This is how we started our wedding preparation. After we have identified our possible wedding guests and our budget, the next question is where should we have our wedding?

Our criteria for selecting church and reception are:

  1. Church and reception proximity should be less than 5KMs
  2. Accessibility to both of us where we can visit anytime
  3. Reception venue should not be more than 100k
  4. Less or no OOTF in most of the major suppliers
  5. Reception venue should have no restrictions on styling
  6. Accessibility of both Church and Reception to our guests
  7. Air condition is a must
  8. Proximity to preparation area/hotel
  9. Spacious parking lot
  10. Clean Bathroom

The most important factor to me is proximity of Church and Reception Venue. I already experienced some hassles for more than 10KMs apart of Church and Venue and the number enemy is TRAFFIC. Wherever in Tagaytay or Metro Manila there is always a traffic which is a big consideration for time management.

My mantra for our wedding is I don’t want limitations and I don’t want any hassle. If I found some difficulty on booking any of suppliers, I’m dropping it. I don’t want a sense of negativity or some reasons for limitations. I want this preparation to be full of happiness, excitement and looking forward on our big day! 🙂

One website that I highly recommend for checking the church and venue online. —>

I love this website because it lets you see the church and reception proximity plus it will also let you see other churches or receptions available within the area. This also contains some information of the church and venue and sometimes even the price is already available.


Here are our short listed Churches and Venues:

OPTION 1: Parish of Immaculate Heart of Mary and Mango Farm – This was my first priority! I love the greenery and fresh ambiance of PIHM. Mango Farm seems so refreshing as well and string lights are perfect!

Pros: Ambiance is perfect for rustic wedding; Within the budget both Church and Reception. Target caterer is accredited.

Cons: Church and Venue is 10 plus KM apart. Church got easily fully booked because of low downpayment. This will take an hour travel time from Metro Manila.

OPTION 2: San Antonio De Padua Silang Cavite and Angelfields Sanctuary

Pros: Church is less than 10KM. Church is very solemn. Angelfields is new venue and perfect for rustic theme. Targer caterer is accredited.

Cons: Venue is more than the set budget. Only in-house catering is allowed for indoor reception venue. Going up to Tagaytay is a little bit congested. This will take atleast 2 hours travel time from Metro Manila.

OPTION 3:  Blessed John Paul II Eastwood City and Glass Garden

Pros: Less than 10KM from the target venue. Church is air conditioned. Glass garden is a beautiful reception indoor garden which is air conditioned  as well. Reception is within the venue and target caterer is accredited.

Cons: No parking in the near vicinity of the church only at the Eastwood mall. Glass Garden is too common wedding venue.

OPTION 4: Saint Alphonsus Parish Magallanes and White Space Makati

Pros: Church and Venue are both spacious and beautiful. Whitespace venue has high ceiling and good to put more style.

Cons: U-turn slot is too far even the Church and reception is just near to each other. Drowns cannot be fly in Magallanes Church. Venue is also over the budget.

OPTION 5: Our Lady of Mt Carmel Shrine, New Manila QC and Sampaguita Gardens, New Manila QC

Pros: Mt Carmel is newly renovated with a possibility to be air conditioned by 2018. Mt Carmel is known by its long aisle. Located in center of Metro Manila. Spacious parking lot. Less than 1KM from the venue which is Sampaguita gardens. Venue has big air conditioned venue. There is ancestral house in the vicinity that can be the place for preparation and spacious parking. Target caterer is accredited and indoor string lights is allowed.

Cons: Mt Carmel is newly renovated and there are new rules being regulated. Only inhouse florist is allowed for the church set up and arc is not allowed. 🙁  Sampaguita gardens indoor venue has a low ceiling and the floor plan is irregular. Fireworks is not allowed

Disclaimer: Rates mentioned above are the given rate for the last quarter of year 2016. There might be slight changes on their current rates.

Our chosen church and venue to be continued on my next post! 🙂