I joined the wedding community group of Weddings@Works and it really helped me for our ongoing wedding preparation especially checking out the suppliers feedback and getting more better ideas. The members of the group are all approachable and helpful in all matters even not wedding related. I’m a proud member of wawies and I want to share my experience as well! 🙂 🙂 🙂

As we start our wedding preparation and we are clueless of what to do. It is a big help to join a wedding community group.

Why do we have to join a wedding community group? Below are the benefits that I personally experience.

  1. Everybody can relate to what you are doing. We are not alone getting rattle in the wedding preparation. There are a lot of engaged couples who are also in the stage of wedding prep as well. We can share thoughts and feelings and the most important thing is, we can ask all the wedding related questions as much as you want. More or less someone at our stage can relate to what we are feeling/doing right now. If we feel it is too overwhelming, too exciting, too confusing the wawies can share the exactly the same feeling.
  2. Suppliers review. From time to time we can read suppliers review on how well did the supplier does on the actual wedding day. We can see the some actual outputs during the event. We can know the emotional feeling of the bride for that certain supplier if she is happy or not satisfied. It is helpful that from time to time we have to read the reviews to keep us aware on how they are doing. Later on, when the time of our wedding comes, we can also give a rating on our overall experience and write a suppliers review that could share to our fellow bride-to-bes.
  3. Ask for suggestions. If we think of some questions regarding wedding matters, we can try to ask our fellow bride-to-bes or the graduates on what they think about this or that.
    • Ask for suppliers suggestion
    • Creating a poll which supplier is better
    • Help you to make decision if you are choosing between your shortlisted items
    • Prenup location suggestion
    • Ideas for DIYs
    • Where to buy/rent a certain items you need
    • Affordable options
    • Wedding games idea
    • Price reasonability
    • Basically anything you can think of to ask, just ask. It does not kill you 🙂
  4. Share your thoughts, emotions and feelings. We can breathe out what we feel on our on-going wedding preps. We can share our happiness and excitement. We can share our stress points or negative experience in one supplier. We can vent out what you feel and for sure someone can also relate on what we feel and some of them will also give us advice that will make us feel better.
  5. Build new networks and make friends. We can get to know a lot of people in this community with different profession and sometimes they can also help you if you need them. We can have new set of friends and continue to be friends even after the wedding preparation. This is also a way of expanding our networks and meet new friends.
  6. Get more ideas. A lot of people posting what they are doing on their wedding preps so we can also get more ideas what else others does on their wedding and we can also apply it to ours if applicable. We can ask them more ideas on how, where, what they did for this certain idea. The caveat would be, the more we are seeing new ideas is equals to more wedding expenses so be very careful. Ask ourselves if we really need it and if our wedding budget can still accommodate. I myself was a victim of more ideas and turns out blowing up my wedding expenses. But yes, I love getting new ideas as much as I want to share my ideas too.
  7. Give our personal advice. As we are in the midst of wedding planning or if we are already a graduate of wedding, then we can share our advice to others. Share our experience and thoughts to others. This is your pay it forward. Other brides helped us and we also helped another brides and so we are all happy! 🙂
  8. Discover new born suppliers. More or less we can discover a rising star supplier here. Since they are just setting up their own business, we can get the starting rate. We also have to know the side story of the new suppliers in the wedding industry because some of them was a part of a known supplier and later set up on their own. It will be a good opportunity if you got a not so mainstream suppliers with full of potential. As later on this supplier will raise its value.
  9. Freebies, Discounts and Sale alert. Since we are apart of a wedding community, we can also get to know ahead the promos being offered by the suppliers. Some may post it in the group or the suppliers give a special discounts or freebie exclusive member of the group. Usually the suppliers give discount if we are a part of a wedding community because it is an opportunity for them to be recommended and get more wedding clients.
  10. Parties and Pep talk. Of course this kind of community have parties, meet ups, pep talk somewhere. I got to attend the 2016 W@W party and it’s free! I got to know a lot of people – my fellow 2018 brides, w@w trusted suppliers and the w@w founder. It is really fun to join this community as you are learning a lot about weddings plus having to get to know more friends. Who says wedding planning is boring where there are a lot of interesting people to know and things we can learn and discover.

Some of the photos from 2016 W@W Party held at Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan in Pasig City.

I got some freebies too! W@W Primer + Directory. The 7 Things Every Wife Should Know is a freebie as well in the Ready to Marry Seminar that I’ve attended. 🙂 Freebie, freebie, freebie!

How to join at weddings-at-work bride to be community?

There 2 ways to join.

  1. Join the yahoo groups. – https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/WeddingsAtWork  Just click join and you will received an email for instruction. Wait for the admin approval.
  2. Join the wawie FB group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/WaWieGroup/ Just click join and one admin will message you and ask you why you want to join the weddings at work.

Please note that wawies are only for legit engaged couples or graduates only. Suppliers are not allowed to join this group because the admin wants to get the genuine first hand experience of the brides for the suppliers. It is unethical if suppliers can read some of the negative comments from their. No. 1 Rule, what we are discussing in w@W cannot be screenshot/shared to the suppliers. Let’s just keep the community clean for the legit bride-to-bes. 🙂

Happy wedding preps!