Yes we are now officially engaged! So what now? What to do next?

For me this is the most exciting part – the wedding planning! Maybe some people hate it but for me I definitely love it!

I have always envision myself planning for my own wedding as I witnessed this to my friends and relatives which I have even volunteer to help them out on wedding planning.

I love weddings and as much as planning events. This is something that excites me. Something I look forward whenever a got an invitation for a wedding. For me, this is the most romantic celebration as a couple and the bride’s most beautiful moment.

As much as I love weddings, this is already our wedding and I have to make the best that I can make it. But of course, we always have to keep in mind the budget that we can splurge. The BUDGET is the key!

We were both excited for our wedding. Just in the Cebu airport while waiting for our flight, we randomly list down the things that we have in mind.

Nowadays, there are really a lot of things to consider. Even we have to think of our witty hashtags, save the date video concepts, prenup photo concepts, theme, motif, songs ¬†and a lot things more to think of. And because of that, all we need are TIME, MONEY, ENERGY and more PATIENCE. So let’s get ready!

This is it! This is the start of our many beginnings and where our road to being a lifetime partner begins.

Friendly note: Your wedding is a teamwork. Do not always forgot to get each others opinion.