Are we now ready to get marry?  Do we know how to start our wedding preparation? These are the questions we asked ourselves after we got engaged.

Some of us do not know where or how to start to plan. What are the things we need to consider first. Where do we go from here.

Below are the essentials steps that we did in the first stage of our wedding planning. 🙂

Create a draft wedding guest list. Who are you going to invite? Create a laundry list of your guests and categorized it if they belong to your family members, High school friends, College Friends, Company A, Company B etc. and this will help you in creating the seating arrangement after the RSVP later on. As much as possible, list the complete names of your guests so you can also make use of it for the formal invites and seat plans.

Here’s the sample table:

 Parents and Relatives Parents Friends College Friends High School Friends Company A Company B
 Parents and Relatives Parents Friends College Friends High School Friends Company A Company B


Know your budget ceiling. First is know your budget sources. Talk to your fiance/fiancee for the budget and ask yourselves how much are you willing to spend for this wedding. You have to both disclose the amount that you can spend. Second, you can ask your parents on how much they are willing to shell out for the wedding. Please note that this is a family gathering as well. Most of your parents’ close friends are also invited.

Wedding Budget Sources:

Hubby to be XXX XXX
Bride to be XXX XXX
Groom’s Parent XXX XXX
Bride’s Parent XXX XXX
Total Budget XXX XXX


Since you have a draft rough estimate of you guest list, then you can start to budget the per head cost. You also have to ask your friends who recently had their weddings on what range are their total cost for their wedding. Don’t be shy, your friends will understand your wedding planning stage.

The key for setting the budget is know the estimate target guests and identify your wedding fund sources.

Identify the wedding essentials. These are the things the most important part of the wedding.  Basically below are the main wedding essentials that I have identified.

  1. Church/Ceremony – place to exchange your wedding vows
  2. Reception Venue  – place to celebrate after the ceremony
  3. Caterer – food that you’ll share to your guests
  4. Wedding Rings – symbol of marriage

These four are the wedding essentials that we have to prioritize in the wedding budget. Without this, there can be no wedding. All other else are just add ons that will make our wedding more glamorous.

But of course, all of us want to make it the most memorable celebration of our lifetime that is why some couples are willing to splurge on other add ons which for us are non negotiable wedding items and this is the way we have envision our wedding. 🙂 But if we are on a budget, we only need to prioritized what is needed.

Set the wedding date. So when it will be the wedding date. The usual consideration for choosing the wedding date.

  1. XX anniversary – This date is very special to you as a couple and you want to set it as your wedding anniversary as well.
  2. Weekend vs Weekday – There are pros and cons for choosing a weekend vs weekday wedding date. Consider your guests when choosing the date. If it weekday, are your guests willing to take a leave from work or if you have overseas guests, can they arrange to come on your wedding day. If weekends, consider the traffic specially if it will be on “Ber” months.
  3. The date is beautiful  ex (01.07.17)  (08.08.18) – I have nothing against this beautiful date but please be also careful on choosing this kind of dates because this will be the “hot dates”. It is not only you who will consider this date so there could be a possibility of traffic, suppliers are already booked, most of the venues are not available. Just my tip, marriage is not about choosing the beautiful date or because there is 8 it will be infinity, your marriage is between you and your husband to be and that’s what matters most. 🙂

In choosing your wedding date, you also have to consider the weather. This will also be your consideration for choosing your wedding theme and wedding reception.

In our case, how we choose our wedding date is I listed more than 5 possible wedding dates  because I’ll have to consider the availability of church and venue. One more consideration is, how long do we plan to prepare? Could be less than a year, at least one year or more than one year which is also depends on the budget availability.

The dates the we have considered as our wedding date.

Friday, November 17, 2017 We have considered year 2017 and we don’t want it to be December because of the December rush.
Monday, January 8, 2018 I just thought the date is beautiful because it is 1.8.18 but it’s Monday
Thursday, January 18, 2018 This date is beautiful as well but it’s Thursday.
Saturday, January 20, 2018 This is Saturday and everybody can be available.
Sunday, January 28, 2018 No traffic because it’s Sunday but some Church don’t accept Sunday weddings due to Sunday mass.

And once you have the dates in mind, start to find the Church/Wedding Ceremony and the reception. You have to secure the date as early as you can because most of the couples these days booked at least one year in advance.

Your first booking must be Church and Reception venue to lock your date! And every things else follows.

What date did we choose? We choose the date that will be most convenient for us and what we think convenient for our target guests as well.

So this will be the start your journey towards your big day. Enjoy the wedding preparation as much as you can!