulations.

Here are some restrictions:

  1. Photo and Video team needs church orientation
  2. Coordinator needs church orientation
  3. If you have your own wedding singer/choir, they also need to have orientation plus need to pay a corkage fee of P5000
  4. Flower girls should be 5 years old and above as well as the bearers
  5. Bridal march songs need approval
  6. Only in-house florist is allowed to decorate the church. All floral arrangement is subject for approval
  7. Arc is not allowed
  8. Wedding vows is not allowed
  9. If more than 5 pairs principal sponsors, there will be 500 per head charge in excess

Those are the rules that stuck in my head which I think somehow hard to deal with. But I have no choice but to comply. Even my wall flower is subject for approval. ๐Ÿ™ Good thing I have enough time to prepare on all of this. I pray that every else will go smoothly.

Church new rate is P25,000

Reception Venue: Azucena Hall, Sampaguita Gardens New Manila

The reasons why we choose Sampaguita Gardens:

  1. The Sampaguita Gardens vicinity feels so refreshing. It is surrounded of greens inside.
  2. The grounds are big. I did not expect the venue inside is huge
  3. There is a Ancestral House inside which wedding prep can be done
  4. Air conditioned venue is available and it is big with max capacity of 350 pax.
  5. Big working kitchen for the caterer
  6. Restrooms are clean
  7. Ample parking space
  8. No restrictions on Photo and Video during preps
  9. 1 event per event hall. Suppliers can prepare as early as then can.
  10. This place feels something new as events place and even some friends are not so familiar.
  11. Target caterer is accredited
  12. Indoor string light is allowed
  13. Near to the church – Mt Carmel
  14. The location is accessible located in the center of Metro Manila

Side story. I just asked my mom to come with me to check out this venue. We both agree that we like this place. My Fiance is the first one to discover this while doing venue research online. When we went in the place, we felt that this is it!

Some challenges that I’m trying to work out when we got this venue. The event hall is so plain that I have to get a stylist to fill it up. The good thing about bare venue is you can do a customize theme that you wanted and that the way I like it!

The event hall has an irregular shape. Now I still cannot decide where I should put the stage where there will be no blind corner. The caterer will help us with the layout as well as our stylist.

Tips on Church as ceremony venue. What to ask?

  1. Preferred date of availability of wedding and time slot of wedding
  2. Capacity of the Church
  3. Rate of the ceremony and what are the inclusions. Terms of payment.
  4. Orientation on Rules and Regulation of the Church. What are the Dos and Donts
  5. In house florist allowed
  6. List of documents and other requirements need to submit and accomplish before the wedding day
  7. Type of dresses allowed
  8. Close and opening of door during bridal march
  9. Songs allowed for Bridal march
  10. Outside wedding singer is allowed
  11. Slots for parking
  12. Limitation for photo and video
  13. Personal wedding vow is allowed

Tips on Reception venue. What to ask?

  1. Preferred date of availability and time slot
  2. Proximity to the available churches
  3. How many events per day
  4. Rate of the venue and inclusions
  5. Capacity of the venue
  6. Restrictions of event hall styling
  7. Accredited caterer
  8. Other accredited suppliers
  9. How much are the corkage fee for non accredited suppliers
  10. Capacity ย of parking lot and who will manage the parking during the event
  11. Ingress and egress time for the suppliers
  12. Fireworks allowed
  13. Maintenance for the bathroom during the event
  14. Caterer’s kitchen area
  15. Electricity. Powers can consume. Is there available generator
  16. Prenup photo shoot in the venue as freebie
  17. Preparation venue within the area
  18. Emergency exit
  19. Wifi availability
  20. Available personnel on the event day
  21. Rate in excess of allotted venue hours
  22. How much is the security deposit and when will this be refunded

That’s all I can think as of the moment. Hope this helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Preps!